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Wallin reimburses Senate for questionable travel claims


OTTAWA – Sen. Pamela Wallin has paid back her dubious travel claims, although she did so with gritted teeth, accusing some fellow senators of succumbing to a “lynch mob” mentality.

The embattled Saskatchewan senator says she gave the Senate personal cheques Friday amounting to $100,600, plus interest. That’s on top of the $38,000 she has already repaid.

Wallin sounded bitter about an outside audit that called into question a litany of travel claims spanning nearly all of her career as a senator, which began late in 2008.

“I wish to make it clear. I was not treated fairly by the Deloitte review, which was not conducted in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, nor have I been treated fairly by the Senate committee,” she said in a statement.

“Evidence that casts doubt on the correctness of the amounts owing was either ignored or disregarded during the review.”

The Senate called in the RCMP after auditors flagged $121,348 in inappropriate expenses. A Senate committee later determined Wallin owed another $17,621, bringing her total tab to $138,969.

Wallin has denounced the audit as “fundamentally flawed and unfair.”

“When I submitted expense claims, I did so in good faith, honestly believing that the reimbursement was appropriate. If mistakes were made, I am responsible for those, but there was never a deliberate attempt to thwart the travel policy that was in place at the time the claims were submitted,” Wallin said Friday.

“Unfortunately, the Senate committee succumbed to a ‘lynch mob’ mentality. There was no regard to procedural or substantive fairness. I am disappointed and angry about the way in which this matter was handled, and any implication that I behaved dishonestly.”

Wallin is one of four senators in hot water over their expenses.

The Mounties are investigating the questionable housing claims of former Conservatives Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau as well as ex-Liberal Mac Harb.

Harb has since resigned from the Senate. But Wallin says she has no plans to follow suit.

“I welcome an independent and objective review by the RCMP and I intend to co-operate fully with any such review. I have not done anything wrong. I am not guilty of any misconduct,” she said.

“Accordingly I will not resign as a senator.”

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Wallin reimburses Senate for questionable travel claims

  1. Until such time that the senate committee is found negligent in the directive that Pamela Whalen repay both the 106K and 38K of ineligible travel expenses, she must resign her position. Further, full criminal investigation is underway way by the RCMP and if charged and found guilty later, the most strongest penalty needs to be assessed against her as she holds a position of public trust.

    I wish Pamela well and perhaps as Pamela claims her innocence by the “lynch mob” against her, she may win. Yes, innocent until proven guilty. Well so far an official committee has proven her guilty and we must respect that as well. So now the committee that investigated her, likely will be investigated by another committee hired by Pamela’s lawyers and all legal expenses probably paid for by us tax payers. But hey, maybe that committee investigating the senate committee in question is in fact the RCMP?? LOL

    What a mess!

  2. Duffy, Wallin…hmmm, commonalities are: former media employees, soon to be former Senators. Anyone see a comon thread here? Yes, catapulted into becoming more arrogant, more egotistical, and deceptive, oh, and truly drama queens. Plane and simple, you got caught folks, therefore, you’re just another criminal.

  3. It just shows you that the minute people join in the public trough there attitude changes to one of entitlements.
    I am sure that Pamela believes that she has done no wrong. But she has lost her ability to look at things from a reasonability standpoint and instead believes that Canada owes her something. And she did not even get elected for that attitude.
    That is why it is so difficult for governments to balance budgets. Everyone is at the trough.

  4. There is only one place for all these three scumbags –