Regina police union wants service to change Facebook after violent posts


REGINA – The union representing Regina police officers wants changes to the force’s Facebook page after a shooting involving a dog led to an online backlash and threats against officers.

The Regina Police Association, which represents 540 officers and civilian members, says the police service should be able to delay or edit posts before they appear on its Facebook page.

“We’re not saying to shutdown Facebook. We’re not saying that the public can’t comment, question, criticize and critique, but there was a comment posted on there on this weekend that said, ‘the only good cop is a dead cop,'” association president Evan Bray said Monday.

“My question is, does that serve any purpose? Is that open and honest and good feedback from the community or is that someone wanting to grandstand and make something that is borderline criminal?”

“There was a post on there this weekend saying maybe we should chain a police officer up in the backyard and shoot them and see how they like it. I mean really, does anyone believe that is fair game on a police service Facebook page?”

Bray says the police service needs a Facebook page. He said it’s an effective tool when properly used to enhance communication.

But, he said, comments that threaten officers should not be allowed.

Hundreds of comments were posted on the Regina Police Service Facebook page after a police officer shot and killed a dog while chasing an assault suspect Saturday evening.

Regina police say they got several calls about an assault. Officers found a severely injured man.

The service says multiple witnesses described three suspects running away from the scene. A canine officer, a police dog and a patrol officer followed a suspect into a yard, where they ran into a pitbull.

The police dog and the pitbull got into a scuffle and the canine officer tried in vain to separate them. The patrol officer joined the struggle and “made the decision to end the fight fearing for his life and the life of the canine officer,” according to a news release.

One shot was fired.

“The incident happened extremely quickly and it’s important to note that it wasn’t immediately apparent that there was a dog in the yard, or that the dog was on a chain,” stated the release.

The dog was later determined to be on a long chain with access to a significant amount of the yard.

Regina police say escape or retreat for the officers and the police dog “was very difficult.”

The pitbull owner says his pet was chained and he would have been able to restrain it. He plans to file a complaint.

An investigation is underway.

Regina police temporarily disabled public posting on its Facebook page Monday saying the “nature of the discussion was largely disrespectful and despite requests, continued to contain profanity and hate speech, as well as posts inciting violence.”

“We support your right to express opinions, even dissenting ones,” the service posted.

“We require that to be done without profanity, hate speech, or posts inciting violence. In the future please ensure your comments, opinions, and concerns are expressed in a manner safe for all users.”

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Regina police union wants service to change Facebook after violent posts

  1. Many police have lost a lot of credibility. Maybe just take your messages more seriously and take a look at your performance. It’s too bad you get comments like that. Look in the mirror like you expect others to do that’s all. Just because someone hands you a knife, you don’t have to stab yourself with it.

    • thats gay

  2. I intend to travel across Canada this summer. I own a small dog – shihtzu cross. It appears that Regina Police Services has instituted shari’a law in the starting of killing of dogs – which is a commonplace occurance in Medina and Mecca. I wish to know if I also need to wear Hijab in Regina and further if I should turn myself in for owning a dog – something the prophet mohammed says will deny allah’s angels access to my house. Thus I wish to thank RPS for telling me, a christian, that I am to be muslim now and obey shari’a, I knew this was coming for Canada – I didn’t know this had already started. Thank you RPS for making Islam and Shari’a welcome in Saskatchewan, and for alerting me that surah 9.5 is coming into effect now. Is there a Jew behind that rock, or a dog? Is RPS going to insist that all female officers where the burka?

    • You are insane and very stupid.

  3. The dog was in its own yard, and it was on a chain, and its owner had just parked his car in his garage when he saw the officers run into his backyard, and ran after just in time to see them shoot his chained pet. There’s something about police in a random guy’s yard shooting his chained pet that really resonates with people. Let me be clear: the guy whose dog was killed was in no way a suspect; the police thought the suspect might be running through his yard. We fenced our entire yard so that our dog can go out and walk around — and there would be hell to pay, and not a little heartache, if the cops came into my yard and shot my pet.

  4. This is partly why…The Toronto Post: Nebraska police chase down man video recording their abuse while second man video records it all http://shar.es/d0Ye8 via @TorontoPost

  5. actually on facebook what their saying about the dumb cops are true! their dumb and a post is were they should die isnt a bad idea

  6. stupid cops i hate u….. if i go to regina i wont bring a dog cause i don’t want it to get shot by dumb stupid cops.

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