Should Canadian cities start shutting down Occupy sites?


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Should Canadian cities start shutting down Occupy sites?

  1. They made their point… kind of… but let them now do the hard work of putting their considered viewpoint on paper.  Surely someone will give it the publicity it deserves.

  2. they have the right to protest but not to built a camp to “have a live” there.

    • I agree. If the objective is to protest business practices, then protest during business hours! This is becoming a protest for the sake of protesting.

  3. Time to get on with addressing the concerns of the majority…not those who do not contribute.

    • What are the concerns of the majority again?

  4. time to move on and get a haircut and a job!!!!! My husband and I have NO TIME to protest and occupy anything but our mortgaged house… and one more thing, we would never hire anyone with tatoos or piercings or long uncared hair… sorry, we have a business to run and what you see is what you get with us and that isn’t any of the people we see in the news!!! We pay over 20 grand a year on various taxes, be it city, provincial or federal and we are totally fed up with those “do nothings” in the parks!!!! My $$$$ is paying for your clean up! My $$$$ is taking care of you all sitting in those tent smoking pot and braiding your hair!!!! Shame on you! We, the working people, are the 99% and you, “do nothings”, are the 1%… I’m sick and tired of the “do nothings” but complain about everything! start being part of the solution, not the problem and you will see change you so crave!!!!!!!

    • My, My,  aren’t you glad you have a job and that your mortgage holder isn’t after you to pay up next week or they will foreclose. Maybe you should take a little more interest on what is happening in USA and other parts of the world instead of showing everyone how little you understand about the movement!

      • I have lived in 3 countries (32 in Belgium, 3 in Spain and now 25 in Canada) and travelled extensively throughout the world, I have seen poverty and dispare so don’t think i don’t know what’s going on! I take great interest on what’s going on everywhere and listen to the news all day long!!! However having said that, we worked many long hours for what we have and sometimes 3 jobs to keep what we have so we can enjoy a nice comfortable old age and no, we don’t want the “do nothings” of this world have the same as what we have! If their desire is to be lazy and do nothing and then later in live ask for hand outs from us who have worked for everything we have???? really, think about this! We have a social responsibility to look after the sick and handicapped but not after the abled bodies that lay around the park… we do donate and contribute to various causes in Calgary, I volunteer every month up to 16 hours to give back to society… need i say more?

        • You don’t need to say any more at all. And probably shouldn’t, actually.

          You do need to learn a lot more, however.  You know why you have to work so damn hard to have a roof over your head that the bank probably owns more of than you do, even though you pay all the maintenance and taxes that go into it?  Because of how your productivity is being increasingly siphoned off to that top 1%.

          Look at what you were doing ten years ago and what you’re doing now.  How many times more productive is your job now than what it was ten years ago? How many times higher is your wage? The two probably don’t equal out by a long shot. And *that* is what occupy is about.  Thinking that it’s all just hippies and layabouts is simply buying into the hype.  Yeah, there’s a lot of those types there. But there’s a lot more than that too. There’s the factory workers that lost their job after 15 years, pension fund belly-up.  The military vets who’ve been serving their country only to come back and find that their country really doesn’t have a use for them now, thanks anyway. There’s also a whole raft of people who, like you, can’t be there because they’re too busy trying to get food into their mouths — but unlike you, they’re wondering why they have to be working so damn hard to do so when it’s pretty obvious how much abundance our society has and can produce for the very few.

          • You people can rant and rave all you want about the greedy corporations, your protest has run it’s course, you made your point and it hasn’t done a damn bit of difference except it made yourself feel good about doing something, it’s time to pack up and go home and stop inconveniencing people who live in the neighbourhood where you protest, and if you want to be constructive, why not stop buying goods from major corporations, spend your hard earned money on local merchants, everytime you go to Starbuck, you are helping a major corporation or if you buy clothes from a Designer label, most of the protesters have Smartphones, that is also money going to corporations, just stick to a basic cellphone. Why not put your money where your mouth is and avoid buying goods and services from major corporations unless it is something essential and you can’t get it anywhere else. Money talks, boycott rather than protest, you will find it more effective than all this rhetorics.


          • It hasn’t done a damn bit of difference? Really? So we’d be having this conversation otherwise? Huh. That’d be weird.

            I put it to you that it’s making a difference, and as it goes on it will make more and more of a difference as people start talking about it more.

            That said, you know what they say about assumptions, they make an ass out of u and some MP named Tion. And since we don’t currently have an MP named Tion, I guess that just leaves u. So here’s a hint: I’m not even part of the protest and I already do everything you suggest. Tell me, how many Calgary Dollars or your local equivalent do you have in your wallet? Until you have more than I do, or know a damn thing about me, might I suggest you shut the hell up when presuming to talk about who I am or what I do.

          • Faulty perception! It’s big government with their ever increasing need for more of our money and over spending that makes life more difficult. 

          • The faulty perception is your own. The percentage of taxes our government takes from us has been shrinking for decades. I realize you want everything to fit into your “Gubmint is teh EVUL!” preconceptions, but it just ain’t so if you actually open your eyes and take a look.

          • Boy are you ever out of it. Have you been or talked to the gang at the vancouver tent city. A few union organizers and activists on the dole backed up by druggies and homeless idiots. Two overdoses so far and one death from Heroin and cocaine.
            These people are to redesign the world economy … You are well meaning but naive beyond belief.
            You need to understand how hard working people in China not asking for handouts will eat all of our lunches.
            With regard to the 99%… this rabble does not represent them. They do not represent the hard working majority or 85% either.
            They represent the 5% low life, 2% radical marxist activists  on the government dole and have no clue what it takes to run an economy.
            The sooner it ends the better.

          • Very accurate and productive post Thwim ……. yes the B.S. that the 1% are spreading is being bought into by some silly people that don’t know what the occupy movement is all about. Then they post crap that has absolutely nothing to do with the truth.
            I like the 1st sentence that you started your post with because it is the truth and people that don’t fully understand what this occupy movement is all about should simply read more, rather than putting their feet in their own mouths!!

        • Please, do me a favour.  You need not say more.  You’re smug and quite full of yourself and I have learned more about you than I want to know.  I’ve heard enough, thank you. 

        • This is the root of your problem …… you believe every person attending the occupy sites are “do nothings”? What a skewed view you have and you claim to be a worldly person? Ha!! Many of these people that are involved in this movement hold down jobs!! I personally know many that are involved that go to work everyday and attend the parks after work and on weekends and days off. Not all these people are as you say ” Do nothings” !!!!! If you don’t know what you’re talking about then why bother even posting garbage in the first place!!! Go away and pay your interest on your home and work 3 jobs because it’s people like you that are helping to create this toxic environment that we all must negotiate!!

        • They are not doing nothing, they are trying to prove a point and trying to do what is right. You can’t say they are doing nothing because at least they are trying to make a much needed change in the world.

      • these protesters have managed to be failures in a society that offers more opportunity than almost any nation on earth. They are blaming others, but it themselves who failed.

    • What solution??? We are where we are because of the capitalistic ways of the rich and the govt!!! You being chained to a mortgage is your ball and chain and from the amount  of tax we pay to the price of fuel are just 2 of the problems we 99% face everyday. These people are there for some very good reasons and people like you drop the ball in a big way when you go against the occupiers. The big banks love sheep like you that buy a home and stay chained to the big banks for many years because of INTEREST!!! Yes high interest is killing the economy, just have a look around. The Rothchild’s got it all wrong  and the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer because of this pathetic system. Time banking is emerging once more as a means to remedy some of what this $$ hoarding by the rich and the banks. People like you are a dime a dozen and all of you people need to get informed soon and stop going against the majority of folks who want the current system changed so everyone has opportunity because this is also being swept away by banks, govt and capitalism. We are the majority and we will get what we seek because we aren’t going anywhere until we do!!!!

  5. Why on earth would anyone think they should share in my money?  They shouldn’t even get government money when they can’t clean up, get a job, dress appropriately, get rid of all the metal piercings, Avnp29 I so agree with all your comments!

  6. The questionnaire was deliberately biased by providing a “yes but only” choice to split the no vote.  Typical.  As for the concerns of the majority, they are addressing the concerns of the majority.  Perhaps you just don’t recognize it.  If people with tatoos and piercings are prepared to stand up for democracy I’m with them.  Thank you for reminding us that our freedom is at risk.

    • The only ones who are a risk to our freedoms are the Marxists in the occupy moment.

  7. Why???  I’ve watched on the news for weeks now and have yet to see a constructive idea from any of them. It’s great to protest an inequity, but if you can’t offer a solution, what’s the purpose????
    If their ideas were that good. I would have voted for them in the last election — oh, sorry, did someone say that they weren’t on the ballot?  How could that be?????

    • i think you should quotate “the news” in this case, because if you were the actual recipient of actual information over the last two months you would have an umbrella list of at least 20 issues and the myriad proactive, constructive ideas that come with them.
        You are not alone on this site. You are a victim of bad information and it makes your opinion uninformed to the point of ridicule.  Ridiculous, lyle.  Perhaps you could share which “news” you’ve been informing yourself with so the rest of us can avoid brain damage….?

    • And inequity they created for themselves by not getting up off their lazy asses and seeking work, I may add. Those members of the Occupy movement are typical leftists, a group who belives society owes them a living. I am a fascist by ideology, and those people in the Occupy movement would be nigh thankful I am not leader of this country. I would have such people forcibly removed.

    • Do you honestly think that the media is going to give you an accurate representation of what is going on?? WAKE UP!!!!!! If you want to know what they are doing why don’t you visit one of the occupations, talk to people and judge for yourself rather then letting your television think for you.

  8. I’m of two minds about this, first its getting tiresome listening to urban yuppy larva who have never had a tough day in their lives whine about injustice .so shut them down.. Or we could just wait till January, I want to see Occupy Edmonton on a 40 below day.

  9. I believe that the people at these ‘”Occupies” have no other means of expressing their frustration.  In my life time I have seen a downward on my living standard.  When I was young, if you had a good paying job, you and your family were pretty alright.  My standard of living has not gone down appreciably, but it now takes 2 good paying jobs to maintain it.  I have retired, my pension is okay, my retirement should be comfortable.  Is this because I was particularily good?  No, I was particularily fortunate.  I see people in all walks of life, stressed out, trying to work at 2 or more part time jobs for insufficeny pay. Further stressed by the need to put more time in at the office, trying to ensure that they keep their jobs.  The corporations, on the other hand, have always (and still do) try to accomplish more for less money.  The people who manage to work and thrive under these conditions should consider themselves lucky, and not some wunderkind that are better than others.  Not to mention, the cost of this thriving is very high.  It is certainly no way for human beings to live.  And finaly, the people at the top of the income scale should also consider themselves lucky.  I am not envious of the money they make,  it is the sense of entitlement they have that causes me concern.  I personaly refuse to support anyone in any situation because they are special.  No one on earth is special beyond the fact that we are all special.  The bottom line is that the system is not working for everyone (and in growing numbers).  Do the people attending these gatherings have any idea of how to fix the situation?  I doubt it.  But I’m thinking they would sure like some help

    • Yes they would like some help…in the form of a hand out (aka: free money…who wouldn’t?!). Their occupation is located in the wrong place. It should be in front of the Parliament buildings. That’s where, over the last 3 decades or more, the concepts and practices of the welfare state have dragged us all down.

      • I think the help that they would like Bob is: You lost your job, you can’t seem to find another one, your family is humgry,  the landlord is coming to evict you and your family.  What do you do now Bob? I think that’s the help they need. I am sure they are open to suggestions.  Do all of them fall in this catagory?  I wouldn’t think so,  but I think we would all be shocked if we knew the actual numbers.  Unemployment is between 7 and 10 percent.  That is a lot of people.  I really cannot believe that they are all lazy useless bastards that are just looking for a handout.   This is decidedly heading for the “When they came for the Jews, I didn’t say anything, because I was not a Jew” story. 

        • I would suggest you keep the Jews out of this. I grow weary of the world using their ‘plight’ as an excuse.

          • What I grow weary of are people with few reading skills and even less comprehension.  Not only must you connect the dots, you must do them in order.

  10. We need to listen to the message of disparity and lack of democracy.  It is not simply allowing others to “make a point” – they are telling us something is wrong structurally in our economic systems. 

    • What would you have anyone do? The Occupy movement claim they are against the corporations. Allow me to ask, if you piss off the corporations, and they leave, what then? Are the Occupy bastards STILL going to bitch and complain against the corporations? No, they will be down upon their knees begging them to return.

  11. I generally agree with the protesters
    but like many other supporters I are getting impatient with the seemingly
    deliberate avoidance of a clear message.  If it’s corporate influence over tax policy
    that is the problem then please say so and give us your solution. 


    For starters, I would agree to the over
    turn of Citizens United, Term Limits, Lifetime ban on Lobbing by Politicians
    and Staff and Publicly Financed Elections.

  12. Under Bad News November you obviously haven’t read the bi-law. The signs can be French only but not English only. And if bilingual than French first. The concern is the Quebec members of council that don’t speak for either the Acadians or English citizens. Not a member of the English group but find it interesting you fault them and thats what’s divisive. The Dieppe business people are concerned, as English people don’t talk they act with their pocketbook, and the effect has been felt. Very sad situation.  

  13. read my post about the Occupy movement at OhCanadiana.com (click on the post from this home page)! Have a great day…

    • i got to the third sentence of your post before distracting myself with better material…… first year student?….. Have a nice day!

  14. The protesters have only just started to make their point on human greed and the excuses used to support this antisocial behavior. They are doing what most all talk no walk citizens refuse to do to better this world and try to make it more equitable for all. They should be honored for their endurance and courage.  

    • Nothing is more greedy than wanting something for nothing. The freedom and opportunity we have in this country is more than “equitable for all”. Unless what you really want is what someone else has…then it’s just envy. 

      • you’re implying this diverse and massive group all want something for nothing?  Wow.  You are really dumb.

        • And he’s right too. I do believe the descriptive he is using regarding these Occupy fools is ‘lazy’. Why aren’t they at work, rather than polluting parks paid for by the working taxpayer? As such, they do NOT have the right to ‘occupy’ such places since they are owned by the taxpayers who actually contribute to our society. It is time to move in the riot police, and have them forcibly removed. They are creating disorder, and I do not subscribe to chaos.

      • The 1% want something for nothing.  They pay slave labour rates to the ones that make their corporations rich, and they give themselves 100 million dollar scrooge bonuses.  Then the government lets them get away with paying no tax, so the working poor don’t lose their jobs of slavery.   Great system, for the corrupt politicians that get their campaigns sponsored by these crooks, and the crooks themselves.   For everyone else… not so much.

    • How is your Marxist self, da comrade? I bet you have a hammer and sickle in your bedroom down in your momma’s basement, yes?

  15. Occupying public property 24/7  is not protesting.
    As an aside, the majority of these people have come from middle class or better families, had access to all the education they wanted, have had material goods all their lives when living at home. They live in a country where thousands of immigrants have arrived with nothing and succeeded while the “occupiers” have failed.
    They are failures, blaming others.

    • more pompous premature ejaculalting…why not do some reading and research before flappin yer lips?  lol@you..

      • So, rather than an intellectual response, yours is ‘no you!’? Where do you people come from? Christ on a stick!

    • You mean the same immigrants who have taken the jobs of many Canadians? THOSE immigrants?

  16. No tents! Protest legally to make your point but don!t set up camp in public areas thereby preventing the general public access.

    • yes…. we must keep the public- especially those whom are defending the public’s interest- from being in public and getting in the public’s way- especially a quiet, obedient public who doesn’t value human rights……  no tents!  Ok, and no shoes or pants either!   Yer a maroon gerry… and you don’t know what country you are in!

      • I shall come over to your house, pitch a tent and make a campfire. This would please you, yes?

        • You mean, someone came to your house and made a campfire?  You should put that on the news, because I haven’t seen that happen yet.

  17. Wow….. I was reading some of these comments and I think  that most off you are falling for the 
    Corporate Media misinformation, check  some independent Media on the internet or so.,
    On a lighter note watch this song, it was played in front of our wanabe Leaders at the APEC

  18. Almost nobody on this comment site seems to understand that the right to protest is a basic human right defined by this very nation… the one you are in, talking about.  Whether you or I have an opinion or not is not consequential as far as the fundamental laws of this land…. and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms overrides all opinion in order to clearly define our inaliable rights as people of this nation.  Bottom line, our law enforcers and politicians do not have the right to disassemble these protests… no matter how long they persist.  The protesters, in fact and by law, have the right to be there for as long as their grievances go unheard.

    As for some of the specifics on the comments below… so many are clearly uninformed opinions, and hard to respond to as a result..many activists are tired of your totally uninformed rhetoric as it wastes our valuable time…….. most of you are victims of one-sided, popular “news” media which has- quite frankly- warped your minds. 
    This is a fresh, young, Huge Global movement, and is doing a  wonderful job of coming to define itself…. you who presume it is disorganized are making unfounded presumptions; premature…… Lousy propaganda masquerading as “news” has disinformed you.  I respect that you think you know what you are talking about, but informed opinions clearly differentiate themselves from this drivel below.

    This is Canada.  We defend the human rights of other nations with such passion…. these comments prove some of us are talking out of our asses.  You should all take some time- as most of the Occupy movement participants have already done with due diligence- and educate yourselves about the crap that you want to have an opinion about.
    I hope you all realize peace and freedom before it’s too late. 

    From all activists to all of you:  We are here to protect The People.   You Are Welcome! 

    • Ah, but no ‘rights’ for that taxpayers who actually paid for said parks, no? They shall not have the right to walk peacefully through their parks, which I may remind you again, THEY PAID FOR?

      I have seen the condition of some of the parks occupied by the ‘protesters’. They are being destroyed, just so some lazy bastard may have the right to ask ‘why am I not being given my cash? Whether I work or not is irrelevant. I want my cash for my drugs, piercings etc.!’

      • Ya, that 84 year old woman pepper sprayed wants our money for her drug addiction. You got it all figured out.  Keep your parks reserved for those that aren’t allowed to protest any injustice.  Those are more important than say, our entire future.

  19. From the way most people react to the Occupy movements they obviously fail to grasp the whole point of what these brave people are doing.  They’re sticking their necks out for you, risking injury, illness and incarceration for you and our future generations.  WAKE UP EVERYONE!  You are being screwed by the world’s banking system and certain people who want to control absolutely everything and everyone to the point we will no longer have one shred of freedom left, our food will be garbage and we’ll be mere worker bees if we are allowed to exist at all.  The general media is lying to you and withholding information crucial to our existence and quality of life.

    • You mean like the communism these people are demanding we have in our societies? How’d that work out for the Soviet Union, the Eastern Bloc? I have absolutely no problem with you moving to North Korea where you may not be at the mercy of the corporations at all. Buh bye!

      • hey fascistcanuck
        stop bullying  people here,if you have something intelligent to say lets hear it.
        grow up and have nice day?!?

        • Ooooh, I’m a bully now!

  20. If you think they have made their point, then clearly you didn’t GET the point.  The point is in the name – “Occupy”.  And they will keep coming back until things change.   The occupation itself is a symbol of the condition of the society’s unwillingness to fix itself, the complacency of the voting public and the government.  The “Occupy” encampments are like new versions of depression Era “Hooverville’s” except they are voluntary.

    If you don’t know what their viewpoint is or can’t bother to find out, you really need to take the time to look because it’s you that is being represented by them…you that is being ripped off, cheated out of what you earn, your financial future and your liberty by the 1%

    If the response to peaceful protest is blunt force, ask yourself, why was that an easier way to deal with injustice in your society than change?  Then ask yourself what kind of society you are.

  21. they need to go to Ottawa each and everyone  of them. Together they will be stronger. They need to start with one or two issues on their list. Example of this would be to get rid of  some of the taxes. The taxes on hydro etc. is what is hurting the average Canadian. They need to stay out of all the individual cities and go to Ottawa and be very clear. Let us all be thankful of the country that we do live in. If you have not had the opourtunity to  visit a third world country then you will never understand. Go to a website and read and see pictures of how wealthy we really are even though we do not feel like it. can you go to a hospital if you need to in Canada do you have clothes to wear do you have food in your stomach the answer is yes to all of these because we have food banks and other social programes to help many canadians in hard times. Good luck to your movement hoping it works out for you because it will work out for all the canadaian people.Set a date and have a huge rally and protest in ottawa.

  22. Shut all the camps down. These are people who protest to protest. Get a job!

  23. When we tax payers spent over 600 million to build the Toronto Skydome, then our government sold it to Mr.Rogers for 5% of it’s value at 30 million, we got hugely ripped off.  Tax payers gave a 570 million gift to a private entity, one very dear to the hearts of some despicable politicians that would betray those they were elected to represent in their best interest.  Governments that regulate minimum wage, below the poverty line, but do not regulate a companies requirement to have the majority of their employees full time workers so they can have benefits.  Governments that give tax dollars as incentives for oil companies to drill for oil here, that they would drill for to make profit anyways.  Many that support the protest have jobs…. I do.  It isn’t all about joblessness.   It isn’t about the rich.  It is not okay giving worker poor or middle class money away to the already mega rich.  If you don’t understand what is going on and why the protests are so important, you must be living in Mr.Rogers neighbourhood.

    • Rogers paid a paltry sum AND took on the Skydome’s debt, you moron. The Skydome was a White Elephant. It simply cost the taxpayer too much money to keep. Now, it’s Rogers’ problem. Are you this much of a retard? Don’t understand finance, or economics, do you?

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