Should Oscar Pistorius be allowed to race?


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Should Oscar Pistorius be allowed to race?

  1. No. He’s clearly a flight risk! darn tootin’ he could take a stage right at anytime. And being a middle age guy could blend in anywhere never to be seen again.

  2. Such a biased and unbalanced poll

    • How can you call it biased. The choices are yes, maybe, and no. That looks pretty straight forward to me.

      • The problem is that it’s just another DISTRACTIONARY poll, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with ANYTHING that actually matters to Canadians, or in Canada.

        Why not have a poll asking people if they know what money is, or how they’re going to survive after the EU economy collapses, takes down the states, and we lose 60% of our economy as a direct result?

        But nooooo…this is a SPORTS QUESTION! Far more important than human lives…

        • This is not a sports question. It is a question of fundamental morality. Should someone who is accused of murdering his girlfriend be permitted to continue living a normal life. He has admitted killing her. The only question is whether or not he murdered her. The fact that he is an athlete is irrelevant. The fact that he is a killer is the main point.

          • You’re right. A murder of a foreigner in another country by a foreign person is far more important to Canadians than talking about anything which actually affects us.

          • The current monetary crisis may well have a disastrous effect on our quality of life but there is damn all that you or I can do about it. All that we can influence is aspects of our daily lives such as the judicial system. South Africa is not Canada but what to do with murderers awaiting trial matters a great deal.

          • Again, you’re right. We should impose our statutes against all foreign countries just like the states does. We need a CANADIAN Empire.

            And of course you’re also right that we can’t do anything about financial destruction. It’s been planned for us “by our betters” (whose exorbitant salaries we pay) and we should just sit back and watch it happen, and suffer as decreed on high. We should NEVER seek to protect ourselves, or educate ourselves. Thinking is BAD.

  3. Where’s the ‘like I care’ option?

  4. In all honesty MacLean’s, this is not a very bright or relevent question for our National Magazine to be asking this week.
    This is a South African thing–I’m not sure of their laws etc. on this issue. Not relevent at all.

    • Even more importantly, there is only an “accusation” at this point. If we applied the same principles to politicians and bankers who commit crimes HOURLY, Parliament would be at half staff, and the PM’s office would be EMPTY.

      No, wait…that might actually be a good thing!

  5. Oscar Who?

  6. He is innocent until proven guilty, but he might drive people to boycott any event in which he participated. So event organizers must be free to evaluate matters realistically.

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