Should Canada boycott the Sochi Olympics?


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Should Canada boycott the Sochi Olympics?

  1. Those who are not athletes going to the games have no right to prevent athletes from achieving their life’s goal. Boycotting Olympics has never achieved anything other than allow countries who don’t boycott to win more medals easier.

    • they have every right. Whether they choose to exercise it is the question.

  2. Woe to you, hypocrites! For you visit the Chinese Olympics, notwithstanding all of China’s far more serious human rights abuses, but strain mightily at a Russian gnat.

    • Exactly!

      Boycotting Sochi, after world wide participation in Bejing’s Olympics would throw acid the the face of human rights.

  3. The Olympics have run their course.
    If athletes want to support themselves and each other by raising money to support their sport, fine. Go for it.
    But please don’t expect everyone to be behind your efforts. How many of the atheletes on a country’s team, are actually from that country any more?
    It’s all about the individuals dedication to repetitive behavior and training, so that some day the will be able to do sport products endorsements, or host reality TV shows. The individual again is the beneficiary.

    We should not expect taxpayers to fund overgrown kids playtime.

    • Would you rather we funded war or an international competition that, at least at it’s roots, was designed to foster peaceful relations among nations?

  4. They should show up and compete and protest symbolically – one suggestion I saw is for the Canadian delegation to the G20 to wear rainbow ties (obviously the delegation is all male) – so something similar at Sochi would make a clear statement – perhaps it could be coordinated with athletes from other countries

    • Gay propaganda is not allowed in Russia anymore. They would be outcast and not allowed to participate in the games.

      • Then the athletes should attend and participate. Gay athletes must be guaranteed they will be safe, by the IOC and the countries they represent. The rest of us needs to be very vocal and oppose Russia’s human rights abuses.

      • Way to not get the point.

    • Or incorporate rainbow stripes into the uniforms. It’s just colours, right?

      • As others have said, even the colours wouldn’t be allowed – we don’t want the athletes to put themselves at risk.

        • They already have said athletes on site would be exempt, didn’t they? Even if not, will they be arresting hundreds of athletes?

          • I like the idea of moving the games to Vancouver, It’s a form of boycott, the venue is ready, the athletes get to compete, and Russia is hit in the pocketbook. Unfortunately, the cynic in me says nothing will be done, as in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Nazi Germany.

  5. If enough of thè athletes would develop beyond being themselves to be led around by the five rings in their noses perhaps they could be a force for good in any country, especially those that employ open oppression of their populaces.

  6. I can’t really speak for the athletes or the communities that are facing intolerable prejudice. However the national and international outcry speaks volumes about support !!! Proud to see this discussion here!

  7. No boycott!
    The numerous protests world wide give this issue on gay rights a huge voice throughout Russia and most other nations. The point is being made on this single issue and will push change in countries that have anti-gay laws. Like so many other countries especially in the west the laws will evolve and it will become a minor or non-issue in the years to come.
    Boycotting these Olympics will not help that cause but punish the athletes and the countries they represent in the short term.
    Don’t look short term; take the longer view and the changes will come. Patience will win the day on this gay issue and the games should go on.

  8. Talking about boycotting something that doesn’t matter AT ALL in the middle of a global economic crisis shows you what people “think is important” as opposed to what they are “about to understand really IS important.”

    People are so short-sighted and wilfully ignorant these days, it’s a wonder we survive as a species from hour to hour at this point.

  9. A stand does need to be made but not at the expense of the Olympic athletes.
    I remember the boycotts of the 1980 and 1984 Olympics. Athletes on both sides paid the price while foreign trade went on as usual. It was a thinly veiled and hypocritical farce both times.
    We already have an international forum to discuss and act on human rights violations. it’s called the United Nations. Maybe someday the representatives in the United Nations general assembly will develop the kind of backbone and fortitude that most of our athletes have. Then positive change on human rights issues globally may actually occur.
    Let’s send our athletes to Sochi and send a clear message with them that Russia’s new laws need re-visiting and leave both the international athletes and the people of Sochi out of the discussion where they should be.

  10. Please don’t let ANY special interest group hijack the Olympics. Next the NRA will want to boycott the Olympics because the UK has stringent gun laws. Let the games begin unfettered. Remember, just prior to WW2 the Olympics were in Nazi Germany.

  11. Politics should stay out of the Olympics. Are we there for politics or athletic excellence?

    Besides, with 300,000,000 abused women and children each year, if we boycott, why ignore the big stuff for a noisy minority? Much of this world is not human friendly, hardly just a gay problem.

    Best answer, keep politics out of Olympics or I will not waste my time watching.

    • Hey, there was concern about the games being in China as well with their human rights record. And I’d argue that this isn’t just a gay issue — it’s about political persecution.

  12. The Games are the games. Enuff of this judging of other countries – politically, religiously, etc, etc, – just MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS. Let the athletes participate and hmmmmmmmmmm, how come the professional millionaires are allowed to take part – now…… if they contributed financially to the ones who just play the game and
    struggle financially just to be included in these Games.

  13. This whole thing is really stupid. Russia just doesn’t want to pay the money or deal with civil disobedience right now. There’s a lot of misplaced hate and as usual it gets thrust upon whoever is bold enough to provoke by protesting. There’s so many different diplomatic ways to deal with it and they’re always totally different from the way most media outlets deal with civil unrest (which is to capitalize on it). They’re probably trying to get gaytred out of everyone’s systems in Russia by passing this legislation. Like a quarter of the most profitable gay porn sites come out of Russia. Put that on our Olympic Canadian athletes :) Really though it’d be good for all biologists around the world to remind people of communities like Hawaii that used to be totally bisexual and the word for “gaysex” was the same as the word for “safesex” so basically if you wanted to have sex for fun you’d go samesex and to have a baby you’d go “traditional” as the Russian legislators have labelled it. Traditional in the babymaking sense. : )

  14. You accomplish a lot more by attending the olympics and making a statement (holding up signs, etc) on a world stage rather than not showing up at all.

    • Unfortunately, the whole point is that, under the current Russian law, ‘holding up signs’ in support of this issue will get you thrown in jail.

  15. Using the Olympics for political leverage as if that is going to make any difference other than escalating tensions, nevermind the injustice of making the athletes shoulder the real cost of such idiocy.

  16. This poll shows the stupidity of Canadians and how weak and no-minded we have become. China has terrible human rights problems to this day and yet nobody utters a word because they want their Made in China goods all the more cheaper. Yet for a minority that does not surpass 1% of people a question comes out “should we boycott the Olympics?” As Churchill stated himself, “Show me a liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.”

  17. Russia and Putin need to smarten up and get into the year 2013.

  18. How about instead of boycotting the Olympics, which would achieve absolutely nothing, we instead boycott the UN. The UN allows these countries that commit horrible Human Rights abuses to sit on the Security Council, and as such we should boycott the UN until they start enforcing standard human rights laws in all countries which are members.

    • Heh.
      The Security council is the UN. So, yes, the members of the Security Council allow themselves to sit on the Security Council.

  19. So incorporate the rainbow flag into the uniforms.

  20. Nobody is saying homosexuals can’t attend the games as participants or spectators. The Russians just want to protect impressionable young children and adolescents from harm. It’s a shame the large percentage of the population in Canada who feels likewise is prevented from having any say in the matter here.

    • What harm would that be?