Should Rob Ford resign? -

Should Rob Ford resign?


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Should Rob Ford resign?

  1. I had to vote no. The missing option is for him to take a leave of absence, enter rehab (alcohol, drugs and possibly anger management) and come back to run in the next election as a ‘changed’ man. Do I want him to win the next election? No way!

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    • Neil – you’re adorable. And so so sad. The way you hate the gayzzz but stay hidden in your own closet. And are so riddled with insecurity you simply HAVE to mention your conference was at Harvard.

      When are you going to seek your own help?

  3. And ruin the world’s opportunity to get to know the real Toronto? Hell no!

  4. Rob Ford is the best thing to happen to the NDP since Jack Layton.

    I don’t want him to resign. Because every minute he stays in office, every bizarre utterance he spews, every time he gets drunk or high or talks about his wife’s vagina, the Conservative Party comes that much closer to going down with their poster boy.

    I hope he holds on till the next federal election. And even as Harper slowly backs away from him, I hope Ford insists on throwing his arms around Slippery Steve and delivering a wet sloppy kiss while slamming the self destruct button as hard as he can. He’ll leave a crate inside the Conservative Party so large you can drive an Orange Wave right through it, and on it’s way to 24 Sussex.

    • Very rare that a comment makes me LOL outright, but yours managed it. Beautifully phrased, honestly.
      My only quibble with the sentiment expressed is that (and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am) I don’t want Rob Ford to die. And if he stays in office, under this kind of scrutiny and pressure, with the problems he has, he will do one of the following things: a) have a stroke; b) have a heart attack; c) hit someone in front of 25 cameras and end up in jail or; d) go cold turkey for awhile, feel the pressure badly, relapse, and overdose on booze/pills/drugs.
      No matter how awful a person he is, he’s still a human being and he hasn’t raped or murdered anyone that I know of, and so on principle I’d much rather he get himself well than keep going on the path he’s on right now, which is one of denial. And denial may lead circuitously to rock bottom, but it ALWAYS gets there. Believe me. I’ve been there myself and I’ve watched people I love do it too many times. There is no other possible end to the story.

      • Even if he had raped or murdered, he’d still be human. And I don’t want him to die either.

        I’d like him to enter rehab and sober up. I am certain that his problems are so deep, he’ll continue to be an embarrassment while sober. And I want his deeply embarrassing self to become the very face of conservatism in Canada.

  5. Hi, I’m a 16 year old teen who is very interested in politics, and would like to become a member in parliament one day, I say Rob Ford should stay where he is as mayor of the biggest city in Canada. Why you may ask? Well with what he has done of course! he said he lowered the taxes which he did, he got Scarborough the transit system they wanted and they will get it. Now I’ve been raised to forgive people for there mistakes, not remind them of what they have done in the past. Has Rob ford made The great City of Toronto a bad place to live no. He has admitted to getting help, and in my eyes what we are doing is bullying Mr.Ford, we are bullying him by making news headlines and comical jokes about a man with a problem. His problem is with drugs and alcohol abuse not with running the city. Instead we should stand by him and with up and stand up for him! In our lives and even mine I have seen my parents friends, and even my friends throw their lives away to drugs, why don’t we help him instead of hanging him out to dry.

    • Because he’s a crook, a liar, a drunk, a drug addict, a misogynist, and a loud mouth fool. And he’s too stubborn to get help from ANYONE who has an opinion that is contrary to his own. Need any more reasons?

      • Oh, and liars generally don’t make good political leaders. Drunks don’t either.

        • Hi, and I am not saying they make great leaders, but what i understand is that a councilor got charged with drinking and driving, and are we asking him to step down? I also do understand that he is not the mayor of Toronto but this councilor is also a person who would probably like to be higher up in the political system, and he is already driving under the influence of alcohol. Does he get media attention nope, just because he isn’t the mayor which is not fair towards rob ford.

          • True, however, the Mayor is also the “CEO” of the City. So if a major disaster or catastrophic event takes place, inflicting harm on our property and citizens, do you want Ford at the helm, or do you want someone else? Even I’ve had a DUI – but, I’m also not the Mayor of Canada’s largest city, nor have I been allegedly accused of hanging out with drug dealers, smoking crack, lying about it to get ahead, and using expletives on global TV to make a point. He’s just not a good leader, period. He has poor judgment, poor taste (subjective, I know) and IMO, isn’t the person that should be at the helm of our city and civic affairs. He seems distracted by a myriad of personal and emotional demons that are interfering with his ability to govern and lead effectively. We deserve someone who can do those things.

          • If a disaster or catastrophic event took place the mayor would have no say on what to do, that would concern the federal government to come in, Not mayor Rob Ford, so that point is invalid. To get ahead? he was doing it to protect himself and the city, do you vote someone in on someones personal life, no. you vote on what they have done in office which rob ford has done.

    • Well put Dylan, your years do not reflect your maturity

    • Taxes and spending are both up. You are telling lies.

    • That is true but. There problem is they they want to get rid of those who are selling drugs and people who are in gangs and because he is buying drugs he is therefore supporting gang violence.

  6. I had to vote No because Rob is just a victim of circumstances.
    There is always a tone of political controversy each time people talk about him. Although he did something bad, but we cannot overlook the things he has done right.

    • He didn’t just do “something bad,” he has consistently abused his staff, the public, and taxpayer money. His best friends are gangsters and he is being investigated in at least one case. Whether it is the drug dealing case, the extortion case, or the murder case is unclear. Ford is no victim. He was raised a bully and remains one.

  7. Ok so Rob Ford has problems. But of course none of us do as we are all perfect. But do we live in a democracy? You should ask yourself that question if you think we should strip him of power because he has a few problems but has otherwise set out to do what he said he would. Let’s remember this is a free country and what people do in their personal time is there own business.
    Let’s also keep in mind he has did what he set out to do. Shake up city hall and make some needed changes by reducing the reckless spending, lowering taxes and getting the subways this city needs.
    In my opinion all the left wing suckup councillors that have been trying to disrupt the first fiscally responsible leader this city has had in the last twenty years needs to examine why they went into politics in the first place. Maybe they will see past Mr Fords personal problems and remember most of them rode in on his platform in the first place.
    I’m more worried now that he has been stripped of power than I was before. Citizens of Toronto get ready to open up your wallets and rejoice that city spending and fiscal responsibility are dead.
    But hey let’s all pretend the extra fees and taxes we will soon be paying are all being done to improve the city. I think not I suspect it will just create more bottomless pits and take more of our hard earned dollars.

    • Robert, here’s the thing: Ford hasn’t lowered taxes and he hasn’t gotten the city the subways it needs. With the exception of his first year in office, when he used a nearly $400 million surplus from the previous administration to balance the budget, property taxes have increased every single year. The $60 vehicle owners saved was passed on through increases in service charges, often hurting those who could least afford it. We’re facing a TTC fare hike in part because of Ford’s fight to make the TTC an essential service.

      The city’s budget has also increased every year under Ford and its debt is up $1 billion dollars under Rob Ford’s watch. The cost of borrowing has gone up since his drugs and gangs scandal broke. Not only that but he’s adding $745 million to the city’s debt to finance a subway that will not see the population density needed to support it for decades.

      And don’t forget the $115 million unnecessarily spent hiring consultants to find non-existent gravy, cancelling Transit City and removing bike lanes on Jarvis St. that weren’t impeding vehicular traffic in any meaningful way.

      Sure, he’s had a couple of high-profile wins, but by no means is Rob Ford the saviour you make him out to be. Add on his alleged predilection for drugs and gangs and at this point how anyone could consider voting for him boggles the mind.

  8. no, everybody will get fired after a missed drug test even after public drug use
    his position should not matter
    no no no

  9. He should take a leave and do the rehab if required. Come back and whupp some commie butt.

  10. I voted yes, Rob Ford Resign. Resign! Resign! Resign! Please…..Resign! He bullies everyone to think his way. He thinks he can cons us, smooth things over. He doesn’t think the public has a right to think for themselves. He does not give the public respect and he does not even have respect for the position he holds. He is beyond immature! How the hell did he get to be Mayor of Toronto?????? Being Mayor is a very important role not just for the City but for international business. He has hurt Toronto big time! And that means he has also hurt the people! He lies his face off! He intimidates and bullies. He downplays, to imply that it is no big deal and most of all he is ….playing the public… boldly… right to their faces…then tries to glaze it up with his manipulative comments over and over again. Enough is Enough! Your hurting Toronto! STOP THE INSANITY! The truth is if he truly cared about the City of Toronto and the people who live there he would Resign. Personally, I think he should be FIRED!

  11. Rob ford Shouldn’t resign if hi claims were true he only smoked crack a couple of times he doesn’t need rehab. I think the rest of his council and the public are a bunch of puritans. Gordon Campbell BC’s old premier got busted for drunk driving (not just drunk but hammered) in Hawaii with absolutely no repercussions.