Should Rob Ford march in the Santa Claus parade?


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Should Rob Ford march in the Santa Claus parade?

  1. Only if they make him wear a clown suit.

    • The one he already wears?


  3. He should be marching to the unemployment line, then on to rehab.

  4. The Santa Claus Parade is a child-centred event. How is this man, who has repeatedly lied until confronted with evidence of one illegal or unsavoury act after the other, a role model for children? I can’t believe that one in five people think it’s appropriate for this man to literally parade past children as if his behaviour is anything to be proud of.

    • City council and the media are like kids bullying a fat kid I
      thought there was a law about that

      • There are genuine concerns about his behaviour and how they impact the city. It has nothing to do with his weight problem. Take off your friggin’ blinders; if it were one of the left-leaning councillors behaving like this you’d be screaming for jail time.

    • just saying, but Santa clause is a myth (re lie) told to children. I guess both would be fitting to be int he same parade.

  5. If he would really MARCH, it could make him lose some weight…………..

  6. People who make comments about some ones problem with weight is considered a BULLY. Yes, Rob Ford has a weight problem, and no,
    I am not a fan of his, but when people who make fun of others because of a weight problem just ticks me off. Maybe if you had that problem you would not say anything, and please don’t make snide comments about how he should diet. Unless you have been in overweight peoples shoes, please don’t comment.

    • OK; some people make fun of his size and I agree that’s wrong. But surely you agree that his other behaviours warrant at least some time away in rehab?

    • You know, I’ve heard that crack is an appetite supressant

    • Oh, go put the chicken dinner down and have a good cry. The Fords have made a career of ad hominem attacks and should be able to take it themselves. Besides, obesity is the only remaining socially acceptable addiction and it shouldn’t be. Grossly overweight individuals deserve no more respect than crack addicts or alcoholics.

  7. Why not? – – – – – – – – probably 95% of the kids don’t even know who Rob Ford is, – – – – – – it is all the fault of you idiots in the news game, – – – – – – – why don’t you give it a rest, or better still see if any of you could pass a drug test, – – – – – – – I doubt it.

  8. he should go on the dr phil show or jerry springershow why is he going on

  9. nooo!!! how can it not be 100% voting no ? This is not a left or right issue. He is the mayor! I don’t care about his weight, and when he does the right thing and resigns – I don’t care what he smokes…he won’t cooperate with police- who did he buys drugs from? What was in all the envelopes? He is the worst role model for children I can imagine. I am sorry I don’t have a funny comment – I think its time to stop joking – the party is over – why won’t he go home…

  10. Well, if he did, I would expect to see him trying to snort the snow off of the street as he went. Perhaps he could act as a role model for Canadian children, by offering them little bottles of airline liquor. Candy is dandy, but liquor’s quicker.

    And perhaps his mother could be in the parade as well, running behind him to inform the press that her son just has a little weight control problem. And his brother could ride beside him in a car, begging his sibling to go on vacation to the Bahamas. His wife could perform the ultimate act of humiliation by exposing herself as proof that he does indeed have all he can eat at home.

    Yes, the First Family of the Freakshow should indeed march in the parade this year. The Fraud Nation that made them a political dynasty would only increase their approval as they go.

    And of course, after it’s all over, the Mayor can always apologize.

  11. I don’t think Santa would approve. How the h did this guy get elected. He’s rude, crude and a bully. He should not be in public office.

  12. I say if he does, he’ll probably have a heart attack before the halfway mark, and Toronto’s publicity problems are over…so hey, it’s up to Ford whether he wants to go out in style, or be remembered as an Edsel.

  13. NO NO. Not because of his weight. I don’t think that issue should even be an issue – though his own MOTHER made it an issue. He is a lost soul, no filter, no morals, no ethics, a megalomaniac, over indulged, misogynist, addict who sadly is likely beyond help. No he should not be at the Parade or anywhere in public. I am worried about his wife and children.

  14. he can be the castrated ass in the nativity float

  15. The more I read the comments, the more I feel disgusted. Ford hasn’t been charged, he hasn’t been convicted, nothing. He has been tried, and convicted by the media and people out there. It is only innuendoes that have been flying around. He was badgered by the counsel. And NO, I am not a fan of his, but listening to the news and the comments people make, it’s sickening. He has done more for the city of Toronto(who thinks that they are the centre of the universe). He has balanced the budget, settled with the union, got the garbage problem settled, got rid of lots of gravy at city hall. People didn’t really vote for Ford, they voted for what he stood for. He was not an elite from downtown Toronto. I have kept up with all this garbage, and more than one commentator from a media said that is why he was elected. Also, if you are a crack addict, you are skinny.

  16. If you ruin your career pay the price! If you run again for mayor it will be in Alice in wonderland Rob Ford the madhatter hehe

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