Should Stephen Harper weigh in on the controversies swirling around the census and the RCMP? -

Should Stephen Harper weigh in on the controversies swirling around the census and the RCMP?


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Should Stephen Harper weigh in on the controversies swirling around the census and the RCMP?

  1. I DON'T actually think his ministers have a handle on things,…BUT THEY SHOULD! That's their responsibility. If they perform badly, that reflects on Harper's decisions to appoint them.

  2. Personally I hope he stays on vacation forever.

    • Actually I have more confidence in a minority Conservative Party governance under Harper, then a government led by Ignatief. My greatest fear would be a country run by the present Liberal Party. Any country run by a majority run parliament would be frightening since we have no real strong party leaders since Trudeau.

  3. How many, among those who want the PM to intervene, are also calling him dictatorial ?

    • It is possible to be involved without being dictatorial; in fact achieving both is one characteristic that helps to separate poor leaders from good/great leaders.

  4. Can't believe so many people want government interference in their lives

    • Of course if the Libs had initiated this idea, these same bleeding hearts would be arguing from exactly the opposite point of view. As always, they’re being true to their hypocritical nature!

    • Wanting the Prime Minister to address HR issues with our national police force is 'wanting government interference in our lives?'

  5. A Canadian newspaper has reported on a poll that shows a majority of economists think the census should remain mandatory in order to give accurate statisitics.
    Question: Was the poll of economists mandatory and subject to jail time or fines for non-compliance? If not, why should we heed the results of the poll?
    I can't believe there are Canadians who think this is the burning issue of the summer.
    We are sheep. You will be assimilated. Baaaa. Baaaa.

    • Polls like these are statistically evaluated/weighted based on reliable, accurate census data… take a first year statistics course and you'll understand

    • People that resent the intrusive question of the census will give false answers which will make the census useless

  6. I hate the idea of being made to answer a mandatory census. Its an intrusion into my personal space, but at the same time, I can see how vital censuses from previous generations were for preserving information for posterity on how people lived. Its a hard trade. As for the RCMP. One word – Corruption! Policing in Canada needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. I want a strong police force, who uphold our laws that don't abuse their power and that I can trust. Stop the "left/right" party politics dividing lines people. I want a government that is Centralist and works for the greater good of my country, NOT its own ego, nor its own personal philisophical agenda! There isn't a party on the ballot that I can vote for in good conscience. Why doesn't someone do a poll to divine how many people in Canada would vote for a new Centralist Party?

    • We have one of those. It's called the Conservative Party. That you don't think it's centrist is a reflection on you, not them.

  7. Gosh, aren't controversies fun?

    If there isn't one, one can be created out of whatever issue or situation that whoever decides to do so. With that, the populace can be whipped up to look in that someone's way with relative benevolence compared to the perpetrator of the controversy of the moment.

    Be assured that I'm not necessarily a Stephen Harper fan. I believe that he's a politician like many others and that he's human like the rest of us, prone to good and/or great things and not so good and/or great things. He's simply in a very public position, a position of more responsibility than the average person. This makes him an easy target for all of these controversy mongers. If it was Leighton as PM, he'd often be on the hot seat for whatever controversy someone else wanted to create. If it was what's-his-name for the Liberals, same thing applies.

    Bottom line all I can say is:

    COME ON PEOPLE! Focus more on your own more personal worlds, on your own duties & responsibilities that lie therein. Open your eyes and don't get consumed by the chaos of continuous controversies created by those who, by necessity, live by them or, obviously, benefit from them.

    That's not to say to be naively ignorant of what's going on around you but filter the folly that'll find you anywhere you are.

    • "his makes him an easy target for all of these controversy mongers"

      Yes, target. It has nothing to do with the fact that his job is running the very government to which said controversies apply.

  8. All I can say is, "thank god we don't have OBAMA" and the problems in the US . I'm tired of the Canadian media and journalists negatively blasting our Prime Minister. Give support to our Country, and stop praising the inept leadership of another country.

    The problem with the Canadian media is they are so liberal they can't find a fair and balanced way to present Canadian issues to the public for accurate reporting.

    I'm sick of one-sided views espoused by McLean's, the CBC and liberal newspapers. For god's sake reporters and journalists, think for yourselves and stop whining. Get to work and help us build a co-hesive Country. You too have had a free ride for too long.

    • "MY COUNTRY RIGHT OR WRONG" is exactly the kind of thinking that got the US stuck in two pointless occupations

      The Canadian electorate have given Harper more than enough time to demonstrate his capability to lead this country. And where is he? On vacation while his underlings take all the heat… some leader

    • Supporting one's country doesn't = blindly supporting the chief executive of your country. Indeed, in a democracy it's a patriotic citizen's duty to oppose the government when necessary.

  9. Will the real Steven Harper please stand up and say what he really thinks? It might help us with our vote for or against.

    • Yes–time the media said some good words about our government–why just pick on the negatives????? Mcleans—–I dare U to write an article on what has been achieved by Stephen Harper since he has been in power????Perhaps then we would get a majority Government————————–remember–no negatives!!!!

      • Misplace your meds Stephen?

  10. This is another tempest in a teacup whipped up by leftist leaning media and for some bizarre reason getting more traction than they got with prorogation (used by Trudeau and Chretien more often than Harper without a blessed word of criticism).

    It may be because most people are in awe of anything to do with numbers since they don't understand basic math let alone statistics and how they can be twisted every which way by our biased bureaucrats to show whatever their social engineering hearts desire. Just another tool to be wielded by exactly the same gLibs who hypocritically criticize a Conservative government for things they would never mention when their party of preference is in power.

    Where's the storm of disapproval for those countries dropping a forced census who are much further along the statist curve (let's give governments more power over us peons) like the Scandinavian triad and Great Britain? Crickets chirping, just as there were when all these countries endorsed mixing private health care into public.

    Lefties are divided into control freaks and sheep who want to be controlled. The states they create together are unpleasant and/or unsustainable as they only know how to redistribute money, not make it, and always end up suffocating the golden goose of a free market economy run by free people.

    • Let me paraphrase: "When Canadians agree with us they are smart and don't fall for the lefty media's dirty tricks. When Canadians disagree with us they have been tricked into their opinion by the evil lefty media"

      If you people spent a little more time listening to people and a little less time telling them what they think and yelling at them when they disagree with you, you might get your precious majority.

  11. Oh and if you think the Scandinavian model for statistics gathering is the way to go, I hope you enjoy the idea of having literally every transaction you do be tracked and tied to your SIN. In Sweden everyone has a Personal Identity Number, much like a SIN, only instead of being limited to taxes and other confidential business, the Swedish PIN is used to track everything from buying a car, to a house, to healthcare, to employment, to where you live, when you move, getting a phone number, etc

    The current model for statistics gathering employed in Canada is far less intrusive and just as effective, and probably more efficient too.