Should the UN intervene in Syria?


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Should the UN intervene in Syria?

  1. How about, “no, it’s none of their business”?

    • Amazing isn’t it?

      Even after the disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq….both supposedly begun with ‘noble motives’, people are still right ready to try it all over again with Syria!

      • How true – we are so good at forgetting – let them kill themselves – far better than fighting with them – I have had enough of them killing us when we try to do what WE consider to be right.

      • There is nothing amazing about it. The policy of the West is directed by politically correct media and sensationalist TV that wants to get a better rating to get more money for Viagra advertisement.

    • What do you think the business of the United Nations is?
      If the United Nations represents the people of the world elected by the people of the world, then the extermination of people the business of the world organization which we elected. If the UN is recognized the world police force, then in intervening in countries which get out of line, the UN is fulfilling exactly the purpose for which they were elected.
      If the people of the world don’t want to see the offending nations dealt with, then they should eliminate the UN, and be happy to see the countries with the most muscle power dominate the world.

      • Actually you could eliminate the UN right now for all the good it does – an international corrupt organization out to make certain people rich

        • The UN past its “use before” date by 50 years.

      • Test

      • I fully agree with your proposal to eliminate the UN. It is not only corrupt and useless. It is harmful to the world by promoting conflicts. Just take Gaddafi that was the chair of UN human right council and Mugabe as chair of the world tourist organization.

  2. It is awfully difficult to stand idly by when massacres occur, so we can hope that the learning curve on interventions has progressed to the point where an effective, rational plan can be agreed on, in the event that diplomacy, sanctions, and humanitarian efforts are not enough to stop the atrocities.

    • “diplomacy, sanctions, and humanitarian efforts are not enough to stop the atrocities”.

      No diplomacy means peace making which means killing and then peace keeping

      About time people started realizing that

      How much chance is there Assad wants to negotiate?


      Not likely

      When will Canadians like you start thinking in real terms and not with latte in hand and rose coloured glasses on face?

      Recruiters office is in the yellow pages – give them a call – they can send you places where you can get a real education on life

      Have a great day

      • For sure Assad want to negotiate the way he will be killed. Hanged as Saddam or knifed and shot as Qaddafi

  3. Unless you can get Russia to commit it will never happen – Russia is Syria’s closest friend in the international community and has continually told the UN to MYOB

    Are we prepared to see Canadians die in Syria? If the UN goes in it will be Chapter 7 – that means armed conflict.

    Syria has already killed many Canadians who served in that country – shooting down a Canadian transport aircraft and killing all crew and passengers on board.

  4. To ‘No’ and ‘OriginalEmily1’:
    Do you think the world should just standby while more Syrian children and babies are savagely slaughtered by the brutal terror tactics of the Assad regime? Afghanistan was a justified war and the regime there was as brutal as Syria’s. I recall the Taliban killed women who only had to be accused of adultery! I’ll never forget a horrible video that showed a woman shot in the head in a soccer stadium! Have you forgotten the reasons the World was right to step up and stop such atrocities from occuring there!? Afghanistan was clearly justified… however, the war on Iraq just as clearly wasn’t. Ex pres. Bush and Cheney et al should be tried for murder for sending several thousand US troops to their death on false pretenses: There were no WMDs…no imminent threat to the US – they knew that beforehand, but lied to the American people (and the world) and carried on with the invasion of Iraq. And nevermind that 100,000 innocent Iraqi lives have also been lost because of those foul warmongers in the previous administration. I think Assad has to be stopped, and it should be done by the UN with forces that include military contingents from Arab countries.There’s a famous saying: ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL TO SUCCEED IS FOR GOOD MEN (or women)…TO DO NOTHING.

    • Reg

      Love your political correctness in changing the quote and adding women – LOL – tells me lots about you. LOL

      Would you like a latte and a chair to sit in until your heart settles down?

      Then – the recruiters office is in the yellow pages – suggest you sign up and get over there.

      A UN chapter 7 would mean more dead Canadians – negotiations will not be successful and Russia is the key

      Arabs will not step in to Syria – they are muslim and do nothing but collect money for oil and talk a great story – completely untrustworthy soldiers

      Russia holds veto powers in the UN and has repeatedly told the UN to MYOB – nothing will change for now.

      I say stay out of Syria – let them sort it out – it is not our country to change – and the military power there is enormous – we do not need the additional casualties and neither does the rest of the western world.

    • The war in Afghanistan was justified but after spending lives and fortune the Taliban are back and will continue doing what they did before. Iraq war was justified but staying there after catching Saddam was idiotic. Libya is a success same as Afghanistan only the atrocities are done by other tribes.
      There is another famous saying THE WAY TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS. For sure Reg you are long on good intentions but you are short on common sense and vision of reality.

    • You really are a mixed up fellow. On the one hand, you are rooting for a humanitarian war. On the other, you decry the invasion of Iraq which, while premised on eliminating WMDs sure, also had a humanitarian justification. Saddam Hussein ran a brutal dictatorship for decades, used chemical weapons against Iran and his own people (while also executing hundreds of thousands of people – a lot more than Assad, in fact).

      Here’s the reality:
      1. We can’t afford to invade Syria. Nato is already involved in Afghanistan, and most of its member states face dismal economic growth and burgeoning deficits.
      2. You don’t seem to have much of a post-invasion plan. Assad is a bad guy, but the west hasn’t been too successful at democratizing the Middle East (and where democracy has spread, it hasn’t exactly produced freedom-loving allies).
      3. There are few geopolitical benefits at stake in Syria – indeed, a military intervention there would be counterproductive. It would be costly, and raise animosity against a western presence – hurting efforts elsewhere in the region.
      4. About 14,000 Syrians have died this year, and that’s tragic. But there are plenty of regimes out there that have killed more, and are killing more. IF we’re going to be crusaders, shouldn’t we at least prioritize?

      I am okay with humanitarian intervention, but only under limited circumstances. It’s got to have:
      A. A high chance of victory (this includes victory against post-invasion insurgencies).
      B. Strong support of those they are intervening on behalf of (in this case, it’s the Syrian public, though in the case of a genocide like in Rwanda it’d be the target of the genocide).
      C. Intervention in a geopolitically important country (this isn’t just for cynical reasons – intervening countries need to have a stake in the postwar reconstruction being successful a la postwar Germany/Japan)
      D. Overwhelming evidence of mass killing (probably in the hundreds of thousands – in Syria it’s only ~14,000 so far), necessitating quick intervention.
      E. Attempts at diplomatic efforts first.
      F. A clear reconstruction plan, and a high likelihood that the regime you are taking out will be replaced with one that is stable, and significantly less inclined to slaughter its own people.

  5. I posted a comment but because by the censor of Discus it was deemed containing not politically correct words it was swallowed by a black hole. So much for discussion.
    It essentially stated that the conflict in Syria is a sectarians fight that goes on for the last 1300 years and we should stay out of it because both sides will aim their guns on us

  6. The last time we lost a world body, the League of Nations….we had WWII

    The UN was set up so we didn’t have another planetary war…and the UN has done admirable work in preventing one. Especially during all those dark years of the Cold War when every little thing could have set one off….and even while dealing with the 200 nations involved.

    However, it’s not an autonomous body…the ‘UN’ can’t decide on it’s ‘own’ to do anything….it’s run by the ‘security council’….and whether they choose to act or not act is up to them. Needless to say there are conflicts of interest present in every decision.

    Moreover the UN doesn’t have it’s own military….it depends on member countries chipping in with soldiers and weapons each time….which is a nightmare logistically. Untrained soldiers from some countries, a multitude of languages and operating styles, not enough of one thing or another….

    Also the ‘west’ likes to think it runs the world….and only our decisions count. And if the UN cannot act, some western countries choose to maverick it on their own…..and the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate it, so it causes more problems than it solves.

    They barge in without the slightest idea of what they’re doing, who they’re supporting, what the situation, language and culture is….and make a complete botch of it…again causing more problems than they solve.

    Canada wouldn’t like it if some countries decided we were mistreating our natives, and invaded us to straighten it out….and other countries naturally feel the same way. They aren’t children to be ‘corrected’ by a parent….it’s up to them how they run their countries, and none of our business.

    And every month or so the media brings some country or place to our attention, and pushes us to intervene….always for a ‘noble cause’. Darfur, Somalia, Iran, Libya….this time it’s Syria. Next month it’ll be somewhere else. There are dictators and atrocities aplenty….but we can’t invade them all, and impose our way of life on them. Surely we’ve learned that much from Afghanistan and Iraq? We should have learned it from Vietnam.

    Now that the ‘war century’ is over, it’s time to change tactics….bring countries IN from the cold…stop isolating them and lecturing them, and invading them. Trade with them, get outside travel going…..aid and trade….not attacks. Friendship, education, respect, being part of the human family. Kim-jung-un couldn’t do what he does if the North Koreans had any idea of what the outside world was like…..isolating them just makes the whole situation worse.

    And gawd knows, we don’t need anymore bombing and invasions.

  7. While we can win the battles, we can’t win the wars. The Afghan people can be your friends during the day, and kill you at night. To change things in Afghanistan, Iraq and in many Arab country’s, you would have to change their culture and their beliefs. More innocent civilian women, children and men, die than all the troops put together. Those people are resenting our troops in their land. They say, they can’t bring their children home, for fear they get shot. We all deplore the way. Afghan women and female children are treated. However, that takes a change in their culture and their religious beliefs. There are Muslim against Muslim. Tribe against tribe. They are all still murdering each other, with troops still on the ground over there. Russia tried, they couldn’t win either.

  8. The UN is a useless body, its whining members have taken over resulting in a do nothing body of members

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