Should working from home be a right? -

Should working from home be a right?


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Should working from home be a right?

  1. Should working from home be a right ? Sure , waitress/waiter ,no problem . Work on an assembly line , no problem . Cashier at the supermarket , why not ?

    • office work smart ass , not you .. go sweep pickles at bicks or at least be realistic .. no some fricken spammer or w.e anyone can state the obvious im seventeen and i have more common sense then half you mindless adults … woah wow weee wow … i truly feel obligated to teach you all about individuality.. be the fucking unicorn , not the sheep … #weAREtheFUTURE

      • How do you define a “right” that only applies to people in certain jobs?

        • simple .. thats a dumb question … how many “rights” are there that apply to a select few people .. think about it . there are so many rights that only apply to a percentage of our Canadian population .. the right to vote .. a right that applies only to people over the age of 18… we as teenages understand politics quite well. you think were mindless internet freaks but we aren’t we pay attention and we care .. rights dont have to apply to every job for it to be a reasonable option .. i think the idea is great .. if people in the office could had the option to work at home, stress would diminish by a great deal .. the probability of quality work is far larger to a person at home then in the office .. think about school . im not saying it applies to everyone but i know many student who literally wait to do work or put an effort into until they’re in their home environment. and hey, if it works then 100%yes do it.. at least try it .. consider it at the very least. no ones saying everyone will agree, but hey the idea is great in my opinion .. but like i said that only an opinion .. who cares if not EVERYBODY benefits from the right, not all rights benefit if a right has to apply to everyone then many “rights” should be redefined in the case of your arguments structural basis.

          • Why would stress diminish by working at home? The person still has the same amount of work to do, and the same time frame to do it. And why would the quality of work improve by working at home? Is the worker dogging it when they’re in the office?

            Obviously you’ve never negotiated an employment contract. You have the “right” to request to work from home, but you certainly don’t have the “right” to demand it. It’s an agreement each individual and employer would have to come to.

          • wow your dim buddy, distractions at work. not that hard to see .. im sure we’ve all heard of home field advantage. it’s the comfortability being in your own environment. not being around all your co workers. not having the down fall of being able to physically see your co workers do better work than you, and to hear your boss or whom ever talking about “how great bob does blah blah blah.. ” or “Janes skills for blah blah blah” being at home , you hear none of that … thereby deminishing stress. feeling like the weight of the worlds on your back because your boss is constantly over your shoulder asking how your doing , making you nervous .. next thing you know , where did that time go .. there was so many distractions in the office you barely got anything done .. you’ve got less then 24 hours to hit your deadline, you’ve also got your kids birthday, your daughters big game , maybe your anniversary … but being at home .. who is going to be over you back all day asking you the same tedious questions about company statistics or the best financial option, or whatever else.. repetitive keyboard clacking, stapling, nails on the desk, talking all around, scan printer, doors opening closing and than YOUR BOSS. at home none of that , none of the trialing distractions the boss,nothing but your own homes noises

          • Communicating with co-workers isn’t a “distraction”, it’s called “working”. If your boss points out to you that your not doing pulling your weight, ignoring that criticism won’t reduce your stress level, it’ll increase it exponentially when you get fired. Maybe you should try working for a few years, in the real world, before you start pontificating about how workplaces actually work.

  2. Interesting question, but absolutely no context is given and the choices you present certainly don’t present an option that speaks for me. Curious where a poll like this is heading. I suspect it will be used for an article and has been worded in an attempt to steer results. Has Macleans been acquired by the CBC???? Yikes.

    • Agreed. I get the feeling that this is a backdoor justification for getting everyone to register their homes as businesses, and to start paying businesses taxes on all of our homes.

      NOTHING would surprise me these days, with our criminally corporate and foreign-controlled (alleged) government.

  3. The right you have is to choose whether you want to work for a company or not. at best it is a perk or priviledge to have a job that allows you to work from home but not a right

  4. A no-brainer question; no wonder well over 50% agree.

    • your a sheep … you do nothing but follow a crowd and why ? to fit in? well… your one person individuality is a freaking blessing… be the fucking unicorn you are not a damn sheep… 50% agree .. whoooppyy party i clicked the most valued answer…wuuuhooo!! NO be you not a mindless button clicking monkey person..
      no disrespect.. but people lack individualism … it angers me … you were born you for a reason …. not that guy or this girl or that fat guy eating a muffin you !!

  5. I’m glad that the staff in the ER weren’t working from home! Let common sense (an oxymoron?) prevail! No… working from home is not a “right” (beginning to dislike that word, along with “deserve”.

    • people like you are the reason our rate in education isn’t at its peak.. obviously not EMS … office workers idiot … LET COMMON SENSE PREVAIL…. faceplam

  6. Everyone should be able to work from home. I’ll tell my students to show up to my garage for the next lesson I give on the table saw and planer.

    When my son sells a customer a pair of shoes, they can call him at home and send him the money via pay-pal.

    Should working from home be a right? Ha! If it is private industry – shouldn’t that be up to the owner of the business.

    A “right” – give me a break.

    • Actually, both of your examples can be (and is being) done via the internet.

      Training by videos, shoe sales by automated systems.

      Otherwise, I agree, the poll, as pretty much every Maclean’s poll, sucks.

      • this guy knows whats good (Y) way to be

    • 1000% yess ahahhaha this is great xD (Y) LOVE IT

  7. Too many people believe they have the “right” to do what they want already. You do NOT have the “right” to drive, you do NOT have the “right” to collect welfare if you can afford to buy smokes, booze, cell phones, tattoos, you do NOT have the “right” to collect welfare if you are unemployed but able bodied. You do NOT have the “right” to work from home unless your employer allows it.

    • Actually, you have the right to buy a car. You have a right to travel. You therefore have the right to travel using a vehicle of conveyance which you have purchased for your own use.

      A “driver’s license” signifies that you are using a vehicle for commercial purposes, so therefore, you’re right, you do NOT have “the right to drive.” Unfortunately, few people look into the realities of corporate statutory legislation and understand the difference between “travelling” and “driving.”

      This wilfull and deliberate ignorance on the part of the people leads to the loss of BILLIONS every year, to the very people who we pay to protect us from criminal extortion and exploitation.

      But hey…if you want to limit your actions according to corporate dictates, by all means, continue to do so.

  8. production is the ONLY thing that is important.. is it not ? and if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have deadlines. so long as the person is producing something useful, what is there even anything to question ? nothing in my opinion. if someone works better at home, without distractions of everyday office noises or what have you the issue is nothing but someone else’s egotistic personality.. bottom line any worker who produces more than good quality work, is a great worker … from home or the office no arguments needed… but hey im only a seventeen year old boy so of what relevance is my personal opinion? right ? no one cares what “jibberish” comes from a kids mouth.. nonsense.. right? i mean its not like kids are able to understand whats going on in our country… but whatever this debate is odd.. pointless even.. think on “the kids” point of view… yours truly Hunter Williams.

  9. *Sigh* What a stupid question! Can a pizza delivery driver have the “right” to work from home, or a doctor, or a plumber? What an idiotic premise!

    And hey, why stop with “from home”? Why shouldn’t I have the “right” to work from a beach in Mexico, or my favourite neighbourhood pub? What kind of fascist employer wouldn’t afford me such a “right”?! Would homeless people then not have this “right” that everybody else does?

  10. Each individual situation should be treated as such.

  11. the way the question is posed ,asking if its a “right” ,well no its not a right , its a negotiated condition of employment that can be altered by either party .Making it a right suggests charter protections and associated civil litigation action , cant go there

  12. used to work from home for 5 years….Really loved it….being in an office is totally overrated..
    staff are sitting on top of each other in ‘a camp fire girls seating arrangement’

    Too noisy and you have no privacy…..have to go into boardrooms to make personal calls
    Heaven forbid that you have friends of the opposite sex…That get tongues wagging…

    you have to know what you are doing….1 had to go to business clients and accountants offices….Had to work on your own especially organizing your work day…

    You avoid being part of office cliques….1 would not come into the office for between 8-10 days on average….usually 1 would come back to the office around 2:20pm…parked my car on side street for 45-60 minutes…had to watch the time so 1 would not get a parking ticket…

    notes had to be put in the clients’s files….no time to engage in frivolous personal conversations…office activities….not be invited….i.e. baby showers, retirement lunches….

    You are not part of ‘the phoney team building’ dribble that take place….

  13. Rick Omen….your comments are very valid….one of my best friend works for CRA….she has a very good job but found that she could not be in the office…staff were bothering her too much and she had problems getting her job done….co workers were too lazy to think for themselves and would call her to assist them….her comments got back to her bosses in Ottawa….almost lost her job….NEVER TRUST CO-WORKERS….they will ‘slit your throat’
    at the drop of a hat….

    Depends upon what type of work you are doing…1f you have to do a lot of reading and analytical work, you need peace and quiet…told her that she should consider working from home….commuting from Hamilton….started doing this…getting her work done and making her deadlines..

    Those of us who started working in the 60 or 70ies remember a time when you were expected to do your work without all of the distractions that occur now….electronic gadgets….co workers who talk to loud and 95% of the conversations are not work related….dibble about their family and what they did on vacations and during Christmas and New Years…. Steve M

  14. Agree with Greg Douglas. I say “no,”
    but not because face time is necessary for productivity, but because “rights” have nothing to do with it. It’s actually a disgusting example of how rights talk has become so devalued in our country by broad over-use. You don’t have a right to work from home- in fact you don’t to a home or to work at all. You do have the right to life, and the right to equal opportunity to access work’ to equal consideratiuon for a job IF all other things are equal, but that is all. REights cannot be given, they can only be taken away. A good rule of thumb? If you weren’t born wity it, it’s not a right.

  15. I agree with Greg Douglas. I say “no,” but not because face time is necessary for productivity, but because “rights” have nothing to do with it. It’s actually an egregious example of how rights talk has become so devalued in our country by broad over-use. You don’t have a right to work from home- in fact you don’t have a right to work or a home at all. You do have the right to life, and the right to equal opportunity to access work; that is, to equal consideratiuon for a job IF all other things are equal, but that is all. Rights cannot be given, they can only be taken away. A good rule of thumb? If you weren’t born with it, it’s not a right.