Should seniors get discounts?


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Should seniors get discounts?

  1. The poll results so far would seem to indicate that a lot of seniors visit macleans.ca.

    • LOL ya think?

      Probably also amazed that they’ve suddenly gone from being the ‘greatest generation’ to candidates for an ice floe too. By their own grandchildren!

      • The Greatest Generation refers to boomers’ parents, not to boomers.

        • Yes, the people who are now elderly and on pension.

          • Early (1946-48) boomers are now on pension.

          • I was born in 1946……elderly people are now in their 80s and 90s.

          • Indeed, and many of them have an acute awareness of poverty, having survived the Depression.

            In their childhoods, they saw many of the young and working age population unemployed and starving. If only their children were able to see that poverty in Canada is no respecter of age.

            Sadly, those of the Baby Boom seem content to send the young people of this country off to die on an ice floe.

          • Senior citizens like you (1946) and I (1948) are the younger cohort of elderly, while those in their 80s and 90s are the most elderly (not including centenarians). You don’t get to redefine old age just because you’ve reached it.

          • Baby boomers are baby boomers…..1946 to 1965.

            Most of them are not retired or on pension.

            Our parents are in their 80s and 90s…..both retired and on pension.

            People posting here want to cut off the elderly…the people from the Depression and WWII….from discounts, pensions and gawd knows what else.

            It’s not applicable to most boomers.

          • Hmmm… so are the Boomers more in danger of a fjord, and the Greatest Generation an ice floe? Or is it an ice cap they should worry about? No wait! I have it. We’re really worried about penguins. Giant killer penguins with rabies.

      • That’s a bit dramatic, don’t you think? We’re talking a bout store discounts, not changes to the pension.

        • Store discounts are up to the store. The people on the ice floe kick are here on this site.

          • Come down off the cross, Emily. Someone else needs the wood.

          • Now you’re just being absurd.

          • Well, you certainly are the expert on absurdity

    • I know. I feel like young fresh meat on here, and I’m 51.

  2. Poor people should get discounts.
    If those poor people happen to be seniors, that’s fine.

    • A-men brother. Far too often we make social policy about the specific grievances of this or that group. The reality is that a person’s income is the best proxy for how much they are screwed by the system. The geezer welfare state and affirmative action disproportionately benefit the best-off segments of each group – missing those that actually need help.

      Poor seniors die younger (over the past 30 years, life expectancy rose 6 years for rich seniors, 1 year for poor seniors in the US) , and thus do not receive the same benefits out of social security/universal healthcare that rich seniors do. Alternately, the children of wealthy minorities are more likely to go to university, and thus, affirmative action largely benefits those already well-off.

  3. If businesses want to lure seniors – who tend to have high incomes and the time to hunt for bargains – with discounts, so be it, that’s their business.
    Governments, and government agencies, however, should not.

    • Seniors tend to have high incomes? Really? Where did you get that idea?

      Some seniors are wealthy. Some seniors live solely on the govt pension.

      • What’s the real problem here, though? Is it poverty or old age?

        We cannot (sadly) make you younger. We can bring you up from poverty and destitution to more reasonable circumstances. And therefore, it is your poverty we should address.

        Aid therefore should target the poor, not the elderly. if the poor are also elderly, then they should receive aid just as much as the young and poor should.

        Again, we cannot solve the fact that you are old. We can solve the fact that you are poor. Therefore, the aid should not come because you are old; it should come because you are poor.

        • Poverty is rampant amongst the elderly. Especially elderly women.

          Young people can do something about their poverty….the elderly cannot.

          Pensions are specifically for that group….not everybody in the country. We have welfare after all.

          • Wow, so you have no compassion at all for starving children?

          • We don’t have any starving children in Canada.

            And it’s not an either/or question….we are a very wealthy country.

          • You don’t? Not even in First nations communities or in the North?

            You mean to tell me that poverty only occurs amongst the elderly in Canada?

          • Poverty occurs all over. It’s why we have welfare.

            There is no need for anyone in Canada to starve. We’re a very wealthy country.

          • And yet people do. Which is why we need to parse our resources wisely, to ensure that nobody’s life is endangered, whether they be young or old.

            Every Canadian deserves that much

          • Elderly people who receive the old age pension do not qualify for welfare. After all, if they were a stay-at -home woman she would not have any Canada Pension so would receive around $600 in old age security, and if widowed could qualify for the supplement which would bring her income to around $1,200 a month. And you don’t think they should get discounts!!!!!!!


          • I believe you’ve confused me with someone else.

          • That’s because you’re Rob Ford in drag, which is enough to confuse anybody.

          • Statler, you must be a young, lazy, northerner look for another free handout to be talking like that. Likely some kind of small freebie taken from an elderly person. Am I right?

          • We may not have starving children, but we sure as hell have malnourished children – and seniors too.

          • However there’s no excuse to have anything like that.

          • Not all young people can do something about their poverty. The severely disabled are victims of chronic medical conditions and lousy disability pensions. They hardly get any discount on transit passes and no discount on shopping. In Calgary, they pay $44.00 per month for transit while poor seniors pay $15.00 per year.

          • Average citizens HI….let’s not get carried away.

          • Why don’t you just stick all the young people on an ice floe, Emily?

          • Why don’t you just stick your nonsense in your ear Statler?

          • Because your nonsense is so much more amusing. You’ve truly mastered the art of bullcarp, Em. I am unfit to wade through the river of your bovine fecal emissions in your hip waders. Its an experience to watch a master of the art such as yourself at work.

          • Ice floes? Statler, are you having a hard time reconciling your northern traditions with modern times?

        • The young and poor don’t need discounts. They just need to get off their butts and do something. If you’re young and poor, you’re just lazy. The people who need a small assist from time to time are the elderly poor.

      • Emily of course there are some seniors who are rich….the Canadian snow birds who go to Florida or Arizona in the winter didn’t get a reputation because they can’t afford to do it. What about all those who own cottages in Northern Ontario?

        • Second and third sentences….’Some seniors are wealthy. Some seniors live solely on the govt pension.’

          • And senior discounts do not target the some who need it.

          • It’s a sale Statler. Talk to the store.

          • Well, the article this thread refers to (if you had bothered to even read it) is about discounts, and that is what I am referring to in my comments.

            Somehow, you seem to be obsessed with ice floes. Perhaps you became confused, and thought this was a discussion on the geographical features of Norway.

            But cheer up, Em. Maclean’s is doing an expose on fjords tomorrow morning.

          • @Stat:”Somehow, you seem to be obsessed with ice floes. Perhaps you became confused, and thought this was a discussion on the geographical features of Norway.”

            Actually we thought you were going on and on about your “family traditions” in cottage country north of James Bay.

      • I agree, I have always been low income. I raised two boys as a single parent on very low income. Now I am a single pensioner trying to live on 1000.00 per month. That is why I’m still working a couple of days a week. In BC the Government is cutting back perks that seniors used to get – like free ferry rides during the week. Now they are clawing that back along with medical procedures that used to be covered. I think until Governments around the World realize that poverty is at the base of all the unrest and drug problems it’s going to get worse.

          • We agree on this one, Em. I upvoted you for that link.

        • I think government should help poor people – regardless of their age. Wouldn’t you have liked to have had free ferry service, etc. when you were younger? Don’t you think it is silly to offer free service not just to yourself, but also to extremely wealthy seniors (while denying that benefit to poorer people younger than yourself)?

          • Young people don’t need free ferry rides from Monday to Thursday. They need to get a job like everybody else and stop whining about more free stuff.

  4. I assume that some of those voting ‘no’ will change their tune once they hit the magic age.

    • Oh, I’m already there, and I voted no.

    • Surely you appreciate that there are some really well off people who are over 67 years old….you know the ones, they call them snow birds because they spend the winters in Florida or perhaps, Arizona. They have cottages for the summer and they don’t receive an old age pension because they are literally millionaires. Do they really need a senior’s discount?

      • How many rich seniors are using the bus – seriously?

        • The ones too old to operate a vehicle safely

          • They have these things called taxi’s.

          • And they don’t need bread – they can eat cake.

          • We are talking about what HCI referred to as really well off seniors.

        • Probably not many except perhaps to go to events like concerts. However, they should extend the same discount to the disabled and poor people that they automatically give to the seniors.

        • Ones that can afford to live in places like downtown Toronto that have decent public transit.

  5. Personally think parents with 2+ kids should receive discounts. They have much higher costs of living than seniors and are keeping the ranks of taxpayers filled so the subsequent generations can keep the CPP liquid!

    • I totally agree with you P.D. People with kids who are filling the coffers (old people don’t) should get lots of discounts and more tax breaks themselves.

      • And who raised you “pretty girl”?

        The fairies?

        • You don’t really know her circumstances, and you shouldn’t make ad hominem attacks like that.

          A child of abusive parents grows up to despise her elders with very good reason. Before you start appealing to memories of home and hearth, make sure there was a home and hearth in that person’s youth. For those who grew up under more hostile circumstances, chastising them for “forgetting their roots” only entrenches them in their position.

          • @Stat:” For those who grew up under more hostile circumstances”

            I’m glad you’re not forgetting your roots in James Bay!

      • Maybe they don’t ‘fill the coffers’ now but, believe me, we’ve been there AND done that!!!

      • Old people pay taxes which the govt uses to their advantage. I have decided to keep a record of what I pay in HST starting Dec. 1 since I am shocked when I see the amount on any bill, shopping trip, drugstore vitamins, etc, etc, I pay. Maybe I shouldnt, I might have a heart attack!!!

      • “Old People” have “filled the coffers” for 40 to 50 years. Get a clue.

        • Certainly old people did the job during their time but some old people are rich. They aren’t receiving their old age pension….it is getting clawed back due to wealth. We must come up with ideas where discounts reach those in the most need. A discount card for those who make under a certain amount (as per Canadian Revenue Service) would be ideal. It would allow everyone with the card to buy transit passes, etc. at a lower cost. That means the disabled, single parents., poor seniors….anyone is living with severely limited means.

    • I think people should stop at two we dont owe you a discount because of your CHOICE. Seniors on the other hand should be given discounts and cpp based on their taxes – I know a kazillionare who collects cpp because he is “entitled”

      • Great – now we have a “no more than two kids” idiot. Who is going to help you in your old days?
        The third world immigrants we bring in? LOL

        • expressing an opinion does not make me an idiot- jerk. I wont need help in my old age we have been careful in our life and are planning carefully.

          • It isn’t about careful planning, its is about having youth when were are old to work to keep the “system” rolling along. We don’t have the stamina to keep working full time in our 80’s to pay the taxes to maintain the system. We need people keep having babies.

      • Wait now…..those kids are the taxpayers of the future. Don’t encourage people not to have children. We need those children to grow up and get to work so they can support our healthcare system, transit system, road system or we are hooped in the future. Your taxes that you pay are paying today’s bills. Tomorrow’s bills are paid by the kids born now.

      • People don’t get CPP because they’re entitled! Good grief! CPP is paid back with your own money deducted while you were working. Unless you were a stay-at-home mom, in which case you get nothing. In that case, you get to work it out with your old man if you still have one. Regardless, you can’t take it out of the hide of some “seniors” because it’s not your money. It’s not even “taxpayers” money.

        • Do you ALL know there are BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in taxes owed to Canada , stashed by wealthy individuals and corporations in offshore havens. Research if you do not believe me.

          Broaden your knowledge and you will not get upset about some oldf.a.rts getting a break on something that in the long haul is really p.i.ss all.

    • At a time when overpopulation is resulting in food riots in Haiti and wars over oil, why on Earth would we want to encourage excessive reproduction?

      I have a much better idea. You can get a discount if you adopt 2 or more kids so they don’t have to grow up in an orphanage.

      • There’s no food riots anywhere. Not even in Haiti, the last bastion of witchcraft and scorched-earth farming practices. Come to think of it, there’s no wars over oil, either. You’ve been reading too much old Marxist-Leninist literature from the 1930’s lately.

        • Thanks for the laugh…Sarcasm i would hope? Or too much pot.
          How many in the world are quietly starving and dying of neglect.?

  6. Retirees don’t have to work. So what do they do all day?

    Freep online polls about senior citizen discounts, and call their MPs to complain that they’re not getting enough

    • Many of them still work… have to…in order to survive. Govt pensions add up to about a thousand a month.

      • There is absolutely no excuse for seniors to be poor. They had all their lives to sock money away. Even on $20 a month over 40 years would have amounted to a substantial pension amount. I don’t feel sorry for people who don’t want to plan ahead and thus become a burden to the taxpayer.

        • let us know in 40 how you make out

        • Would your negative thoughts apply to those of us robbed of our disability, benefits and future pensions by companies such as Nortel?

        • I guess you never had to live with hardly any money, food to eat. My parents were both sick at the same time, in Toronto General Hospital. My dad came home, and do you know what we subsided on? Porridge, twice a day, breakfast and lunch, and then made do with what we had for supper. So NO, my father couldn’t save, and prettygirl, I hope that when you get to be a senior you get to have the discount. Not all seniors are poor, but if the discount is offered, why not take it. There were a lot of people just eking out a living, so don’t sit in judgement until you’ve been there.

        • Well the reason pensions got started in the first place was because of all the elderly that had worked hard and saved…and then lost everything in the Depression.

          Why are you confusing generations with socio-economic class?

          There are poor people in Canada….there are people who become poor in Canada….we have homeless on our streets remember?

          Lots of people can put away money for the future….lots of people can’t…..and over time money has less value anyway.

          And then there are all the women caught by changing values….never learned to drive, never had a bank account, never had a job, never wrote a cheque…..hubby took care of them. Then hubby croaked, and inflation took care of the rest….or she discovered he wasn’t a great money manager.

          You can’t compare them to people who are born middle-class, educated and making good money all their lives.

          But in any case, seniors paid into the system all their lives….they paid for your schools, your healthcare, your transportation, your safety etc….and now it’s time they get something for themselves when they need it.

        • You owe that attitude to your entitled life.
          Having been forced to support kids and send them to university – albeit willingly – there is not a lot of money left. My parents did this so I would have a better life – scrificing their own for me.
          Time for you to start putting your money where yourt mouth is as you may be pretty on the outside but you appear to be “bone deep ugly” on the inside.

          • You really don’t know that at all, do you?

            Stop making presumptions about other peoples’ backgrounds. until you know them for sure, you have no way of knowing if your assertion is correct

          • Well.. I have MY “presumptions” about you but will allow you to confirm them on your own.

          • Your observation may be on the mark.
            Somewhat lack of compassion or understanding there…BITTER
            individual..sad really.

        • That presumes that your luck never changes. In very recent history, we’ve seen the fortunes of many people reverse across the world. Pension funds were wiped out during the 2008 stock market collapse, for example.

          • Name ONE pension fund that was wiped out – there wasn’t any. They’re all doing just fine.

          • MANY people lost YEARS of pension dollars when the companies they worked for went “t.its.up” taking their pension fund along.
            G.M. for one ( bankruptcy in the U.S.)

            Others with investments in Mutual funds ( my RRSP)
            took a shi.t kicking that have recovered ,only to a limited extent.
            Research before making blanket statement

        • Got news for you. Salaries werent as high in the old days and paycheck covered rent, groceries and regular living expenses. Would have been nice to put some away but not possible. In those days women didnt make the same as men in the same jobs. Also if of marriageable age, hard to get a job and if married and wanted to get a job then not considered since you could get pregnant. Lived hand to mouth. There’s a lot to learn about wht old people put up with – better talk to your grandma!

        • We spent our money raising fools like you. What a waste. (We should get a refund!)

          • If you raised your children simply as a financial invetsment rather than out of love, then you should not have had any kids at all; you were a rotten parent

        • Can I make a suggestion?.. Could you possibly attempt to view the world AS IT IS ..and NOT as you would like it to be.?

          One thing you cannot be accused of is possessing “compassion, understanding or empathy’.
          Try a little Pot…it might make your life a little less “bitter.”.

      • I have no objection to government pensions or public assistance. I fully support those. I object to senior citizen discounts at stores.

        • Well it’s the stores doing that…..not the govt. It brings in more customers.

          • I think all benefits, assistance, and aid should be used with the specific intention of easing the burden experienced by the recipient. If the recipient is experiencing no burden, then there should be no aid.

            Many elderly are poor. Those elderly should receive assistance, not because they are elderly, but because they are both poor and elderly. The elderly who are flush should receive nothing, since they can afford to pay their own way.

            Now, a government, can assess a person’s economic circumstances. To ask a store manager to do that is asking a bit much.

            And an assessment needs to take place to target the aid.

            A homeless child is as tragic as a homeless elder. Homelessness in Canada should not exist, and if we can eliminate it, we should make every effort to do so.

            But an elder living in a mansion doesn’t need a 10% discount on a cup of coffee.

          • A sale is a sale….which is all these things are.

            And it doesn’t matter if it targets the elderly, the young, the purple or the left-handed bagpipe players.

            Why are you doing store marketing anyway?

          • Huh?

          • Exactly.

          • You make no sense at all, Em. I don’t understand you.

          • Stores hold sales. A ‘senior’s discount’ day is just another sale. I have no idea why anybody is complaining about some store’s marketing.

          • Another store’s marketing… interesting phrase. Do you think I have a store or work in retail?

          • I think you need your meds…..or something else to do on a Sunday than bore me.

          • It’s been a looong time since anybody bored that hole, Em. I wouldn’t hold your breath on anyone wanting to spend a Sunday on that kind of project.

          • You and Em are great entertainment on a miserable winters day when there is no gardening and it is too wet/cold for a walk with the dog. My best to both of you.

          • Why do you want to interfere with a business’s marketing plan?

          • The question here is whether the discount is just. I would argue that it is not. As for marketing, what concern is that of mine? It is the justice I am discussing

          • Stat, it’s time to send your old Marxist-Leninist tracts to the recycling depot. Times have changed.

          • You’ve been watching old Frank Capra movies about evil capitalists again, haven’t you?

          • Just for “kicks” and your own information, Google the social and financial situations in the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
            They have a different approach that in most cases functions well for almost all their citizens…perhaps that is why we hear little about it.?

        • One thing that we should be paying a lot more attention to is in protecting our own futures, so that we don’t need to rely on pensions or public assistance.

          Of course, if we did do that, there would be no justification for the government continually finding new justifications for new taxes to pay for it all, as they deliberately devalue the currency, making it more and more expensive to provide for our own futures.

          It’s a self-sustaining system, which, strangely enough, makes us all less self-sufficient.

          It’s a good thing that we don’t know the difference between “currency” and “money.” We’d be FURIOUS if we had a clue of what’s really been going on for the last 40 years.

  7. considering who reads/visits McCleans, I think the poll is likely skewed. Seeing comfortably well-off people get discounts bothers me, when young-poor get no breaks – obviously not all seniors are rich, but I’d rather see a card given to people in the first income tax bracket – usable for discounts everywhere.

    • Maybe a tattoo on their foreheads too?

      • Godwin!!!!!

        • You’re out of date. It’s now those who call the pointless Godwin gambit that lose.

  8. Increasing housing values, do not put money in your wallet! Taxes, utilities, maintenance, etc keep increasing at greater % then the COL. Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors 20% Discount is on Regular Priced Products. Usually there’s better deals on Sale Prices, or playing the 18,500 Bonus Point Weekends – and anyone can play. How long are you going to live? My Aunt is now over 100, but put monies aside for 85. Some Seniors are ahead because a spouse that was insured passed away – I’m sure in most cases, they’d rather have the companionship, then the money – not that it doesn’t help the financial situation – that’s why it was taken out for originally anyways. Seniors, in most cases, also came up through the rough financial years, and are still paying to educate other peoples kids through their increasing taxes on their dwellings. No opting out! Lastly, most people ignor Seniors! Why? Don’t want to be reminded that some day they’ll be a Senior. So knock off this knocking off deals for Seniors! We deserve what ever we can get!

    • You knock it off. There are more and more seniors today than ever and they are definitely a burden on society. They are favoured to get all kinds of discounts because of their age and it is not fair when most young people get no breaks at all. In Saskatchewan seniors do not pay a cent for their meds; they are paid by provincial government. Is that fair when people under the age of 65 (especially young people) do not get any discounts for anything? Seniors are draining the federal CPP pension fund and we all know that the young are paying into this fund through taxation and will never never have the chance to collect. Seniors are quickly draining that fund. At a minimum everyone of any age should be treated the same, no favoritism for the seniors. It’s obviously discrimination of the young. I don’t know how seniors can feel good about themselves knowing that they are a burden on society. I have saved pension money over the last 40 years and refuse to be a burden when I am a senior! It’s just not ethical/moral to leach off society.

      • Prettygirl. I paid into CPP rom the time of inception right up to this year, so I think I’m entitled to that. I do not have a pension. My income is CPP and OAP. I come from Ontario, and not ALL meds are paid by the Ontario Government. I pay for mine. I pay for my glasses, my dental, so please don’t say we SENIORS are a burden to society. I see that you are a senior. I see that you saved, I guess you were one of the lucky ones that had a fairly good job and wage. I worked for years making $45./wk. with small increments. I had to pay lodging, food, transportation etc and let me tell you, there wasn’t anything left to save. Today the young people want everything that we as seniors worked hard to have. They want it NOW. My in-laws took in boarders to try and make ends meet, and they couldn’t save the $20. a month that you did. They as their neighbours worked hard, but didn’t have a great income. They donated time to charity, church groups, PTA, community services. So don’t sit in judgement.

      • You planning to line them up and kill them to reduce the problem?

        You truly are “ugly inside”.

        Personally I add to my parents income by sending them about 500 bucks a month cash. The least I could do after all they did for me.

        If I had any grandparents alive I would do that for them as well.

        You are planning for the future that you cannot predict – let’s see how well you do when the market crashes, the housing costs increase, the energy costs increase and you have a serious health problem. LOL

        I want you to remember this conversation – because you reap what you sow.

        I am out of this one but to me, you are a very mean person who is proving that beauty is skin deep but ugly is to the bone.

        • You arent very nice yourself calling names and thinking your way is the only way!

          • Here’s the one with the idiot opinions again…

      • So go sit on an ice floe. Bye bye.

        • Again, you conflate every example of a counter argument to the most extreme version of a counter argument. That’s like a toddler screaming over not being able to get a candy bar when accompanying her parents to the grocery store.

          If you’re going to be an internet troll, then stop pretending to be the voice of compassion.

          • Do stop being silly.

          • Grow up


          • Sleep apnea?

      • Seniors have ==>PAID INTO THE CPP FUND<== for 40-50 years. HAVE YOU? Didn't think so. So STFU.

      • Nobody is a burden on society.

        Every life has equal value. A senior’s life is just as precious as your own.

      • Yes.. people SHOULD PAY for what they receive. When are YOU going to fork over what it cost us taxpayers to give you YOUR education .
        In many countries of the world THERE IS NO FREE EDUCATION.

        Your “mommy and Daddy” should pay for what it cost for your birth in the hospital.
        You bloody free loader.

  9. Income levels of seniors will vary as with any demographic, so giving a discount to just anyone over 65 is discrimination. It’s espectaly troubling concidering many seniors already enjoy a low cost of living compared to family’s. I think discounts should apply only to people in need.

  10. I agree completely with Peter Browne. And don’t forget all the volunteer work we do canvassing door-to-door for cancer, heart, kidney, etc., nor during our working years how many sports organizations we donated to, again in time and money.

  11. I am rather shocked by some of the comments made. I am not yet a senior, but, I know many seniors. The lack of respect and rather negative and even wrong information some of you are giving is very disappointing. By the way, in Sask. all seniors DO NOT in fact get all their medications free. There is a Gov. plan. whereby medications are subsidized according to income. The reality is, as one ages, one develops many medical issues. It happens to everyone as they age. . . .disease does not discriminate! Medications cost a lot of money. Who really gets rich on that? The drug companies. Many of you may not know just how expensive these medications are. If medications are not subsidized, who do you think will pay for the increased hospital visits because of unmanaged health issues? As you are all aware, the cost of energy and water bills has also increased. Many of you are fixated on how hard done by you are in your youth and that seniors have it all!
    The next time any of you are offered a discount. . . and you aren’t seniors. . .how many of you have said NO! I am not a senior. I have shopped at the local grocery store when 10% discount is offered. I clipped a coupon to eat at A&W. I got a discount on my Maclean’s Magazine.
    Guess what Prettygirl? When you are a senior, what will you be doing when you are no longer filling the coffers? You are very worried about people who are burdens to the taxpayer? Did you receive free healthcare at some time? What about your education? Do you really think you paid for it all?
    Its interesting that its now okay to generalize the financial status of seniors and assume that ‘they are all out to screw us’. We are all individuals regardless of how old we are. Yes, some seniors are out to get as much as they can from every angle. Guess what? I know a lot of young people like that, too.

  12. I’m a senior ( definitely NOT a well off one! ) but I still voted against having multitudes
    of discounts available to our age group. All I have to do is look at the struggling couple of generations behind us to realize that they’re the ones in need of a break. Anybody in my age group who doesn’t have enough put aside for a reasonable retirement should be given some sort of ‘means’ assessment before being handed reduced rates.

    • We banned ‘means tests’ years ago. Next you’ll be bringing back the ‘poor house’

      Young healthy educated people can make their own way up the ladder without your discount coupons.

      • Wow, Em. You really do like to conflate every argument you disagree with to the most extreme example possible, don’t you?

        Straw man arguments such as this are the main reason why nobody can take you seriously.

        • This from the person that voted against his own self-interest….forgetting that he was harming others?

          We banned ‘means tests’ for a reason…and it has nothing to do with straw man arguments.

          And kindly stop pretending there is a ‘group’ of you that get together to disapprove of me.

          • Huh? Are you becoming paranoid, Em?

          • No. Now go take your pills.

          • Sorry, I’m not into drugs

          • You’re not into sanity either….this is about the 10th post from you in the last hour.

            All saying the same thing.

            I’m busy, and I don’t have time to indulge your nonsense….so this is my last answer. Ciao.

          • Well, you are replying to my posts with equal frequency.

            And honestly, you haven’t made one substantive argument in this entire thread. You claim that anyone who disagrees with you is some sort of monster, and yet you yourself show zero compassion toward anyone not a member of your own pet group.

            And when someone like me comes along and says “No, thank you” to a senior discount- I don’t need it, you should give it to someone who does- thats incomprehensible to you. You don;tm understand why I’m not trying to milk it for as much as I can, because all you’re really trying to do is milk it for all you can get out of it.

            According to you, there are no homeless children in Canada. That’s a surprise to me, I’ve met quite a few of them. Absolutely amazing.

    • Don’t forget the tattoo on the forehead…

      • Godwin!!!!!!

        • You lose again…

  13. You bet seniors should get discounts. I’m a senior in training -sixty this february. I don’t make a lot of money being on disability and if I can save money using a discount good on me. The myth is is that all seniors are rich, especially the baby boomers and that’s not true, many mid born boomers didn’t get good paying jobs until the mid 80s, we’ve weathered 4 recessions in the past 30 years, then for awhile in Ont you had to use up all your rrsps before you could go on disability. So many seniors and seniors in waiting like me do not have a lot of money to throw around and so we’re grateful for every break we get.

  14. Seniors deserve discounts after all they worked hard most of their lives in society contributing!

  15. Not all seniors have generous pensions. After 30 years of working shift work in a steel mill, my father’s pension was reduced to $221.00 per month. Hardly generous!

  16. I believe there should be a general discount card for people who are low income as apposed to seniors automatically getting a discount. Canadian Revenue Service could provide the cards yearly with people’s income tax returns. Then people would qualify for cheap transit and discounts based on their level of income instead of age. There are many disabled people making almost no money who aren’t getting big discounts who really need them.

    • In England when a person becomes a pensioner (was age 60 for women) they do get certain benefits. I’m not sure if it is across the whole country, but where I lived pensioners got a bus card, which enabled them to travel free in the city and throughout the county, although travelling hours were restricted as I recall.

  17. It is interesting how some people have opinions without the experience. I am 67 and only have the govt pensions to rely on. The last three companies I worked for closed down without pension benifits. I worked for many years 7 days a week and always did my best. Circumstances are something we don’t always have any control over. I raised a great son regardless and even without a ton of cash am happy and lead a life with a roof over my head and food on the table. We each are responsible for our own lives and its is a bonus to have others help us on our personal journeys. Just saying!

    • Bryan,

      At least you have a full Canada Pension. I am the same age as you. My husband didn’t want me to work, after we married. I see now it was part of the attempt to control me, so that I would have no financial independence and as time went on, no experience of working or being in the world. That aside, my main point is that some stat-at-home mothers, it they did not work fulltime, wouldn’t even have a full Canada Pension, only that amount the CPP allows through sharing the ex-husband’s, during those years the mother stays at home.

      It is much easier to be “responsible” for one’s life if you have enough money to live on, and if people in your community (eg for health care) treat you as someone worthwhile, which they are more likely to do if you know you worked most of your working life.

  18. I think the writer Peter Shawn must not have liked his parents at all to even write an article like this. After working my ar** off for the past 45 years I have more than paid for any discounts, pensions I am given. Also all the facts Peter presented in his article are not true. Free healthcare in Alberta is for ALL residents not just seniors. Seeing what’s going on today with minority groups etc. I find this article very mean spirited and maybe it hilites the writers true character.

  19. Discounts are one of the few things to look forward to. I hope they don’t eliminate them before it is your turn. I’ve paid my dues.

  20. if only the government did it’s job, and make the “fiscal paradise” people pay their fair share of taxes,

    • the reason for that is, politicians themselves have their money involved in those f.p., Today’s politics is all about “self-serving”, as they now are “career” politicians

      • in the meantime, the population is attacking each other, while the 1% is laughing……..their way to offshore banks

        • You have that right jo..sad to say.(excellent posts, yours)

  21. The reason that our taxes are so high today is because we do not use the Bank of Canada–which is owned by The People of Canada–to provide our currency. Instead, we pay foreign banks interest that we never needed to pay, for the currency we use every day, believing that it is “money” when it is not.

    I recommend that everyone take 7 minutes out of their busy entertainment schedule to understand WHY Canada is 800 billion in debt, why we can NEVER get out of debt until we go back to sound money, that WE supply for ourselves, and why it’s going to need to be changed a lot sooner than most people even care to think about.

    12-Year-Old CanadianGirl Explains What Most Economists Can’t About Money and Debt

    • You are making the assumption there IS INTELLIGENCE IN the “average person” out there. WRONG ….
      Intelligence and common sense in the human animal….IS RARE……….If

      indeed it DOES EXIST… AN Intelligent posts (such as yours ) does maintain a faint hope though.

      • Sadly enough, I make no assumptions about the intelligence of people. I’ve seen it my whole life listening to people “say” they want something done, and rather than actually doing anything to make whatever they “say” they want actually happen, then do nothing, and “say” that “Someone (else…but not me…) really needs to do something about that.”

        Of course, they can’t understand why “someone (else…but not me…)” didn’t just fix everything overnight. This is NOT a sign of “Herculean intellectual capacity.”

        All we can do is keep pointing people towards the truth, and eventually, even the “hive consciousness” will have no choice but to see what is happening in front of their own eyes.

        A good example of the current norm of anti-intellectualism is how people sit and whine in the dark when the power’s out, and they LOUDLY proclaim that they’re getting a generator, so that never happens to them again…but after they’ve spent a day cleaning out thousands of dollars worth of wasted food out of their fridges and freezers, they completely forget about getting those generators and solar panels and batteries that they spent HOURS talking about while there was no TV to distract them from reality.

        I also find is immensely humorous how people complain they can’t go anywhere during a blackout “because the garage door opener doesn’t work.” First, it’s funny because if they had a simple battery backup they could get for under $200.00, they COULD still have enough power to run their garage door openers. Second, it’s an absolute riot to hear those complaints, when ALL garage door openers have an “emergency release” that almost nobody seems to know allows them to operate the door WITHOUT POWER.

        Reality is still coming. Every day that people are not prepared is another day lost…and another day towards the day they will have no other choice but to start using the few available neurons they’ve been given.

        • I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post.
          The only problem..It arouses “hope for mankind”(in me).

          People (YOU )with common sense and intelligence DO exist
          just maybe…….maybe.. there ARE enough to make a difference?

          My generators are checked out for winters storms
          (as yours are.) Enjoy the holiday season when it comes.

    • And pensions are not the topic of this thread. Discounts are.

      • Discounts are sales at stores. Not govt programs.

        • Did you even read the article?

  22. The private sector is free to offer whatever discounts to whomever they wish (and as a senior, they are welcome to include me!) However, governments at all levels should tie discounts, roll-backs etc. to income, not to age. And Universities – give me a break! Our young people need the help there, not seniors.

  23. Humans are truly amazing…AMAZINGLY STUPID,that is

    Many get their knickers in a knot because a few get Government assistance ,O.A.P pensioners ,single mothers,the disabled, the unemployed.

    What about the TENS of billions of dollars that should go in taxes to our Federal and Provincial Governments but is stashed in accounts overseas, by rich individuals and corporations?
    An auto parts plant in New Brunswick received a $50 million “grant”(OUR TAX MONEY) Two years later the complete plant was moved to Mexico.
    No one appears to bother their butts about this MAJOR financial problem

    But let a few “needy” get a few bucks and they are braying like the jackasses they are.

    • They didn’t do anything to stop Emperor Harperius building 9 billion in new prisons, even though EVERYBODY knew we didn’t need them.

      They said nothing when he said “I have no intention of creating a for-profit prison system in Canada.”

      Now, April 1st, 2014, he’s creating new statutes to remove medical cannabis patients rights, and turning them all into criminals, to fill those “not for profit” prisons we didn’t need before.

      OUR EMPLOYEES continually find new and different ways to kick us when we’re down…and the longer we refuse to do anything to change things, they WILL keep getting worse.

      It seems that we LOVE being robbed, so that we can have something to whine about…but we never do anything to change anything.

      Ontario Hydro is a prime example. We allowed OUR EMPLOYEES to use OUR MONEY to build a provincial power system. We paid for it while it was being built, we paid for the power it produced, and when they ran it into the ground, OUR EMPLOYEES sold it to a private corporation–without our consent–gave us NONE of the proceeds from the theft, and while we still pay for the power from the system we paid for and had stolen from us, we also pay a “debt retirement fee” every month to the corporation, as we pay them for power generated and delivered through what they stole from us.

      At least we’re not going to have any choice BUT to rebuild our industries soon…as when our currency is no longer accepted anywhere else on the planet, we won’t be able to “just get a loan to buy it” from them. Either we’ll learn to think for ourselves again, rebuild our industries and make ourselves self-sufficient again, or we’ll starve. Either way, we’ll deserve what we get in the end.

  24. As a senior, I`m wealthier than I`ve ever been. Would prefer to have had the discount as a parent, that`s the expensive time, especially giving up a salary to raise a family on one income.

    • I certainly hope that you’ve been moving some of that “wealth on paper” and the “wealth you believe you possess that is in the sole control of your banker and investment broker” into tangible, physical commodities, such as gold, silver, et cetera, for when the fraudulent fiat currency paradigm collapses.

      If you are a senior, you’ve been around long enough to understand what’s coming, and you also know that this time, it’s going to be a LOT worse than ever before, because this time, there will be nobody coming to our rescue. There will be no “other countries we can borrow our way out of our problems” from this time around.

      • Certainly appreciate your comments. We’ve been doing this for almost ever it seems, weathered at least three large economic crisis and came out pretty well due to diligent, diversified investing. Helps not to be too greedy too!

        • Well, I remember when “the ice age was coming” in the 70’s…when the stock market crashed in the 80’s…and 90’s…and 2008…so you do tend to pick up on the signs that things aren’t right after a while.

          I guess it’s good for the disgustingly wealthy that people don’t live that long…if they did, more people would understand what was unleashed on the world form Jekyll Island in 1913…and they’d know who, and why there is no other option left BUT a global financial collapse.

          Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see how soon, and how globally it plays out.

          I think that the people who are going to be the best off will be those who’ve got a patch of farmland, so that they can grow enough food to feed their families, and generate a bit of income until the next generation of global fiat currency fraud begins.

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