Saskatchewan family wants neighbours charged over dog that was shot dead -

Saskatchewan family wants neighbours charged over dog that was shot dead


SASKATOON – A Saskatchewan family hopes police will lay criminal charges against their neighbours who, they say, killed their daughter’s dog.

Fiona Price said Thursday that their one-year old St. Bernard, a clumsy, gentle pooch named Bentley, had never been aggressive and there was no reason to shoot him.

The dog ran up a mound of snow, over a fence, and into the neighbour’s pasture east of Saskatoon last month.

Price said a person on the property came out with a gun and ordered the dog off the land. She said her two youngest daughters, 9 and 12, ran home screaming.

Price said she called RCMP as 16-year-old Lianne pulled on her boots and ran outside to fetch her pet.

She said the dog was shot just meters away from where her daughter was standing.

Price said her husband, Michael, was running through the deep snow and screaming when he heard the gunshot. He then saw his oldest daughter lying on top of her dog. “His first reaction was she was the one who was injured.”

Saskatoon RCMP say they have investigated the case and forwarded it to the Crown’s office to determine if charges should be laid.

The neighbours and their lawyer refused to comment on the matter.

Price cried as she recalled the events. She said Bentley was a friendly dog and only wanted to run around with other animals on the neighbours’ land — some horses, a llama and a donkey.

“He he was just wanting to play that day,” she said. “He was just wagging his tail and even when he got shot he was still just wagging.”

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Saskatchewan family wants neighbours charged over dog that was shot dead

  1. if you read the facebook story, you will find that the rcmp wouldn’t do anymore than confiscate the weapon that the guy used to shoot the dog until the media got involved. Just another case of the Saskatchewan rcmp getting shamed into doing their job again. So who is actually protecting the law abiding public? No wonder the people committing these crimes in Saskatchewan are running rampant and laughing at our Saskatchewan police force. Why are the media having to report on these types of stories in order for justice to even appear to be done?

  2. What’s wrong with these people? Shoot a harmless puppy? Right next to a 16 year old girl? Psycho much? I really hope they charge the person who did that. I’m shaking just thinking what I would do if someone did that to my dog. There’s a special place in hell for lowlife cowards who kill animals like that. Omg. I seriously can’t even believe someone that mentally unwell was allowed to own a gun in the first place. I feel bad for that poor family and their kids.

  3. So sad! I can only hope that if their animals wander onto someone else’s property, they will receive more compassion than what their owners had. Given their conduct, I don’t even think they should be allowed to have animals. They don’t deserve them!

  4. This was very difficult for me to read because I had a similar experience when I was a kid. There are just cruel and evil people out there who enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on innocent animals. They use their livestock as an excuse to shoot any animals or beloved pets who have the misfortune of wandering on to their property and then hide behind their “rights”. I’m a 36 yr old rugby playing, beer swilling, construction worker and I still tear up every time I think about that day when I found my pup on a neighbor’s farm with a bullet hole is his head. I wasn’t even there to witness the murder like this poor young girl. She will never be able to erase that image from her mind. It’s very likely that the psychopath that committed this crime did not feel a twinge of guilt when he killed poor Bentley. Like the farmer that killed my dog, he probably got a little thrill shooting his rifle and watching an innocent animal suffer and die. The only thought that has brought me comfort as I have grown older is that maybe MY Mr. X saw the pain and horror in my 13 year old eyes and that, secretly, the echoes of my sobs and tears haunted him until his last day. If the law fails this young girl and will not punish this horrible couple for their crime at least we can hope that, even if they don’t feel any guilt for killing an innocent beloved pet, these people will never forget how badly they have hurt this young girl and her family.