Richmond, B.C., petition urges English on signs in Chinese-dominated city


VANCOUVER – A delegation is going before councillors in Richmond, B.C., to complain about the lack of English on signs in a city where more than half of the population is of Chinese descent.

Two residents are spearheading a campaign to lobby council to instruct businesses to include English on the Chinese-only signs in the city that neighbours Vancouver.

Ann Merdinyan didn’t want to speak with media until she presented her case to council Monday, but says it’s a serious problem in some areas of the Richmond.

Merdinyan, who has been working on the campaign for two years, says it’s a sad issue that doesn’t look well for either community.

Richmond Councillor Chak Kwong Au says he’s open to the discussion and thinks there’s a need to address the issue, since it has come up before.

He says it’s important that all sectors of the community feel comfortable and are not overwhelmed by large Chinese signs that have no English translations.(The Canadian Press, CKNW)

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Richmond, B.C., petition urges English on signs in Chinese-dominated city

  1. The important thing is to keep immigration from China coming so that they can swamp native-born Canadians and do to us what they are doing to the Tibetan people. I know that the Chinese gov’t pays nice bribes to politicians that blindly support immigration but these same politicians should consider that they may soon be on trial for attempted genocide.

    • Chinese helped build Canada, and are just as native as you are.

      Tibet has been part of China for centuries

      And unless you can prove your ridiculous accusations about our politicians….STFU

  2. Please sign this petition to keep English in Richmond, I fear it’s a dying language in our beautiful city!

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