Should officials have to reimburse the government for personal use of government jets?



Should officials have to reimburse the government for personal use of government jets?

  1. More players are seriously injured from stick infractions, and shot pucks each year than are injured in fights. Why don’t we ban sticks and pucks from the game too? Now that I think about it, skates are pretty much just knives-on-shoes, maybe those should be banned too. And body checking, because that’s a little too aggressive, and people get hurt that way too. 

    • a punk – is a punk – stays a punk, and will eat dog-shit to show the world how mucho he is.

  2. @Rick_Omen:disqus , you don’t seem to understand why we should ban fightings.
    Were is the sportsmanship in that? In my opinion, not banning fighting in hokey is like telling our childs that it’s okay to fight.

  3. Fighting in the NHL is a hypocrisy not matched anywhere else in sport. I am almost certain you’d see a drop in stick infractions and dirty hits if you remove the ultra violence that is trading head blows. You’d reduce the culture of violence in the game.

  4. Fighting has been part of the game since it started and should stay that way!

  5. Keep the fighting but add a 5 minute major penalty for the removal of a helmet, either the other player’s or your own. I bet there’d be less fights then.

  6. Just stop the planned fighting – Lets put six of our teams (4 existing and 2 new) into Eastern Europe. 400 million new fans who are already fans. Imagine the new rivalries Moscow vs Washington, St Petersburg vs Montreal.  A whole new life for a tired game.

  7. If the brawling on ice were occuring in a public place the police would be obligated to press charges. How can we continue to allow the NHL to ignore its responsibility to protect its players and to also present to our young, impressionable children,  that violence is not acceptable in our society. To continue its present course, the NHL is demonstrating that profits are more important than their obligation as corporate citizens. Get rid of the goons and make hockey the game that it was meant to be-a sport that demonstrates that hard work, physical ability and skill is what the game is all about. It is the best sport out there, all it needs is responsible corporate governance to make it even better. We don’t need more stanley cup riots to realize that our young citizens are being taught that it is okay to injure another human being in a fit of anger. 

    • To add I am surprised players have not complained about an unsafe work environment. There are risks one takes when playing hockey but fighting is strictly preventable. 

      If my employer could not guarantee that I would not be assaulted while at work I could sue them or have them prosecuted. If assaults were common place and  they looked the other way and did nothing to change the situation  I could sue them as well.

  8. They should stop the head shots aswell. i believe they are over paid goons out there who are paid by the clubs to just injure the better players, and the clubs should be fined 10 times what a player is fined for a cheap shot that injures another player.

  9. No other major league sport has near the amount of fighting that NHL hockey has. Fights happen occasionally in Baseball, and when they do they make the news. I have never seen fighting in football, either CFL or NFL, and that is as physical a game as hockey. There is no fighting in Olympic hockey, and so no thugs or enforcers, just the best and most highly skilled players playing the game.

  10. Hockey is the second most boring sport on TV, and it would be number one if it weren’t for golf.

    Even the playoffs put me to sleep, I can never make it past the first period. It’s like watching CPAC, there’s hours of back and forth but nothing really happens, it ends in an exciting 1-0 score.

    Even the worst baseball team in the league is more entertaining to watch than hockey.

    • Please give the computer back to your husband now….

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