Should Rob Ford have to go?


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Should Rob Ford have to go?

  1. should steven harper go ?

      • Then I guess Dalton Mcguinty should be in JAIL!

        • In the cell next to Stephen Harper!

  2. Why not Joe Fontana? How about Alphonse Galaino, to many to think of.

    • joe fontana,like ford, has a right to his day in court.

  3. You forgot the most important option to Canadians: “WHO CARES”

    • if my mayor substitutes his own ignorance for the rules the bind him whenever it pleases him.. i care. i care a lot.

  4. The Press, the public and the political machinery are either missing the point or deliberately muddying the waters. The law and ETHICS people!!! Ford ignores both if they do not align with his world view. This is not the first time and dates back a decade. Are there others? Probably. Doesn’t excuse him. Let’s start with at least one flagrant offender.

    • He was trying it out to see what would happen. Harper did the same type of checking when he had the G20 in Toronto. Ford however picked an item that had a penalty with it. The amount does not matter. His actions do matter (not the same as Harper) and this is what he was caught on. If he isn’t picked up now, he would be trying many more. This is not what Toronto needs. He hasn’t followed up on his campaign promises and he should not have his brother answering for him. I do not live in Toronto now but I hope this cancer is erased ASAP>

  5. How about politicians which waste thousands of dollars in expenses without receipts?
    Fords deed is ‘CHICKEN SHIT STUFF’.

  6. You have to be a crook to be in politics. Remember they are mostlly lawyers. Some a more clever than others.

  7. The insignificant amount is not the issue. Ford broke the rules, tried to use an error in judgment as a defense but doesn’t even acknowledge what he did was wrong with his dismissive and confrontational attitude towards the integrity commissioner. Caught and convicted, this pigheaded man refuses to vacate. It’s like he just doesn’t get it. Anyone with any class would step aside. Ford supporters are even more stupid than he is. Allowing him to return to office would undermine the entire reason for removing him. What a sham. This man is a disgrace to politics. He probably means well and I’m sure he does but he is inept in his abilities. He couldn’t manage an outhouse without screwing it up. Ask Margaret Atwood.

    • Yes, because our justice system is based on the principle of “But mooooommmm! He got to do it!”

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