Should the federal government scale back retirement benefits as part of its cutbacks?


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Should the federal government scale back retirement benefits as part of its cutbacks?

  1. Until the government is willing to address the issue of their own greedy, self-indugent pensions I do not think that they should touch the pensions for seniors. The government pension for MPs and retired PMs is one of the most generous in the world. In fact it is disgusting that these people think that they should be entitled to their own pension but want to alter the pension for seniors many of which are living at the poverty line or below.

    • I think OAS needs to be addressed, but I also agree that MP’s and public service pensions need to be drastically slashed.

      • OAS is not a living wage – it merely covers cheap shelter!  GIS adds about another $500 and still keeps a Senior in Poverty.  It is why the bulk of women have to live with a companion be it a roommate or someone to help support shelter and food and utilities and the use of a car.  A single woman in a normal rental with condo fees, and utilities and a 10 year old car – insurance, gas at $1.24 and up, repairs etc. , tenant insurance, user fees for health, dental costs, eye glasses,  can’t afford outings, clubs, classes to keep occupied, never mind cable A MUST to see tv – no analog, (and internet which is a must these days not only for amusement but government forms and phone and postal codes) and a basic phone line (while 75% of the world have cell and i pads) – then there are cptr costs, personal things like a decent haircut,
        make yourself a $15,000 budget to live on and ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT.
        like give me a break – some of us diligently saved for retirement and did without to see it blow away in the last recession or go into ill health or poor jobs because of that recession.  God Bless this recession and government for putting us back into global crisis…which will go on and on and on…as the last one did for 15 years.    And of course, depending what region you live in ……….you can’t even top up that paltry living with a job and if you do………..your GIS is clawed back under the newly reformed uppage of allowance to make $3500 a year – it was $500.  WELCOME TO RETIREMENT IN CANADA……..

        • It sounds to me that you spent the majority of your working life pissing away your money like all the others that don’t have anything after years of working.

          If you make stupid decisions in your life and do not save anything do not expect me a taxpayer who has managed to retire at the age of 43 on my own dime to pay you extra money.

          OAS and GIS are meant to supplement a persons income should they need it not be the sole means of supporting them in the later years. 

          People get off your arses and become responsible for yourself, the majority of Canadians do not want to continue to support those who cannot be bothered to get a clue.

          • That is all fine in my book too however I would be really interested to know how many children do you have?

          • I have no children but my parents managed to retire before 55 after having 2 kids so this is not the major factor that some make it out to be.

          • Pissing away our money? Don’t thinks so buddy!
            Many women who are on pensions now, were stay at home moms back in their day. Those who did work got paid 50% of what a man did and at supposedly “good jobs” but with no extra pension. If they got divorced, and there was no pension splitting then, they again paid all their money on bills and raising the kids.So of course now they are paid at the lowest levels of CPP.My parents both worked and even though they were separated for 17 years he stayed married so she could get a better pension.They both still paid income taxes, unemployment, (that neither ever used), and CPP but no one told them that what they would get would be so little!

            Then we have CPP-D, try and live on that one! I don’t even get 1K and month from the Feds and the province deducts penny for penny off their amount of what CPP-D gives you! So all together I get about $1050 a month.

            I had to cash in my Rsps the first year I was off even to get either disability, then now I’m even renting a room out to keep things going and to not have to sell my house I worked so hard to get.

            So don’t tell me to get off my arse, it’s broke! and so am I!

            Again the Feds should cut their own pensions FIRST before attacking the seniors and disabled!

          •  If they got divorced, and there was no pension splitting then, they again paid all their money on bills and raising the kids”

            Well that is what a divorce settlement is meant to divy up.

            The fact of the matter is that CPP OAS or GIS where never meant to be the sole means of getting by in retirement.

            If you have planned for these to be just that then you obviously did not have a clue on the benefits available. Making better choices is the root cure to most all problems people face with money.

            The overwhelming majority of Canadians spend more money on a monthly basis than they make. This is stupidity and if you take this kind of spending into retirement then you will not have a pot to pi$$ in and it will only be your own fault.

            The feds will cut their own pensions but there is no attach on the seniors and the disabled. That is the hysteria that the NDP and Fiberals want you to believe. The only thing that the Federal government is trying to do now rather than after it is too late is reign in the costs that are about to spiral out of control as more of the baby boom generation retire. 

          • RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I agree that folks need to put the effort into taking care of themselves but the unfortunate reality is that many canadians struggle to make ends meet and just don’t have the extra cash to put away.
            I feel they should leave the pension benefits the way they are and do some major pruning within the MP’s pension plan. They need to set the example and be willing to sacrifice as they always ask the little guys to do.

        • In reading your comments I am wondering if you are 17 or 67…you have a home that is paid for, you have money to buy all the necessities and some perks (a car) but you are lamenting that you don’t have a cell phone and an ipad “like 75% of the population”….  Let’s see…how many people do you think after paying their mortgages have 1,300 left to pay their other bills?  Lots.  How many people don’t have that much?  Lots! 
          You believe the government caused a global recession and that is the reason your pension isn’t big enough for you to afford a membership to a recreation centre, a cell phone and an ipad.
          I will tell you right now that my parents are a wealthy retired couple…why?  Because they live as though they are poor.  They have no ipad, no membership to a recreation centre.  They don’t travel and they drive a vehicle until it dies (17 years).  They have a cell phone for emergencies because my father who is 85 is not in great health.  When they first married they lived in a garage with their two children.  7 more followed. I know in Canada it isn’t a popular idea that a simple life can be a good life but if you spent time volunteering with those less fortunate…people who are ill or incapcitated, you might start to feel lucky.

    • I agree with Jackie……….Just imagine working in an industrial setting where you have to work shifts till the age of 67. Perhaps, if you work in a  nice clean job that may be o.k for your health that you can last that long, however, in a cold industrial setting I don’t think you can last.

    • I think that MP’s pension is a red herring, yes, it is overly generous but cutting it totally will not save OAP.  

      • I agree that it will not resolve the OAP problem but you have to start somewhere and this is a good place to start.

  2. I have worked hard and suffered at times in the 45 years I’ve worked, and have paid my fair share towards my retirement.
    Making cuts in the OAS or stalling OAS for 2 more years is a slap in the face.
    I feel I deserve full consideration as the rest of the Canadians that have contributed over the years.

    Thank You

  3. And when will the media start discussing this problem of the MPs pensions.  I mean radio, TV and magazines. When will they really work for their money?  While many people are working 40 years to get to retirement these MPs only have to work for 6 years in order to get their pensions.  Shameful.

  4. start with cutting your own pension government!!!!!!!!!!! start with getting the fat pigs who line their own pockets…. shame on anyone who wants to cut pensions that we have worked for,  so very hard and long and still!
    …. however….. i do agree that we should start somewhere and i would suggest, anyone under 35 and still has many years before retirement, up the retirement age to 67!  we, the “baby boomers” worked for it,  let them do the same… I’m sure they would not object! there’s no such thing as the government looking after you, no matter what party you support!  Of course the NDP will scream their heads of and the libs will be soooooo insulted…. but it’s the right thing to do!!!

    • I think that’s pretty well what the government wants to do. They are talking of 50- and the new rules won’t apply for quite a while. Seniors and close to retirement people will not be affected. As well, they are talking about cutting the MPs pensions and public servants. But the opposition is already screaming murder.

      • Right On, a thinking person finally!

  5. The PM & MP need there pensions slashed, not cut! They just go NUF, NUF, ONK, ONK  all the way to the bank with your money.

  6. stop bringing in thousands of refugees . bring back Capital Punishment . Bring our troops back from foreign lands .  Increase the tax on anyone that earrns over a million dollars a year.

    • so so agree with you!!!!!!!!!

    • I’ll accept capital punishment when we can guarantee with absolute certainty we got the guilty one. Shouldn’t we kill also those who condemned wrongly?

      Bring our soldiers back!  They have not solved a thing.  The only thing they succeed was to show how stupid our military policies.
      Pay better the widows of our dead soldiers and those who returned injured – some also psychologically.  Let’s cut the pensions of our desk generals.  Generals?  Arrogant, incompetent bureaucrats!
      Ensure all executives receiving more than 500k are taxed at least same rate as the poor.  They abolished middle class to ensure larger exec compensation.We surely need a total revamping of politics.  No more personality cults.  Absolute power to parliament. 
      No more than two terms – including MPs.  Let us also raise the age of our members of parliaments and government – minimum sixty!  Let us also have psychological evaluation, criminal check. We need wisdom and experience in life!

      I am an old man.  This I discovered: capitalism is just as bad as communism!I am glad I am old.  I am truly tired of seeing hard working friends suffer needlessly.Soon North America will need a revolution, hopefully bloodless.I am amazed by the comments.  This is my first one.  I always searched for wisdom from our leaders – political, judicial and even religious. Found none!  Our universities also wallow in mediocrity. I surely found much more wisdom within the poor and those saving “cents” to survive because the dollars were and are wasted by the greedy including governments. Sad.Rafcan, I am thankful for your opinion.

    • Refugees and others who will increase our tax base are going to be our salvation in the long run.   What do you propose a country filled with old people?   We need more worker bees.  And just how in heck is “Capital Punishment” going to lead to solving our economic woes?  Address the root causes of poverty and disparity and you will go a long way to solving the exploding prison populations

  7. I couldn’t agree more with Jackie’s comments below! Right on!


  8. I suppose I’m motivated by self interest since I am five months from retirement, but I agree with the, so far, unanimous opinion concerning government pensions.  It won’t put much of a dent in solving what may be a looming crisis in funding, but we Canadians have a right to expect leadership from our elected officials.  I would love to land a high paying part time job for six years and be entitled to see out my “golden years” with a fabulous indexed pension, but my reality will be somewhat different. 

  9. The goernment should look at cutting half the civil service as most of them are over paid and only work half time.

    • Right – and which half would you propose to cut?  I would hazard a guess that someone idly observing you at work does not see  a full 60 minutes per hour. 
      I do agree that there is waste, and that improvements can be made but sweeping statements such as “…. most of them are over paid and only work half time.” just show bias not thought.

      • Well I have worked for the federal government and it is true that many work only a few hours a day and waste the rest. The unions even encourage that. I found it revolting and quit.

        • I don’t believe your comment, Youknowwhat … what a troll!

          • And why wouldn’t you. have you worked for the federal government? Are you a present employee. All I’m saying is that was my experience.

  10.  Seniors pensions are so small it would be criminal to touch them. In fact they should be doubled. I would like someone that thinks the Harper Conservatives are great to explain why the gold plated MP’s pensions should not be replaced with the Canada Pension Plan like the rest of us have. Those of us with a memory can remember when Stephen Harper was campainging to get to Ottawa years ago saying, “When we get to Ottawa and form the government we are going to get rid of those gold plated MP’s pensions.” When he got to Ottawa he quietly signed on to the “gold plated pension program” and at the next election should he be defeated he will collect a pension of $18750 a month for the rest of his life. It is hard to believe a word he says.

    • yes, right on…………..his idea in the beginning was to forgo a gov. pension and not stack the senante either but abolish it – just think how much we could increase poverty stricken pensioners with the pay dirt of the senate pensions and Mr. Harper’s 18,750 a month which is more than a whole year for a pensioner on cpp, oas and gis. 
      I’ll bet he gets medical perks too in his pension which I do not.  And with his pension if he gets a fancy patronage job after it won’t be clawed back as mine would be if I made $3500 a year.

      • I am pretty sure your job doesn’t carry the responsibility that Harper has, and maybe he has more skills than many people. So he deserves his salary. As for the pensions and the senate, blame the Opposition who blocked everything. 

      • Welll let’s be honest, he did leave alot of empty seats in the senate until the coalition threat and the promise of Liz May as a senator.  He really had no choice, it was either fill the seat with conservatives or leave them open for the coalition.
        As for Harper’s pension, you should compare it to that of a US president, not a senior citizen that didn’t run a country.
        Before you continue to lament about poverty stricken seniors who collect OAS with a supplement, CPP, etc. why don’t you consider people with severe disabilities who live on $1,200 per month.  Do you know senior citizens in Calgary, regardless of their income got a YEARLY bus pass for $15.00 while people with disabilities paid $45.00 per MONTH.   Seniors are privy to more discounts than anyone. 

    • Get a clue, OAS and GIS are not meant to the the only source of income for a retired senior.

      Anyone who retires and expects the government to look after all their needs needs to move to Cuba where that has worked so very well!!

      We will be approaching the problems in Greece and the rest of the EU if we simply dole out more money that is unfunded.

  11. Instead of cutting benefits to the elderly, Harper should stop sending troops and money to fightn USA wars.

  12. I agreed with Jackie – the Federal pension plan for MP’s MUST be reduced ASAP. Pensions for seniors must be kept reasonable as a lot may be living at or below the poverty line.

    To raise more revenue the government should bring back an estate tax on estates over say $ 1 million dollars at say 10% – a lot of money is to change hands over the next 10 or 20 years+ and the beneficiaries would not miss the additional contribution to the Federal treasury.

  13. Having worked in the past in politics I know where Stephen Harper has to cut back. Start with his own MPs Pension Plan. For every dollar they put in we the tax payer put in $23.00 yes that is $23.00. Stop sucking the taxpayers  and start with your own government. It cost billions to have our troops in Afganistan. Stop giving China our business and start bringing back the hundreds of thousands of jobs you have taken out of our own country.A lot of our own problems have been caused by our own government.


  14. My retirement income disappeared with the income trusts so now I have to relie on the OAP with the supplement which I never needed before. If they cut my pension I will slowly sink into poverty while retiring MPs sail off into the sunset with a golden pension after only 6 years of work.

    • Wait a minute….the plan is to make people work two years longer before they qualify for OAS….how is that going to change the amount of your pension.  If you are already collecting OAS plus the supplement, you would not be affected.

  15. it should cut benefits to the wealthy and set a max limit for income that qualifies for retirement benefits

    • The “wealthy” do not get OAS….it get’s clawed back if you have too much money.  CPP however gets paid to everyone who paid into it.  If you worked, you get it BUT remember, you pay income tax on your earnings even if you are a senior so seniors who make money off investments pay income tax.

  16. I agree with Jackie 100%.  It sounds like government greed is not unlike corporate greed.  Shame.

  17. mps pensions??  do you want the ndP to lose what little minds they have.?  the main reason the last election wasnt held until May was. that if called earlier the first term MPs would not have been elligible for a pension.. thus the minority government was supported until the stale date was passed.

  18. Jackie hit the nail right on the head!
    Time to start at the top and work their way down. When working/associating with the Government we soon learn everthing else roles downhill, especially “S” words and I don’t mean seniors.

  19. Some Changes are needed – People earning over $50,000 per year should not qualify, a two year delay could be worked in but only if you are able to work. My wife was unable to work for 4 years before the pension clicked in.
    Government at all levels need to get their employee pensions and wages under control and funded as well as their own. When they do that maybe we will believe that they are serious. Until then who could believe them

  20. the government pensions (fed and provincial) should be considered for cuttting back too, raiionalization and fairness!

  21. Jackie, I concur.  Disgusting is putting it mildly.  No wonder the current and past governments are seen with such disrespect.

  22. the high rate of benefits funds paid to senators and mp for after only a few years of service needs to be cut. It is not appropriate for those who have paided taxes for 40 to 50 years during their working years see their promised pension be changed as they approach retirement. Cut in house Harper!

  23. I think the governement should get into retirement planning so all canadians can have a secure old age pension that can support them…or stop taking money from all  of us altogether! No halfway business like what’s happening now.

  24. A place they might want to look at cutting is the subsidy of some welfare “cheats” who get to live in the same building I have to pay my hard-earned cash for, while not having to work and mindlessly having more and more children so they can get more and more money! Before anyone goes beserk, I’m not talking about all welfare benefits, but the system has gaping holes which beg to be checked. I’m subsidizing these smug, lazy bums while Seniors are losing Pensions????  

  25. The nerve of the man!. Does he really think this will fly while not including adjusting government pensions?

    What gall! But he can’t be that stupid….can he!? Maybe he knows there will be a huge backlash & he’ll be forced to make changes. And that’s what he wants! If so, it won’t be his fault, it was the public outcry that forced him to change his buddies pensions. But wait, why would there be an outcry then but not now? Because we’re Canadians & we sit back & accept it.
    Why haven’t we fussed about their pensions before this? C’mon people…start writing & calling!! 

  26. Yes ,start cutting. It is about timeWE/ You stand on our own two feet instead of  relieng on Our neighbor to support us. This is a democratic country, not a socialist one!

  27. No one wants cut backs. I’m sure if you asked people if they would like to collect their pent ion at age 55 they would say yes. Who would pay for this. We can’t just print more money.

  28. I have spent 54 years of my 69 in Canada, I immigrated here in 1957. I have worked all of those 54 years and never collected UI or any other benefits other than medical, which we all pay for dearly through taxes.  Two years ago the government advised me that I must apply for OAS. I explained I was still working and said “you will only take it away from me as I make more than is allowed to collect.”  Never the less I was required to apply.  I was paid for six months and then they stopped paying me. The next year I knew I was not going to make as much money so I applied to have it re-instated and after three months they reinstated it. They may stop it again or cut it back this year it depends on my income.  I do get the Canada pension which the government can’t stop or cut back.  I find that if I don’t work to earn money I can barely exist, never mind enjoy the golden years. I thought all the years I have worked in Canada I was helping to build a county that all Canadians could be proud to say” I am Canadian”, a country that looked after its’ senior citizens; its’ less fortunate citizens and its heath care system, when cuts like these are proposed I begin to wonder.     It is well understood that education and health use the lions’ share of taxes and that is as it should be. Without both of these privileges we could not compete in world markets and would not be able to sustain the life style that we are entitled to. I along with other Canadians have worked hard to build a Canada to be proud of; we have paid our dues with the sweat of our brow, we have paid our taxes.  We are entitled to enjoy the golden years without the stress of threats of cut backs to the meager pension that we are entitled to.  I believe my family and I live in the best country in the world and I would like it to remain like that for all future generations.
    To the Government that has the audacity to suggest such cut backs, I have this to say, the people elected this Government and the people can terminate it. Be careful where you tread, on this subject the ice is thin.

  29. It is incredible that the MPs can have huge pensions after only 5 years of service, and some of them sit in the Parliament less than 90 days each year. Some MPs. can retire when they are 30, 35 years old, and Mr. Harper now believes that collecting OAS at 65 with 40 or more years of work, is too expensive. Shouldn’t it be better to save in war airplanes, especially when they buy them just because some big shot in the Air Force likes likes them. They will be beautiful, but useless; the right thing to satisfy Mr Harper ego. It is like to buy a Lamborghini just to go to the corner store, but pay to the chauffer less than the minimum wage

  30. cut the public servants pensions or give all canadiens the same as they are getting

  31. The politician’s pendancy to pig out at the trough is disgusting however the problem with government pensions for seniors must be seen as a benefit from contributions provided by the participants during their working their working life. The elegibilty requirements should be reviewed and simplified. May I suggest that the minimum elegibility requirements for full benefits be:
    1) Canadian Citizen for at least 10 years
    2) Minimum 15 years of contributions to the pension plans
    3) Minimum retirement age for full benefits to be 60 yrs
    4) Early retirement still requires #1 and #2 to be fulfilled then benefits are pro-rated based on age

    This is not rocket science however we must ensure the system is as fair as possible and still somehow be kept viable by current tax payers … perhaps siphon off some of the lottery money.

  32. people need more money to keep up with inflation the disabled and elderly dont have enough rents and utilties to much and food is constantly rising

  33.   When will we learn! We voted Harper in on multi billion dollar make work prison projects, that even the tough on crime states like Texas have proven don’t work. 74 billion in  Fighters that we are now learning don’t work as promised. Not to mention the Tony clement style vote buying techniques. Millions of our dollars to make politcal inroads. Just a bunch of reform party hacks dressed in conservatives clothing.

  34. I made a mistake and voted yes.i thought it was about cutting back MP’s retirement benefits!!!

  35. The CP and the OAS are that needed in many instances to supplement those with poor pensions.  I get the CP but have the OAS clawed back because I planned and worked to provide a good pension which ALL should be doing.   Any one planning or expecting to live off the CP and OAS without a private pension  is in for a shock.  I do not support cutbacks to either, but neither do I support increases for those who did not prepare or plan for their retirement.

  36. How about the government increase the scoop of CPP, make it a legitimate pension plan, properly funded by employers and employees (as it is now but set too low).  Once the new plan is  up and running properly then they can phase out OAP and have seniors receiving a proper pension that is funded.  Solving the unfunded OAP problem will take a generation and that needs politicians to do something they seem unable or unwilling to do:  see something long term and not just the next election.

  37. The federal goverment should start by cutting back their own salaries and expenses and benefits
    because they are living off our taxes, right? Start with the PM and his spending, then with the minister of finance. That would set a great example.

  38. MP’s pensions should be adjusted first before tackling OAS and if anything residency requirements to receive OAS benefits should be reviewed. 10 years after age 18 is way too low, 20 or 25 years seems more fair, why should someone who has only resided in Canada for 10 years after age 18 be eligible to receive benefits the same as those citizens who have lived, worked and paid taxes all their lives? We Canadians are way too generous!

  39. Everywhere i look, politically and economically we’re cutting, and gutting and breaking faith with so very many tenets of our previous bargains.  I have only one question,viewing this scenario over a vast period of time:  why have the Politicians messed up so badly? and every time they mess up
    the People have to pay. Their pensions and wages don’t decrease, nor are cut.  We voted them in,
    truly or not, to positions where they would look after the economy and health etc for the whole country.  So suddenly we have no money to do anything?  What the hell then did they do with
    our money, and why were they so very short sighted?  or is it simply that the self-interest is now
    so very apparent?
    There are numerous examples in Ontario of messing up and every time the People pay.
    Am i to continue being stupid and not saying anything, like so very many Canadians, until 
    it’s too very Late?  Let’s hear some voices rising up for solutions; and i really wonder how 
    those who got us into this mess are supposed to get us out of this mess?

  40. I vote the Federal Gov and any other high paid official cut back their own pensions to help the guys who worked their whole life for one company and is offered  a megar few hundred dollars.pension and a gold watch. Some is better than none but it could be a little more equal I am sure. And raising the age is not that cool either. Some people have chosen to keep on working as they are still able but some are not that healthy at 67. And don’t try to tell me politicians are trying to live on a seniors pension. Not.

  41. Its time we made our voices heard: say NO to government self-indulgence; on everything from inflated salaries and financial perks, to enormous pensions. Time to remind leaders here (and elsewhere alike) that responsibility begins with them.

    Just a couple of years ago, the municipal leaders here, in Calgary, raised their salaries by 34% (modest, compared to the recent raise they gave themselves just recently); and all that with not even a referendum?! Outrageous!

    But then, by continuing to live indifferently and complacently (ignorance is bliss!) we shouldn’t expect a real change: as they say: “People deserve the government they have.”

  42. being a senior and needing every dime the government can send me I agree that we do need to revise the program in order to assure sustainability. I do feel that all public pensions must be reviewed and brought into line with private pensions. i trust this government will cut a lot of waste unlike the previous Liberal and Conservative regimes – if not I will be thoroughly disappointed – if so i will do my share!

  43. The government could save money on useless spending if they tried. When the present government prototype was formed in the the late 1980’s as the Reform Party, they railed about the outrageous MP pensions and Senate. The Reformers were given a choice of opting out of the pension plan; however they declined. A former executive of the Conservative party told me that the Senate was ” small potaotoes “. Those sma;; potatoes would suit me just fine.
    Rene in MB

  44.  Copy of letter sent to the Prime Ministers office

    Dear Prime Minister Harper

    I must start by saying that I rarely speak out like this but right now I feel that ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!’ When I hear all the speculation about the possible changes to our pension benefits I feel a little scared, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

    My question is, How could your government dare force the average taxpayer to work 2 years longer to be eligible for pension benefits when our MP’s are eligible for their ‘gold plated’ pensions after only 6 years in office, AND can start collecting that pension at age 55. Not only that, for every $1 the MP contributes, the taxpayer contributes $5.80 on their behalf. Company sponsored pension plans in the private sector usually only contribute dollar for dollar and are affected by the markets; MP pensions are guaranteed & protected from market fluctuation.

    Now I would like to throw down the gauntlet to you, Mr Harper. When you talk of pension reform you need leave us little guys alone and focus on reforming the MP’s pension plan. This is an amazing opportunity for you and your Conservative gov’t to do what has to be done. The MP’s pension plan needs a complete reality check and overhaul and I think you are just the man to do it!! Yes, it will hurt for awhile and your colleagues might argue against it, but it’s the right thing to do. You will be a HERO to millions of Canadian taxpayers, aka voters, and it would be an historic moment.

    The working masses need the glimmer of hope that they will be able to receive a decent pension income when they turn 65. Please give us that, Mr. Harper.

  45. As a baby-boomer, I’ve been quite disappointed in the views of the generations younger than us.  In addition and for years, the media has treated the ‘coming epidemic’ of retiring baby-boomers as a major clot in the monetary bloodstream of Canadian society.

    We’ve paid our way just as they do. Thus, there should be a ‘clot’ of monies available to us when our time comes to ‘check out’ of active employment. What happened to all that money?

    The real issue is not the baby boomers.  The real issue is that our government has spent millions more than was projected on health, education, welfare, and yes retirement!?!  for the ever-increasing immigrant population.  This will be a real issue in the near future.   I do however, understand our government’s predceived thinking, that we need a ‘shot in the arm’ as our domestic polulation is not increasing as they anticipated.

    Let’s address the real problem: Jobs Anyone?…you can’t raise families if you can’t provide for them!


  46. Want to cut retirement benefits?  Fine.  But let them put their money where their mouth is and put themselves through the exact same motions.  Monkey see, monkey do.

  47. The feds should start locating where all the money on this planet disappeared to, then start taxing the rich and greedy that live beyond our means in their châteaus, with their 18 hole golf courses and large acreage of land and then close down their tax havens and send them straight to jail at their own expense if they dont comply. Finally, if  the feds are still short of money they can cut down on their own pensions, benefits, salaries, expenditures, parties and trips all over the world wasting tax payers money. In a nutshell, leave our middle class pensions and retirement benefits alone.

    • The feds should start locating where all the money on this planet disappeared to, then start taxing the rich and greedy that live beyond our means in their châteaus, with their 18 hole golf courses and large acreage of land and then close down their tax havens and send them straight to jail at their own expense if they dont comply”

      Take another hit from your bong or maybe some estacy, because you clearly do not know what you are talking about.

      Pensions are alot like unions where the many pay for the few, what is being discussed is how many of the pensioners there will be in the future to how many of the payers there will be. This imbalance will get only greater with time.

      I would be willing to bet that the amount of tax cheating from the 99% outstrips the total dollar amount of Canadian 1% tax cheating.

  48. This forum is filled with a lot of self righteous, know it all preachers!

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