Sea King helicopter damaged after toppling over on Halifax runway -

Sea King helicopter damaged after toppling over on Halifax runway


HALIFAX – One of the military’s Sea King helicopters was damaged Monday night after it fell to one side as it landed at Canadian Forces Base Shearwater in Halifax.

Lieut. Len Hickey says none of the four crew members was hurt in the incident, which happened just before midnight.

Hickey says the aircraft landed after a five-hour training mission and had stopped moving when it fell to one side while the rotor blades were still spinning.

He says the blades were damaged and there was some minor damage to the walls of a nearby building from flying debris.

Hickey says the cause of the accident is under investigation by the military’s directorate of flight safety.

Attempts by the federal government to replace the 50-year-old fleet of Sea King helicopters have been repeatedly delayed.

The military is still waiting for new helicopters from Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., which was selected nine years ago to supply 28 new helicopters.

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Sea King helicopter damaged after toppling over on Halifax runway

  1. The Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclones ARE ready for delivery to the Canadian Department of National Defence as reported recently by Vertical Magazine on July 11, 2013.

    I’d like to know when Canadian media will report this truth? Sure there have been problems on both sides but Sikorsky obviously wants to keep things moving. When will the Canadian government stop stalling the helicopter acquisition process?

    See the article: “Spooling Up The Cyclones” here:

    • Sikorsky has offered “interim” equipment, which the Canadian Government has refused to accept because they do not meet requirements. See:

      Whether the requirements are legitimate or not, Sikorsky, by describing the current offering as “interim”, seems to agree that these are not fully-compliant products. If Sikorsky did not want to meet the statement of requirements, they could have stayed out of the bidding. By agreeing to the contract, they agreed to the requirements.

      • I think we all know there have been problems on both sides. In fact, the Canadian government has a horrible history procuring helicopters. See “Helicopters” magazine (Canada’s National Rotory-Wing Magazine), “The Perils of Procurement”, May/June 2013 issue. page 18-21. Sikorsky has an excellent history of making helicopters and but they are not snow-white pure and have had problems with certain helicopters in the past (like the S-92 transmission which caused crashes) but eventually they solved that and other problems.

        Without knowing all the politics, it seems to me that the big picture is that Canada needs these helicopters. Sikorsky wants to make it work (even though there has been a delay) but Canada doesn’t want to make it work because they want everything perfect or they will not satisfied. Ho hum!

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        It’s similar to brothers or sisters fighting and then the parents step in. The parents tell each child to tell the other they are sorry and make-up (conversation) and get along or they’ll both have their privileges taken away.

        What’s the alternative for getting children to behave? You could use Bronze Age disgusting immoral teachings from the Bible, using the abusive technique of brute force and hit your kids. Modern science has determined that spanking is detrimental to behavioral and mental development of kids. In 29 countries around the world, it is illegal for a parent, teacher, or anyone else to spank a child, and 113 countries prohibit corporal punishment in schools.

        So, back to Sikorsky. 1) Either they start a conversation and begin to work things out–called conversation, or 2) you try to force it to work (using Bronze Age immoral instruction) without making up, using fines, name calling and hitting each other (figuratively) and making matters worse or 3) it comes down to stopping everything cold which is basically going to war. When I speak of war it is not literally, what I mean is that with war, conversation stops, you hate each other and nothing works out and the situation becomes bad for everyone.