Should Brent Rathgeber resign his seat?


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Should Brent Rathgeber resign his seat?

  1. I don’t know why people think he was standing up for his constituents. He was throwing a hissy fit that his bill didn’t get through as presented.
    Harper and Conservatives are under constant attack from the media that tends to lean left that any mistake or mis-step they take is made a big deal of. So there has to be some control over back-benchers coming up with crazy ideas(think opening abortion) – not saying his bill is crazy or not needed.
    I would be interested to know if the majority of his constituents actually contacted him to tell him to put this bill through – most people are too busy carrying on with their lives, so I have trouble believing he is doing what his constituents wanted.
    This was something Mr. Rathgeber took up on his own – which is fine – he should be happy that the Executive Office actually dealt with his bill – I am sure there are many backbenchers putting forth stuff that gets dismissed.

    • If you have trouble believing he is doing what his constituents wanted, that just shows you have no clue about his riding.

  2. You do not hear anything when Emerson, Khan went to CPC nor the NDP MP’s who left for the PQ or the Liberals.

    • Then you weren’t paying much attention. Or not looking in the right places for the information.

    • The Emerson move, the guy Harper appointed to the Senate to represent cities as a minister, never heard a thing about it!

  3. He wasn’t standing up for anybody but himself. He was elected in large part, because he was presenting himself as a PC candidate. If he wants to change this, he should have to run again. I believe, however, that the PC’s, whether provincial or national, are getting attacked, a lot of the time, for things that are just ridiculously petty, and often for what every single politician or party has also done. A verse in the Bible, spoken by Jesus Christ himself was, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”. Hence, there was no one who was willing to do that because they knew they all had done and/or thought unacceptable deeds. It would be nice if the media and the politicians would be intelligent and willing to think about their own deeds before they attack another for the exact same things or very similar, at the very least. Oh, and I completely agree with “HollyMCC”. Very good points.

    • Charmaine, there hasn’t been a federal PC party for a decade. The “P” in CPC does NOT stand for “Progressive.”

      • Well KeithBram, you are entitled to your opinion, however disillusioned or incorrect you may be, especially if you believe the LPC or the NDP are any better at anything.

      • Keith, regardless of personal feelings for the party, there is NO precedent for a candidate to have to run in a bi-election after leaving a party caucus. Mr. Emerson did not do it (although many of his constituents voiced their disapproval of his actions). Neither did Belinda Stronach or anyone else that comes to mind. It simply never happens. The person usually comes to learn of their fate at the next election.

    • Charmaine seems to be a little sad at having one less Conservative member. Her comments also seem to be coming from the “Christian” right, right out of Alberta. It is unfortunate that Albertan’s have never been able to separate religion from politics.

      • “jackal”: You couldn’t be farther from the truth or reality if it smacked you in the face. Sounds to me like you are a bitter, fearful little person with nothing much good to say about anything or anyone, and that you feel you know it all. Well, guess again, and grow up. Just because someone has a different opinion than yours, and they make a reference to a verse in the bible, they must be a bible-thumping, fanatical, holy-rolling freakazoid. It is likely, you would not make the same assumptions if I had used a reference other than a bible verse. Yes, I am sad. Not for the reasons you state, but because there are so many individuals such as yourself, who cannot let others speak their minds without unfounded accusations, because you have brainwashed yourself into thinking that you and only you, know what you are talking about. If you were open-minded at all, you would re-read my original comments, and actually understand what I said. Good luck. However, in your case, I don’t hold a lot of hope.

        P.S.: If I were upset about “having one less Conservative member”, why would I state that I feel he should have to “run again as an Independent”? He won the seat as a PC, he through a fit, left his post WITHOUT consulting his constituents, why should he be allowed to just keep that seat as an Independent? He should have to run again with ALL of the other candidates from ALL of the other parties and win or lose it based on where he stands now. Alone. Rathberger didn’t stand up to Harper or anyone else. He is like you. Believing he knows it all for himself and everyone else, otherwise he would have consulted with his constituents before deciding for them. You saw a reference to a bible verse, and your mind just instantly clamped shut and saw nothing else. A mind…..such a terrible thing to waste.

        • You really get hyper, very quickly, Charmaine. All you have to do is look at the comments made in reply to your over-the-board accusations about anybody and everybody that makes a comment here. And check out the negative votes your comments get. Sometimes the truth hurts. Really a waste of time as far as you are concerned.

          • “jackal”: Hyper? LOL! You obviously don’t even know what hyper means. I would have to say that you are the one who is hyper. You need to look it up in the dictionary, obviously. Anyway, as far as the very, very few “negative” responses, I think of them as I do of “polls”. I don’t even use those arrows for positive or negative responses. Those are for the “hyper” people out there, and you are probably the one who gave the most to me and I really, really don’t care. Just like the polls, most of the time, the majority of the polls are the ones who end up wrong. Live with that. Have a wonderful day! And I do hope I don’t hear from you again, as you are a complete waste of my time. If you do respond to this message, enjoy yourself, as I won’t be using up my precious time on goofballs like yourself. As I said before, you wouldn’t know or understand what “truth” or “open-mindedness” was if it hit you in the face like a bag of rocks tied to the end of a rope. Good luck in your life, you’re going to need it.
            P.S.: Have a happy CANADA Day this July 1st. :)

  4. I think the voting, so far, is indicative of what the people of Rathgeber’s riding would also think. It is not often that you have someone who has the guts to stand up to Harper and his cronies. I wish my MP did. Independent MP’s have far more power than the backbenchers sitting at the feet of Harper.

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