Should there be a House debate on Syria? -

Should there be a House debate on Syria?


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Should there be a House debate on Syria?

  1. It has been proven in Afghanistan and Iraq, plus Vietnam, that we cannot do anything for these countries. They need to be sanctioned and cut off from the rest of the world as punishment. No military action with us involved, should be done. We are a Peace keeping country

    • That has nothing to do with the question.

  2. Harper has been disengaged for so long, we Canadians have no idea as to why we are going or not going into Syria. Obama, I suspect, is planning an air strike of which Canada can contribute little. Should our Hornets be used, the CAF would have to piggyback on the Americans and that isn’t going to happen. Harper’s response has left us with only one door to go through, (that being a military) and little to nothing is said of negotiations or humanitarian aid . Harper phoned Obama and the only info that came out of that call was “we are supporting our friends”. It is high time that Canadians know what Harper planned with that phone call to Obama and just what “vacuous and dangerous ideas” he harbours for all Canadians!!

    • Your answer has nothing to do with the question.

  3. Reading various newspapers today, it seems that both Canada and the USA have been financing the rebels for some time now. The “rebels” are comprised of Al-Qaeda with increasing numbers of Jihadists among them. So, bad as it is, if Assad’s secular government is brought down, the Al-Qaeda will be the ruling element, the furthest thing from democracy possible. That leaves Iran, the real target, wide open for attack by Israel who has been wanting this for many years. What a mess!
    I say, stay out of it and let them handle their own affairs without meddling. It isn’t as if our own forces haven’t used Napalm, Agent Orange and Uranium in their own warfare that’s killed many times over that number.

    • Your reply has nothing to do with the question.

      • Well then, Sigroli – the question was “Should there be a House debate on Syria?”

        The answer was long, granted, but the short of it is “NO”. It won’t matter what is debated because Harper will never tell the truth and will do whatever he means to do in any case and if he is already sending money to Al-Qaeda “rebels”, that goes to show the direction he will take. Ultimately, he will do what Benny wants, and that is for a crack at demolishing Iran with the help of the Americans. Canada’s opinion doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in any case. Benny been trying to persuade the Americans to mount an attack against Iran – so far they haven’t so you can bet he’s applying the pressure for that attack to happen and this opportunity has just “presented itself” and I’d be willing to bet anything, Benny is behind it all from the get-go.
        The question is the, with the GOP blood lust for war and devotion to “protection” of the trouble making Israel, will they set aside their prejudice against Obama to, for once, agree with him. Clever move on Obama’s part – so far, they have held up almost every one of his proposals until he waters them to suit them, then they blame him if anything goes wrong. Whether or not Obama is president, the GOP is the tail that wags the dog.

        Forget what Craigslist pays you and do some reading man:

      • Still trolling.

  4. just a cook
    we are already there, if canadians are made aware of their privy council and thier actons, most woukd be floored. our SF people are more than likely there now, just as most allies. Whats the point of having rules if theyre broken and nobody enforces them. Chemical warfare, no. dropping betsy and mike from 10 miles or 60 miles out, yes
    Another reason for no troops, Syria has a highly trained armed forces, which would make irag and afganistan look like a training X.

  5. When has Harper ever allowed debate in the House of Commons?

    • Does “Libya” ring a bell?

  6. YES there should be a debate on Syria.

    Harper has given allies a thumbs up to do whatever they want to do. This almost certainly means attacking Syria and killing Syrians. And, lets not forget that these attacks are illegal under the UN Charter.

    I have written my MP and am opposed to a military action. My MP needs to be heard.

  7. No; there
    is no need for debate on Syria. Stephen Harper has said we will not be engaging
    in any military action in Syria. If the question was ‘should we go into Syria’
    then that should be debated. Debate at this time is a waste of time!!

    As for the UN; they are becoming more irrelevant everyday.
    We’ll just wait for their representative to come and tell us how bad we treat
    the Indians in Canada while Robert Mugabe is in their good books and just again promoted to ‘Chief of African Tourism’
    I won’t contact my MP because he is a McGuinty and we all know how effective and disingenuous the McGuinty’s are.

  8. Yadda yadda blah blah about one’s own opinion doesn’t answer the question “should there be a House debate on Syria.” Regardless of whether or not one agrees with the PM’s decision, there should have been a debate, period.

  9. You must also consider the fact that Canadians are “UN peacekeepers” as well, so whether we’re stupid enough to get sucked into it or have sense enough to stay out, we’re still sending OUR PEOPLE into another international banker’s war.

    People seem to think that the “United Nations troops” means that the fictitious trade entity “had it’s own citizens to send in to war on demand”, but they don’t. They have NO PEOPLE. They have NO LAND. They are a FICTITIOUS, UNELECTED ENTITY predominantly concerned with INTERNATIONAL TRADE POLITICS.

    Trade = Financial exchange.

    Wake up, people…the longer we continue allow the UN to exist, the worse things are going to get on a GLOBAL scale. If you haven’t seen it yet…just look at EVERY environmental issue, and realize that it ONLY gets worse, because CORPORATIONS and their profit margins are more important than all life on the planet. If that doesn’t change…well…have YOU already picked out the planet you’re heading to next?

    • Off your meds again? Sheesh! I fully agree that the UN is hazardous to our health but, a tool of corporations? With Russia and China calling the shots in the Security Council and radical Islamists holding the balance of power in the General Assembly? That makes no sense at all.

  10. Maybe King Stevie can go hide in the bathroom until Assad agrees to stop killing his people!

  11. Its time for Mr. Harper & Government to stop being secretive and hiding behind curtains of their own making. We need a more open and accountable government which although promised to us by Mr. H. we have not gotten. Yes, I would like to see a debate because its our right to demand one.

  12. Why should we debate the problems of Syria?
    The Arab League (and all that oil $$) are in full debate as it should be. The problem is they want the west to intervene.
    Let the Arabs handle their own problems as they go on and on and on.

  13. Canada and other UN countries should have put a no fly zone on Syria as soon as innocent civilians started getting killed, this gas thing never would have happened! China and Russia should have supported that, now China and Russia look like asses…the rest of the world look like pussy’s, and Assad is getting away with murder! Even if Assad was innocent of all this, it’s pretty obvious he can’t govern shit as a President and should be ousted! Diplomacy can really suck sometimes! :