Should there be a tax on junk food? -

Should there be a tax on junk food?


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Should there be a tax on junk food?

  1. the healthy food choice has to cost the same or less than junk food – then there would be real choice for those who make their choice based on affordability.
    in the same vein why is it that in Ontario a bottle of liquor can cost the same in every community but we can’t make milk cost the same in every community?

    • Because in Ontario the sale of booze is a state monopoly and can charge what it likes; there’s no competition. You want the same for milk and others foods? If so, welcome to rationing, scarcities, line-ups, take it or leave it quality, supplier indifference and other aspects of food supply in every Communist state that tried it.

  2. there’s something seriously wrong when a dollar will buy enough crap to last a couple days but only two apples!

    • It’s demand and supply. People want their daily carbs, grease and red meat, not apples, pears or pomegranates. Sorry…

      • No. It’s not. If it was demand and supply, the increased demand for grease and carbs would cause prices to rise, while the lower demand for apples and healthy stuff would cause those prices to fall.

        It’s simply that crap costs less to make — often because it’s made with the byproducts and leftovers from when companies make good food.

  3. at the same time, can you tax heavy perfume scents in public? they could be as nasty to bear, as tobacco is,

  4. Want to use a tax to HELP the public for a change? Tax any “phudes” which contain more than 0% GMOs in them, at 1% for every percent GMO content they have in them.

    That’ll help reduce the amount of toxic poisons that the GMOs “completely safely insert into the food chain” while helping restore the food supply to contain nutrients again. Both of those would effect a positive change in the health of Canadians, while (hopefully) helping to remove GMO contamination in the country’s food supply.

    Tax the scumbag corporations whose only goal is PROFITS…if THEY want to put toxic “phudes” on the market, then let THEM pay for it, and stop subsidizing the bastards!

  5. Might we instead seriously consider what is in our food–ingredients passed and allowed to be advertised by our government! Let’s make healthy food taste great and abandon the toxins so we outlive future generations at whom many junk foods are targeted.

    • Healthy foods do taste great.

      Perhaps that is the core of the problem. People are addicted to sugar and salt.

  6. The government will use any excuse to tax anything. The less money government get from us the less the politicians have to squander.

    • Yeah, I hate how politicians are always spending money on things like justice systems, roads, railways, national defence, etc..

      There’s both good and bad government spending. Only a moron believes it’s all one or the other.

      • Can you not read? That’s not what Jaunty said. He spoke of squandering money, not well spent taxes. Do you really feel that there is no waste, padded expenses, pork barrelling, etc. Your ad hominem says more about you than the moron of whom you speak.

        • You ask if I really feel there’s no waste etc, and also ask me if *I* can read when I clearly wrote “There’s both good and bad government spending.”

          It seems to me you need to clear that beam from your own eye before accusing others of it.

          • OK. Listen to your leader. Follow the path laid out. Be a good citizen. Keep calling those who disagee morons. Goodbye.

    • How small would you like government to be? Personally I’m mostly comfortable with the size of governemnt as it is, but I’m open to reducing it’s size, as long as we understand the costs and benefits.

      And more importantly, assuming that you do see a role for at least a modest level of government, what do you see as the best way of funding those limited government activities?

  7. tax junk food hard like cigarettes, booze and gasoline

  8. Interesting to learn how many here think it right to intrude into the lives of others, to legislate what we eat, what we smoke and other nanny-state intrusions.
    Let’s try this route: make people suffer the consequences of their bad choices. Establish in legislation that claims for subsidized state healthcare will be denied to those who make bad choices as determined by medical professionals.
    In other words, drug addicts, boozers, junk food gourmands, smokers and those who drive without wearing a seatbelt will have to pay full costs for medical treatment for illnesses and injuries attributed to or worsened by their stupid choices in life.

    • Easier to tax the problem items so they pay for the increase in medical services they cause.

      How do you propose we assess whether a person falls into which category – state-funded or pay-your-own-way? A lot of resources would be wasted assessing and making value judgments – and even more wasted on the lawsuits that would result.

    • I’m not against this idea out of hand, but I’m concerned about its practicality.

      For example, lung cancer – where would you put the threshhold for denying coverage for treatment? I’m not a smoker at all, although I did share one cigarette with two neighbour kids when I was 9 or 10, and my dad occsionally used to smoke those small cigars until I was about 11. Would I be covered?

    • Nepean, are you offering to give up 100% of your income to these new taxes?

      Let me ask you. Are you the epitome of health?

      Do you sleep enough?
      Do you sleep too much?
      Do you live in a city that is polluted?
      Do you exercise daily?
      Do you drink milk?

      If you answered yes or no to any of the above questions, you should be taxed.

      Where does it stop?

  9. Yes, but what constitutes junk food. Anything that comes packaged?

  10. – any way to get more of our money! Sometimes a person decides to treat his self while eating sensibly and being of a good weight. NOT FAT!!! Pisses me off when I went to purchase my favourite treat – occasionally – the cream horn , sorta like a chocolat eclair, just ONCE IN AWHILE, and since they arre packaged 4 in container I had to pay tax. Instead of $2.99 it was over $3.00. Cross that off my list and will think twice before shopping at Foodland. Disgusting!!!

  11. Need more taxes, tax the rich and greedy and their tax havens. Then we will have enough public funds to educate people on their eating habits.

  12. Why even bring this topic up..Just by doing so makes an issue out of a concept that will require a million dollar plus government inquiry. Obesity can be caused by many factors..Is it becoming a Canadian belief that higher taxes will affect positive change? Since when did this fallacy occur. Once government machinations start rolling does anyone believe that taxes appropriated for a specific purpose will actually be designated in whole to that purpose? There are costs..Does anyone remember the gun registry fiasco? Every time the door is open to government intervention aren’t we just slamming it shut on our freedoms? Higher taxes, yeah, that’s all we need!! Consider the opportunity that private health centers or gyms are missing by not offering 20 percent off membership coupons on every bag of chips or cheesies..hmm

    • So you’re saying that taxes are no disincentive toward doing something?

  13. Don’t forget it was the Mulroney conservatives who had a bureaucrat go through a list and decide what the GST applied to and what food is a luxury and what is for “consumption.”
    E.G. The number of doughnuts for tax purposes!

  14. In my opinion it is a simple answer NO! The control freaks that initiate such ideas should concentrate on controlling their own lives. In my opinion they need help professional help. If they choose to get involved with saving the country, start by not trying to impress upon us your egotistical idealism’s.. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like whomever put this tax concept forward to remain involved, just do so using your personal time and money. You might start by approaching all of the “junk food manufacturers to put pictures of obese people on three quarters of the viewed packaging, then you can approach the retailers and have them hide the junk food behind doors. I really wouldn’t want to see the “obesity tax” department lobbying for extra revenue against any other government service that may be deemed crucial to the welfare of the majority.

  15. We are just as well of to send our entire pay cheques to the governement as there is not much left as it is now! What is not taxed today?

  16. I love the way most polls are worded. Rarely an actual right answer, just the answers we are suppose to think.

    Re #3.. Ah yes, the burden that is forced on us by having a health care monopoly. Great way to force your population into submission. For the greater good!

  17. How about taxing the companies that produce the junk food????? And I am talking specifically everything that contains sugars (especially soda pop), corn and wheat products.

  18. Unfortunately as much as I agree with the sediment, it creates a slippery slope towards stripping all of our civil rights.

    Whats next?

    Taxing those who don’t sleep enough?
    Taxing those who sleep too much?
    Taxing those who don’t exercise?
    Taxing those who live in urban areas (pollution) more than those who live in rural areas?
    Taxing those who smoke?

    A better alternative would be to create support groups and public awareness campaigns to educate the demography on what a healthy lifestyle is and what its benefits are.

  19. In grocery stores, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, milk products , i.e. basic food products, are tax-free. Sodas, chocolate, chips, i.e. industrial processed “foods” are already taxed. Why this poll?

    • Because the underlying story is that people are unhealthy and they blame it on junk food industry instead of looking at the real issue which is; not to raise taxes on junk food but to lower food prices of healthy foods. 2 large tomatoes $4.30, 1 pound butter nearly $6.00, loaf of bread $3.00 and up, Milk $4.00! 12 cans pop $12.00, 2 bags chips $6.00….

  20. No better prices for healthy foods wld be better. Healthy Food prices too high for average Canadians!

  21. People who are healthy and live longer create a greater burden on the socialist system than those who die younger … just sayin’

    • I have to completely agree with you. We are all meant to die….why spend billions trying to avoid the inevitable? As ultimately cruel as it sounds…it is true.

  22. The 44. Percent voting don’t have a weight problem, and probably thinks that the government should solve everything! Shame on them for trying to impose there wishes on others. The weight issue involves more than just overeating.

  23. NO!

  24. Great! Thanks Big Brother/Big Mother. If it moves, licence it. If it doesn’t, tax it.
    Eating healthy does not cost more but you must prepare it yourself, not have it served. Soda, chips, and chocolate? It is a choice everyone has the information and freedom to make. I’m sixty-five, retired, on a fixed income. Stop trying to babysit me.

    • Nobody’s trying to babysit you.
      Taxing behaviors that have costs on society is a good thing. It allows society to make sure that those costs aren’t externalized.

      Arguing against this is like arguing against paying the full cost for your behaviors. If anything, you’re arguing *to* be babysat.. having society pick up the tab for your habits.

      • Oh my! your twisted logic is i`

  25. No food no matter how unhealthy should be taxed.
    The people that buy the junk food for themselves and their kids are the problem.
    I also eat the odd bag of chips, chocolate and popcorn. I’m not a fanatic.
    However, I do draw the line that junk food is not readily available at my house.

  26. It’s time big brother backed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. No tax on junk food. Taxes on junk food will not stop obesity just take more money out of the pockets that MAY go on good food. It is a parent’s responsibility to teach good food from bad fad (empty calories, etc..) A great many people are just to lazy to get into good food preparation and teach while having help to make supper. I had my kids on the same schedule I had in the ’50’s & ’60’s. Friday night movie night with pop and a junk food treat. Then it would be popcorn or a bag of chips. All out was a pizza. Not bags of gummys and smarties. Everyone had a small bowl which were eaten slowly and relished.

    I don’t feel we deprived my kids. Any child can be over-indulged taxes or not.
    In the end it’s the parent’s who count.

    Incidentally we weren’t health food nuts. Just trying to make little money go a longer way. Treats included.