Should Canada be doing more to put an end to online piracy?


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Should Canada be doing more to put an end to online piracy?

  1. These polls numbers are a sad commentary for casual/entertainment users.

    • Canada currently collects about 200 to 300% in additional taxes on blank Compact discs, and gives this money directly to the record and other entertainment companies.

      These companies do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to earn this revenue, but the Canadian government is acting on the recording & entertainment industry’s behalf to collect taxes.

      If the Canadian government collects taxes for corporations, then the corporations deserve no sympathy from Canadians who understand what FASCISM actually means…when corporations run governments, and governments collect taxes for corporations.

      If a CD was cheaper, more people would buy them.  If a higher percentage of a CD’s price made it to the artists–the people who DESERVE to earn a living from the sale of their works–more people would be INTERESTED in buying them.  Nobody gives a damn abut the corporations, because they don’t have to do ANYTHING AT ALL these days but rake in their tax money that the Canadian government collects for them.

      People also conveniently forget that when the cassette tape first came out, there was industry uproar, tales of armageddon and collapse of the world’s music industry.  Didn’t happen then, did it?

      People forget about the “tales of woe and universal destruction” that followed the release of BetaMax and VHS videotapes, too.  The predictions that the universe was going to collapse into a black hole didn’t happen.  AGAIN.

      People also don’t understand why CD’s are selling for 3-4 times what they should be…because the recording and entertainment industries have, yet again, made false claims that their industry was going to be destroyed completely by the advent of new technology.

      People were told the same thing by those same greedy, lying industries, when MP3 players and digital video devices came on the market.  Did the industry collapse?  Nope.  AGAIN.

      Each time these industries claim the sky is falling, however, the government ALWAYS acts on behalf of the corporations, against the interests of the public, and “somehow” everything gets more expensive than it was ever worth in the first place…and after the false alarm has passed, we’re stuck with the taxes and oppression and lies FOREVER…because nobody cares about the truth, and people have such an incredibly limited range of memoty that they’ve already completely forgotten the last half-dozen “the market is doomed” speeches…even though we pay for them every single day.

      The scumbag corporations need to learn how to adjust their business models to the business cycle…like every other business on the planet has to…if they intend to survive, as people aren’t going to stand for much more of this garbage…well, the people who can see the same lies being repeated every few years, and the same companies benefitting from the lies.

  2. I didn’t realize that theft was a business model but ElectroPig has explained it all so eloquently that I don’t feel naive or ignorant any more.
    To quote ElectroPig, scumbag corporations are the enemy.
    In the  future we should refer all controversial and complex issues to ElectroPig “cause he/she has the solution.

    • While he might be expressing his feelings too strongly on the issue, he makes very valid points and observations. I’m not quite sure what you have brought to the table, other than the using misleading terminology such as “theft”. The fact that you choose to believe that millions of Canadians are nothing more than “thieves” says more about your limited comprehension of what that word traditionally means.

      • I didn’t realize that the word “thieves” had a traditional definition that meant something other than “theft”.
        Perhaps you are more comfortable with the phrase, “I borrowed something from a friend who lent it to me, for free”.
        The fact remains that you and millions deny a creator of art, text, music etc. the rewards they deserve and need to put bread on their table.
        You attempt to justify your theft by targeting the nasty fascist corporations who traditionally distributed product.
        This view is history and Itunes has proved it.
        They successfully reinvented music distribution at 99cents per song.
        May your borrowed files self destruct.

        • Do you think Beyonce, Kanye, Lady Gaga, ad inf are having a hard time putting “bread on the table”?

          • Just so we’re clear, what does the net worth of someone have to be before we don’t have to worry about paying them?

          • The question is redundant because a thief never worry’s about paying anybody for their work.

  3. Not before we regulate the internet as we have television for adult content. Is it more important to have the crtc go after online piracy or online child porn. Do not say it can not be done, it can and should be a political priority to get it done.

  4. Soon as anythin goes online it will be copied without permission without a doubt trying to punish people for it is jokes!! what should be done,, if somethin goes online and who ever put it up doesnt want it copied dont put it up like the Greatful Dead said once it leaves our lips and instruments its no longer only ours!!

  5. Right now, the Internet is in a state of anarchy, with any and all kinds of information available at the click of a mouse. Eventually, however, governments will learn to restrict the flow of information until the information that the average citizen will be able to acquire will only be what the government wants them to know. 

    “Unlimited freedom becomes unlimited despotism.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky. 

  6. I’d rather see the Internet remain in a state of anarchy than ion the hands of “never enough profits” big corporations and the get rich quick greedy selling the Internet by the pound. Enough with these Machavelians and their one track mind capitalist system that promote exponential profits on a finie planet. The capitalist system and their inhuman needs need to implode and disappear from this planet. So that the humancitizens can rebuild it to their needs and not so called corporate citizen needs which is a nonsensical term invented to highjack real people.

  7. It’s plain and simple.  If a business is to survive in an ever changing world it must adapt and change itself…or fail.  Asking the government to intervene?  Since when did we start to punish those who create the means for innovation and change?  It’s funny though because those who think they’re on the right will cry that “it’s theft..punish the criminals!!”, not realising it completely goes against what they advocate as the free market.  Those on the left say “we have every right to take whatever we want from the rich!!” not realising that they are only causing their own grief.  Then there is the ones like me…I say If we’re going to go with capitalism then lets do it right…free markets, small government, no corporate lobbyists whining to the government to protect them, no monopolist corps owning and controlling everything from infrastructure, to service, to content with no room for competition and so on and so forth.  Isn’t that what Conservatives are SUPPOSED to stand for?  I’m down for that. 

  8. In the last two decades, as the industry sat on its rear, somehow a loosely associated group of computer geeks the world over managed to put together a better, faster and more sensible distribution infrastructure than the industry producing the raw goods. Using little more than volunteered time and driven primarily by the desire to listen to music and watch video.

    Surely we must recognize there is something wrong with an industry that allowed this much interest in their product to languish without their input for so incredibly long?

    People want what they want, when they want it and how they want it. It’s called DEMAND and the industry cut itself out of the supply channels by standing idle for decades while the infrastructure was built without their input.

    The infrastructure that will define the 21st century no less.

    And now the industry is whining that people are using it without them? Insisting that people stop using it while providing no sensible alternatives? Well hell, while you’re at it, why not insist I throw away my mechanical pencil and use a coal stick instead! LOL

    The industry can and will be replaced in time if they don’t get with it. All they have left is the core creative input, but left long enough technology will overtake that too by leveling the playing field in various ways, and they won’t be left with squat.

    When I was young I worked in a recording studio. The mixing board alone was worth over $200K. Today I can get a better mixing board for under $5K. See where we’re going with this? Once you remove the technical barriers, all that’s left is the creative part, and does anyone honestly think that only certain people have corner on that? LOL

    Get in the game or go home already!

    • I demand a Ferarri. The industry hasn’t supplied me with one. Therefore it’s entirely reasonable if I simply go take it myself.

      • I begin to wonder whether you’re being deliberately obtuse.

        And your examples aren’t getting any better either. If one could make infinite copies of a ferrari for zero cost, guess what, you’d see them everywhere. Sheesh.

        Most people, if given a legal option that is reasonably priced, will take that option. So where is that option? It barely exists at all, and where it does, it has a limited amount of choice. I use ITunes because it’s simple and easy to use. They sell me a cool device that links right in without fuss or muss. As their content volume improves, I have no doubt even more people will use it. And incidentally, I notice they’re one of the most profitable companies on the planet.
        Now of course there will likely always be some form of pirating, but there pretty much always has been, going back decades. However, if you can get the majority onside through various subtle means, which is absolutely doable, then surely that’s better than attacking your market?
        In any case, until the industry actually gets off its rear and tries something besides a hammer, they’re going nowhere on this and will only alienate people further.

  9. Mix Tapes will destroy the industry! CD-Rs will destroy the industry! CD-RWs will destroy the industry! MP3 Players will dstroy the industry! DVDs will destroy the industry! The internet will destroy the industry! non-comercial filesharing will destroy the industry… When do politicians grow a pair and tell the boy who cries wolf to GTFO?

  10. What’s this poll about anyway.  Trying to get us ready for the PIPA and SOPA Bills up here in Canada?

    NICE TRY, but it won’t work.

  11. I’m an author and those of you who think the content provider is going to change are not seeing reality.  I belong to an anti-piracy author’s site and when we find one – we have a polite form requesting they stop offering our books for sale or for free. They ignore us. 
    The group posts on Facebook and Twitter that X site is a piracy site – hoping to shame them.  Personally I feel it just tells those who want illegal downloads where the sites are.
    All of my books have been pirated and I write under 2 pen names. I’ve accepted the fact that as one I am incapable of doing anything and therefore this is an annoying fact of life.

    • I have to wonder if you signed a deal with your publisher and encrypted any electronic copies, who would ever spend the time or energy typing or scanning your books to post them on line for free?  My guess would be they are making money somehow, that’s where you cut the beasts head off….its not the sites offering your books, its the advertisers that are supporting those sites that you should be getting angry at and taking action against…

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