Prime minister's jet goes from gunmetal to red, white and blue -

Prime minister’s jet goes from gunmetal to red, white and blue


OTTAWA – Up, up and away … with the gunmetal grey.

The decidedly drab military Airbus that ferries Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other dignitaries around the globe has been spruced up with a shiny new paint job.

But critics say the new-look jet is a little too Conservative for their liking.

Gone is the military grey that made the Canadian plane the ugly duckling when it was parked on the tarmac next to the brightly hued jets of other world leaders.

The Airbus now features a bright red, white and blue colour scheme and the Canadian flag, coat of arms and the insignia of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

But the NDP says a strip of Tory-blue paint makes the Airbus look like a flying advertisement for the Conservative party.

“I think it’s the most shameless, blatant, partisan — it’s like having a flying Conservative party campaign sign, for God’s sakes,” sputtered New Democrat MP Pat Martin.

“I mean how would people like it if when the NDP forms a government we paint the prime minister’s plane orange, our party colours? I mean if you’re going to paint the country’s plane anything, you paint it the colours of the flag. I mean by an unfortunate coincidence those happen to be the Liberal party’s colours but so be it. That’s what we’re stuck with. That’s about all I have to say on that.”

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair promised he wouldn’t paint the Airbus orange if his party one day forms government.

The prime minister’s spokesman, Andrew MacDougall, says the paint job is part of the regular maintenance the plane undergoes every six years.

MacDougall says the new colour scheme cost an extra $50,000.

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Prime minister’s jet goes from gunmetal to red, white and blue

  1. Fake scandal #6343

    Oh wait, the Blue is there to match the blue in the RCAF logo? Canadians must be furious that the new plane is painted in Winnipeg Jets colors!

    Public Inquiry NOW!!!!

    • Yah, it’s amazing -now they are complaining about a paint job on a plane.

      Listen lefties – if this is all you got, then go home! Game is over.

      Why don’t you do us all a favour and actually critique important policy.
      I am most definitely not a leftie, but I clearly understand that Harper ain’t God and not everything they do is correct.

      When you focus on the crap all you do is announce to the world that you can’t understand the big picture.

  2. Red white and blue? Hmmmmmm? They happen to be the colours of the RCAF.

    • They’re also incidentally the colors of the Winnipeg Jets (who took them from the RCAF). You’d think that Pat Martin, being an MP from Winnipeg, would have been able to put 1+1 together. But I guess he was too busy chugging bottles of cheap whiskey and blacking out at the Union hall.

  3. As somebody who is sensitive to the use of government resources for partisan purposes, I can honestly say ‘Planegate’ has zero traction with me. I don’t care what colour his plane is. Do people really think this is gonna move votes to the CPC? C’mon.

  4. Here’s a site that has a comparison shot:

    I believe the CPC blue is actually a slightly lighter color, and this one does seem to match the RCAF logo circle.

    What concerns me more is that it’s butt-ugly and boring. The gun-metal grey was a hell of a lot better, this current scheme just makes it look like we’re renting the damn thing from British Airways.

    • I’m shocked that you’re not calling for the PM’s resignation. I was unaware you had any other reactions.

      • And I’m shocked that you’re unaware of something.

        Oh wait. The opposite of that.

  5. Pat Martin is an !d!ot, does this dufus or any in the press get the fact that this aircraft had just gone through a seven year check which includes corrosion mitigation, ie new paint.

    No matter what the paint scheme is the cost is roughly the same.

    The media party couldn’t report facts if they were served up on a platter for them.