Public servants must make EI house calls to root out fraudsters: Harper -

Public servants must make EI house calls to root out fraudsters: Harper


SASKATOON – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says federal workers who interview employment insurance recipients in their homes are just doing their job.

Harper says hundreds of millions of dollars are lost through false or inappropriate claims.

He says Human Resources Development Canada must ensure that money for EI is there for people who qualify.

The government confirmed Wednesday that public servants have been making unannounced visits since January as part of an examination being done while the EI program is overhauled.

They’ve also been hand-delivering requests for people to appear at their regular EI interviews.

Harper made the comment while in Saskatoon for an unrelated announcement.

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Public servants must make EI house calls to root out fraudsters: Harper

  1. Wonder how much time and money this will waste.

  2. “Harper says hundreds of millions of dolllars are lost……” i will tell you why, and, it is because a few years back, maybe like 5 or 6, an amount of $57 millions of dollars have vanished from the E.I. account, just like that, while he was in power!!! And the galls that this person has, is insulting. As if we don’t remember, That is ‘insulting our intelligence”. I am OFFENDED. ” We have to qualify for E.I. , while he just rips it off”. Harper don’t take us for fools, please.

  3. I don’t understand this at all; why would you go to their homes without an appointment? Get out of the office, take a nice drive? What a waste of time and money — what if they aren’t at home for the surprise visit — that does not mean anything except they aren’t home — could be walking the dog or buying groceries? And recipients are supposed to be out applying for jobs, right? Pointless.

  4. Harper is launching a class-war on the unemployed and the poor because soon
    there will be more of them. His economy is tanking and his Economic
    Action Plan is exposed as a ‘No-Action’ Plan.

    The flow of ToxicTar is coagulating, Dutch disease is about to go
    pandemic and all those tax-break eggs Harper placed into the basket
    of his bank & oil industry friends, are failing to hatch jobs.

    Harper therefore finds it useful to deflect responsibility for his failing
    economy onto the poor and the unemployed. If the victims of rising
    unemployment can’t find work, Harper is prepared to use the apparatus
    of the state, to make it their failure.

    The Unemployment Police will come knocking on doors, not because Harper
    actually believes there is money to be recovered, but because he
    wants Canadians to believe that Employment Insurance recipients are
    all potentially morally defective.

    Randomly violating the sanctity of the home of ANYONE receiving EI, plays an
    important role in Harper’s a state-funded propaganda campaign, to
    denigrate, intimidate and smear the unemployed as lazy, dishonest and
    therefore responsible for their own plight.

    As Avishai Margalit wrote in the ‘Decent Society’:

    “When the accusation of failure is baseless, it is especially cruel and
    wicked since it is also humiliating.”

    Cruel and wicked, indeed.

  5. How possibly can there be false or inappropriate claims? To qualify, one must work a specific number of weeks, paying into it, have lost the job through no fault of your own, and submit an official severance paperwork from your employer, have interviews with E.I., etc.. That there are “false claims” sounds like a false claim to me!

    • It appears that some have forged papers and others have worked with business owners to create false claims. I know of one person on EI and she was FIRED but able to collect EI because her employer didn’t appeal it. Now she is working under the table collecting EI and illegal income and I’m considering reporting the employer and her for EI Fraud.