Should Don Cherry stay in the picture when Rogers begins broadcasting NHL hockey? -

Should Don Cherry stay in the picture when Rogers begins broadcasting NHL hockey?



Should Don Cherry stay in the picture when Rogers begins broadcasting NHL hockey?

  1. Don Cherry is or should be a part of the Rogers takeover package, – – – – – case closed

    • I totally agree. I am not a hockey fan, never have been, but I have listened to Don Cherry the odd time. He is entertaining. He is HNIC. I think that what he says about armor is right. A player gets an elbow to the head and it’s hard plastic, they fall to the ice, have concussions. Go back to the soft stuff.

  2. His approach is no longer as relevant in today’s society. Time to retire, please!

    • Who’s society? He’s just fine in mine! I’ll guarantee we don’t go to the same bars either…

  3. NHL hockey is no longer interesting, once you’ve seen Olympic hockey, the way the game should be. We need more curling on television.
    Don Cherry was never interesting.

    • Too bad most of the country disagrees with you.

      • The 10% of the country who watch HNIC, even *if* they were all in agreement about Cherry, can hardly be called “most”.

  4. I’ve enjoyed Don Cherry for more years then I care to remember but over the last few years he’s become a ‘Mr.Know It All’. Now this may be due to his age or the lump or two he took back in his younger days.
    Is he relevant in today’s hockey…yes, but only to a degree. Is he knowledgeable…yes, but I’d say he’s wrong 50% of the time. Does he draw viewers…yes he does, love him or hate him.
    I’m sure he’d be missed by many as I find hockey in general does not have a lot of good TV journalistic personalities such as football or baseball.
    Until Rogers finds someone that can fill this space they should keep him on one year at a time as I think he hit his peek a few years ago before everybody became so hockey stupid and he became ‘Hockey’s Moses’

    • So, do you think Don was wrong when he said as soon as players started wearing helmets just watch the injuries increase???????? I remember him saying that on Coachs’ Corner

      • Anybody can take over Hockey night in Canada, as long as I don’t have to watch the love-in with Ron McLean and PJ Stockton….get rid of PJ…PLEASE

        • Id sooner get rid of McLean (not the magazine!) to me he’s not a comedian, just a wannabe. And I do agree with what you said. I have to curl up my lip when he is “performing”.

        • That’s PJ Stock.

      • Injuries did not increase but got detected way more, as in the case of concussions. Don Cherry has done a great disservice to many with his fixation with violence and machismo.

        • Thats not right. Don was around when the players didnt get covered in armour.!! There were the days when the goalies didnt wear masks. And all Don talks about the heavy elbow pads, etc, etc, and about the injuries to come. So, how many of the guys are left from those days, eg, B ower, Beliveau, Howe, etc. Don just warned people about the hits to be given and injuries sustained. Hes for a good hockey game and not to see who is the biggest bully. Its the equipment.

  5. The old dinosaur belongs to an age of machismo and ultraconservative prejudices, he’s arrogant and won’t be missed.

    • He won’t be missed because he won’t be going anywhere.

    • Based on your picture, that is the pot calling the kettle black. In terms of machismo and conservatism, that likely caters to the vast majority of his audience. I never heard him campaign politically on air, only fault is maybe ultra patriotic views…

      • Old yes–hope not an old fart. Don Cherry is past his best-before date but deserves a place in history–the sooner the better.

  6. Don Cherry is almost eighty he should stay until retirement or as long as he wants! After all he is a Canadian V.I.P. which should give him some merit plus clout!

    • Don Cherry is as much Canadian VIP in my books as Rob Ford.

    • So’s Rob Ford. Maybe the Mayor can replace Don Cherry

  7. I am curious how many of these 48% above voting “Not a chance” are actually hockey fans that watch the show, versus uptight people simply piling on him for some of his public views. I have a feeling that this same poll, if taken on TSN, and responded to by people that actually watch the game, he would have 80% support.

  8. He was voted #7 by Canadians as one of the greatest Canadians of all time. He is adored by true hockey fans and the players. The man can and will stay as long as he wants, and if you don’t like it, too bad. Canada needs more Don Cherry and less Rob Ford!

    • Got that right!!!!!!!

  9. Cherry is a hockey moron. Please Rogers, drop the clown and lets get some intelligent hockey commentary.