Should Rob Ford resign? -

Should Rob Ford resign?


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Should Rob Ford resign?

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    • I take it you’re the one who voted for ‘Dave’s not here’?

      • ha ha ha….One for you EM!

  2. Should Justin Trudeau resign?
    After all, he admitted to using illegal drugs, Ford has only been accused of that.

    • That and consorting with gangsters, crackheads, wife-beaters, and murderers. Justin consorts with sunbeams and marshmallows.

    • The problem isn’t doing drugs, the real problem is the lying about it. It makes you wonder what else he’s been lying about.

      • Just for the sake of the complete record, wrt pot the mayor actually does admit to having smoked it. In his words “a lot”. He was asked about it right after the Trudeau story came out.

        Then again, he kinda had to admit to it, given his arrest for possession of pot in Florida a few years back.

    • Actually Ford has admitted to using drugs too, every bit as much as Trudeau. It was in all the papers, as he was asked if he’d ever smoked pot after the stories of Trudeau came out, and his answer was “a lot”.

      Now, in addition to that Ford has also been accused of smoking crack, he’s been photographed in front of an alleged crack house with his arms around people who’ve been arrested for dealing drugs and weapons, two of whom have since been shot, and one killed, and the police have wiretaps of literally hundreds of phone calls between the mayor and the man now charged with extortion in relation to the alleged video of the mayor.

      Just the surveillance photos alone are significantly more worrying than anything Trudeau has admitted to having done at the occassional dinner party.

      • At a dinner party? How elitist. Can’t buy drugs on the street like an ordinary guy? Sheesh.

        • Tell us your definition of an elitist.

          • Disqus doesn’t post comments with fake sarcasm tags

          • Anyone making a nickel more than Doug

        • It’s worse than that! Trudeau’s elitist buddy just PASSED THE JOINT TO HIM. Didn’t make him pay for it or anything.

          It was damned SOCIALISM!!!

    • @achy… check out the photo of good ol’ robbie when he was busted in Fla

    • After all, he admitted to…

      Key word: admitted.

      Also worth noting, it did not require three journalists, an online fundraising campaign, a massive police investigation, months of lies and denials, and a rather sad sounding non-admission faux-pology on his own radio show to get it.

      But please… continue to try and change the channel and take swipes at an unrelated person. It is doing you and your party so well right now.

    • Just a quick update.

      In addition to his previous admission that he has smoked “a lot” of pot, Ford just admitted that he has indeed smoked crack too.

      We shouldn’t judge him for smoking crack though, as apparently he was in a “drunken stupor” at the time.

    • Or Olivia back billed for the double billing in Ottawa.

      Corrupt liberal-socialist statism types want oter peoples money and crooked people at the top as they will, unlike Ford, sell out the taxpayers.

      I never vote for professional government liars and deceivers trying to manage my wallet. More people should try voting for normal ethical people like Ford. There are reasons mafia, union cops, union civil service, liberal other peoples for nothing types and mafia want Ford out.

  3. Why doesn’t the so called CBC have a chopper over Trudeau’s house after he admitted to breaking the law and using illegal drugs?

    Or didn’t the idiots in the media notice that little faux pas?
    They are busy bullying Ford over allegations while they ignore a real crime.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • oh Em…you are GOOD!

  4. The type of pipe Robby is using in the video is that which is usually used to smoke cocaine, not tobacco or marijuana. Ask any crackhead. If he were caught in a whorehouse with his pants down, he would insist that he was merely visiting one of his constituents, greeting her in the manner she was used to. “Did you witness me doing anything else?” he would challenge. Typical male pol trying to get away with indulging in illegal activity.

    • This is exactly what Saint Jack Layton did. He was caught by police naked in a rub and tug massage parlor and claimed he didn’t know what it was. Either he was stupid or thought police, the media and public were stupid. The latter apparently, as he got away with it thanks to a media that excuses all such behavior in a lefty but hunts and harasses conservatives for less.

      • Even being dead doesn’t qualify for the statute of limitations.

        • Since lefties keep slagging every conservative who’s ever been in office long after they’re out of office or dead, save me the hypocritical moral high horse. Without your double standard, you’d have nothing.

          • Every space, every word and every letter in your comment is wrong

          • You’re really persecuted aren’t you? You’d make a great trained seal for the Conservative party, or any political party for that matter.

      • remember this when St. Jack’s widow Olivia makes her run. Of course, Stintz is using McGuinty’s chief of staff, Don Guy to lead the way for her. You remember him, the guy who was part of the decision and then defended McGuinty’s $1 BILLION dollar rip-off of our tax dollars – and Kinsella is now working for Chow? A Liberal. Well, do you think there is a set up going on here? Stintz pretends and then moves on to a provincial spot? Two Liberals in the back room? Will be very interesting – so think twice fellow Ontario taxpayers before you accept the phony rhetoric. Want another mayor like Miller? Chow will surpass him in handouts and tax and spend.

  5. His personal life, aside, is he doing a good job as mayor….is he doing better than his predecessors, especially in economic poor times?

    • Council is doing a good job. Ford himself… debatable at best. Many of his initiatives get voted down for the boneheaded schemes they are – and Ford himself has been AWOL more than a few times. Time for the man-child to pack it in. If you must have a Ford, pick the (seemingly, at least) more sensible and adult brother.

      • Then brothers “DIM’ would be come brother “DUM”…..

    • When you get a city bus to kick off city citizens in the rain so that you can use it to transport your own football team?

      No. He’s not.

  6. If you can’t see the difference between Trudeau and Ford you’re intentionally obtuse and blindly partisan. I loathe them both but recognize Fords transgressions are worse by order of magnitudes. As a Torontonian it’s simply embarrassing as hell that we keep electing train wreck after train wreck.

    • Well, at least you admit that David Miller was also a train wreck of a different kind that hit every Torontonian in the wallet as he pranced about cutting ribbons to utter wastes of money while letting infrastructure crumble. He had zero interest in what a mayor is supposed to be doing, looking after the nuts and bolts of a major city.

      • Been living in the GTA (thankfully not Toronto itself) for 22 years. Hasn’t been a really good mayor in Toronto that whole time – but Ford is by far the worst of a bad lot.

  7. At least Rob can’t lie about this any more.

    • Again, people overestimat conservatives.

  8. Lefties are just bizarre. Dalton McGuinty wasted over a billion dollars of taxpayers money to get his party re-elected (by canceling two gas plants) and lied about it along with his entire administration. He presided over more billions wasted on EHealth, the OLG mismanagement and fell for green scams that Ontarians will be paying for through unnecessarily high energy costs. Those will drive out the remnant of manufacturing. After his beggaring future generations of Ontarians and skipping out like the coward he is, where is the hounding, the harrassing of this disgusting corrupt lying Liberal politician? Where are the reporters hanging around his back yard? Where are the smoking gun photos of him bankrupting Ontario with multiple strokes of his pen? No, all the fury and energy is directed at Rob Ford whose peccadilloes have cost Ontarians not a single red cent and that lefties would pooh pooh as “nothing to see here” if they were committed by one of their own. This smelly double standard certainly serves leftists well but why would any ordinary Ontarian fall for it? Go after McGuinty and his loyal minion Katherine Wynne with the tar and feathers, not the man who if anything has brought some fiscal responsibility to Toronto. Get some perspective!!

    • Are you not aware Hudak said they’d do the same thing?

      And Ford has indeed cost Toronto a lot of money.

      Really….don’t let partisanship make up your facts.

      • Talk about made up facts. Back up your comment: “Ford has cost Toronto a lot of money”. The savings from privatizing garbage collection in the western half alone are noteworthy as is the fact that like Etobicoke which privatized theirs years ago, half of Toronto can no longer be extorted with summer strikes and stinky garbage . As for Hudak (and the NDP) saying they would also cancel the gas plants. Here’s some facts for you. Unlike McGuinty and the Libs, the other parties did not decide on those locations for the 2 gas plants and insist against all opposition that they were the best sites for the purpose. ONLY when McWhimpy realized that he was in danger of losing his majority did he do a 180 and in such a hurry to swing the election that he incurred needless cancellation costs in the hundreds of millions. That was the Liberals including K. Wynne, not Hudak. The Libs waste billions for the benefit of their party alone at the expense of Ontario taxpayers and you try to drag Hudak into it. Libs are corrupt and you are one of their enablers.

        • Hey, you wanna have a partisan bromance….feel free.

          For more objective people….facts speak for themselves

        • Well you could start with the close to 2 billion dollar subway that will operate at a massive operating loss because Ford wants subways, subways, subways. That’s respect for taxpayers.

    • If McGuinty were still in office I’d agree – but he is gone, so unless someone turns up evidence of actual criminality (as seems to be happening with Ford – who is still in office) why would reporters continue to follow him around?

      And BTW – Hudak promised to do exactly the same with those plants (and if memory serves, promised it first – McGuinty only made the promise when he saw the traction Hudak gained with that promise). Why isn’t the media calling him out on his hypocrisy? Somehow, that omission doesn’t seem to bother you… speaking of double standards.

      • Re trying to drag Hudak into McGuinty’s mess, see my answer to Emily below. You two obviously get your talking points from the same cherry picking source.

        McGuinty’s actual corruption (wasting taxpayers’ money in an attempt to save his party’s majority) cost every Ontario taxpayer money both immediately and far into the future as the repercussions of his multiple BAD decisions especially on the energy file reverberate through not just your working life but that of any kids you may have. And all you can come up with is: “He’s not in office anymore, otherwise I would say something”. That’s hilarious. So once a criminal removes himself from the premises, no point “harassing” him, right? No point confronting his henchwoman in the corrupt waste of billions WHO’S STILL IN OFFICE if that’s your lame criterion? No, run over and harass the nearest conservative who hasn’t cost you one red cent.

        • “…run over and harass the nearest conservative who hasn’t cost you one red cent.”
          Arguably, if Hudak hadn’t made it a campaign promise to shut down those plants, McGuinty’s Liberals would not have made the choice they did (a bone-headed surrendering to NIMBYs, if you ask me).
          So from my viewpoint, Hudak is the reason we are saddled with this mess (“liberally” aided and abetted by the desperation of a grasping McGuinty trying hard to hold on to power).
          But back to the original point: McGuinty is not currently holding office. Following him around would be pointless. Digging up dirt that indicates criminality on his part would be fair game – but until someone actually has such evidence, he’s yesterday’s news. Wynne is fair game – and she still gets her fair share of headlines.

  9. Geez. Like men of his age who refuse to grow up, this guy is a party boy who lives like tomorrow will never come. The trouble with Rob is that he isn’t able to keep his activities in private like those others who do the same as he does, or even worse. Once addicted, crackheads need their fixes on a regular basis, like several times a day, or they go squirrly. I can only imagine how the mayor’s job must be a distraction for him. All of which begs the question: “Does he smoke up in the mayor’s office?” If so, then he should be given two choices: immediate rehab or dismissal on the spot!

  10. There’s a big difference between getting rubbed and tugged (Layton) and blowing your brains out over time with crack (Ford), although both can be addictive. With the former, it is a pleasurable activity prompted by mother nature only relieved by an experienced operator and quite satisfying, while the latter is an artificial inhalation of an insidious substance that never satisfies, resulting in the cravings for more and more as time progresses.
    The only similarities between the two is that the brain totally disengages during the two activities. Whatever happened to getting high on life rather than drugs?

    • Layton’s excuse was also possible, while Ford no longer has one.

  11. unfortunately, appearance counts! Leaving aside the question of obesity is he the sort of mayoral image Canada’s largest city wants to project? He is a man who consorts with unsavory types which leaves him open to being blackmailed. He may be popular but he lives a dangerous life which puts both him and his city at risk.

  12. Well, interesting that the latest polls show Ford’s popularity on the rise. There really is a blacklash against the lynch mob reporting about him going on in the media – the Toronto Sun just did a report on the SEVERAL people killed by TTC drivers and car/truck drivers who have been CONVICTED but who have had their sentences plea bargained down to zilch. Now that is a real scandal! Ford’s actions are nothing compared to that. There is a municipal election in less than a year – Ford will get the decision of the voters – and the more the Toronto Star headlines him every day, the more they will help ensure his election victory.

    • Let me know when he’s actually lynched and I’ll shed a tear for the poor man. Until then we are talking about asking questions and expecting accountability from one of the most privileged people on the planet; someone who could step out of the spot light at any time by the way. He chose to run for office and now he has to live up to the expectations, including good judgment, honesty and rational behaviour, that are supposed to come with that office.

  13. he should not resign he should be fired. if he resigns he would still get paid for a small amount of time. I think.

  14. Everyone can judge and draw conclusions since our personal lives are private and we choose to keep it that way. For a politician we expect saints or people holier than thou. Gees then I should have applied for the popes role when it came available since all the people of Toronto are of good standing morals – never take drugs, never get drunk, never say profanities etc. As you can see I used the word “NEVER” – meaning perfect. I am quite sure that we have fallen short in our lives. We condemn lying and feel betrayed that a politician would reduce themselves to that level but as a Torontoian you never lied to a parent, sister, co-worker when you were in a sticky situation – please!!!

    To Rob Ford, as a citizen of Toronto born and raised in this city I personally feel of all the mayors that I remember you have kept your election promises. This city is in need of many things, which have been neglected in the past.

    I am concerned about your health and overwhelming stress. Please remember you have a family that needs you. You are of no value to them if you fall ill or die. The media will not be there to help your family tomorrow nor are the citizens of Toronto especially the critical ones. If you are dealing with a substance or alcohol abuse seek help – there is nothing to be ashamed – you surely wont be the first or last person that had a problem. I want Rob Ford to get up, wipe off the dirt and give his all to a role you carry with great passion. Shut down the media and critiques – lets focus this negative energy on the children of Toronto who lack a meal. Rentals that do not have proper running water or heat. Maybe as a city we should start focusing on people with real issues instead of media gossip which is not feeding the children or helping the poor.

  15. There is no other way – he should resign his seat.

  16. Anyone that has Liberals, mafia, union cops, union city workers, drug pushers and corrupt politicians in a snit, and doesn’t buckle under to extortion is worth a vote.

    Fact is most Canadians are not moral and rational on how they vote. Take the councilman that gets low rent for favors but liberal media gives it so little attention because he is a corrupt Liberal.

    Hey, no one ever ridiculed Found in Jack (corrupt socialist) for patronizing sex trade massage joint, or double billing with wife for Ottawa accommodations.

    Toronto union cops spend more effort on Ford but are not catching top mafia in Toronto. Wonder why cops spend more time on a politician when they can’t bust organized crime, bloated contracts and the drug pushers.

    Its all about lies, deception, corruption and misuse of other peoples money. Canada in decay as we vote like sheep.

    Perhaps the reason these corrupt groups don’t like Ford is he is too honest and too normal middle class in power. The back room and corrupt want someone they can control to get taxpayers money misused and wasted.

  17. Odd how the media bullies aren’t shortstroking over the pedophile in Wynn’s education ministry.
    I guess the media thinks that using their resources to protect little boys and girls from pedophiles isn’t as important as slagging Ford 24/7.

    At least they have shown us what their priorities are.