Should Lance Armstrong have to return his yellow jerseys? -

Should Lance Armstrong have to return his yellow jerseys?

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Should Lance Armstrong have to return his yellow jerseys?

  1. …and why care? Especially with options that bad…

  2. options are terrible. Yes, he should have to once he is proven guilty. Secondly, don’t give it to anyone and make a real statement!

    • Who said he WOULD be proven guilty?

      • Seriously. Who said he would?

  3. No, and based on what has come out, Ben Johnson should have his returned. It appears that everyone in Ben’s race was on the juice too.

  4. apparently, heresay is considered evidence these days. he never tested positive on any drug tests. I think it is simply a way to tarnish the name of a great athlete

    • It’s mostly not hearsay.

      Testifying under oath that you saw Lance Armstrong inject himself with performance enhancing drugs isn’t “hearsay”, it’s eyewitness testimony. Testifying that Lance Armstrong ran the doping program for the entire team, and told you that if you didn’t dope too he’d kick you off the team isn’t “hearsay” it’s a statement against penal interest, and completely admissible in a court of law.

      Also, Armstrong did test positive on a drug test, but he was allowed to submit a doctor’s prescription AFTER THE FACT, to explain away the result, despite the fact that the rules explicitly state that a mitigating prescription must be filed with the authorities BEFORE testing. Two other tests came back with strong indications of blood doping.

  5. If doping isn’t proven at the time of the victories then should stand.
    Babe Ruth, Joe Louis, Jerry Rice or other greats of their sport may have taken various inhancing drugs like ephedrine, pain killers, amphetamines etc. that were known or felt to increase one’s effectiveness. It’s just not right to have retro-active laws to govern behavior.
    It almost appears that doping tribunals are a law unto themselves; who controls them?

  6. If you take his sweater cancel all the placings for the other cheaters that followed him. He still won over them.

  7. what next? penalise him for having cancer?……
    penalise him for beating all sorts of odds and overcoming obstacles?
    leave the man alone for christ’s sakes.

  8. Bravo to everyone for supporting Lance Amstrong. He is the best and will remain ”the” CHAMPION

  9. Where is the option I’d like to pick, “No, because he has passed hundreds of drug tests that prove he guilty of nothing but being awesome.”

  10. Who exactly would you give the yellow jersey to? All of the other racers following were also juiced up. The problem is systemic.

  11. Read through the entire USADA document on the weekend, the one they’ve submitted to UCI. The evidence is just that … evidence; and pretty damning too. The L word won’t be used around here any longer, and I’m cutting up and throwing out my yellow bracelets and L*strong clothing. L’s entire “legacy” is built on lies, and building Livestrong on a bed of lies, notwithstanding the good it’s done, offends my sense of integrity. The ends never justify the means.

  12. Now that USADA has done it’s bit with pro cycling, it’s time for the same level of rigour to be used in chasing drugs out of the NFL, CFL, NBA and other pro sports/entertainment groups.

  13. Where do I file my “who gives a shit?” vote?

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page. Read the last comment.