So what do you think about Lance Armstrong now? -

So what do you think about Lance Armstrong now?


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So what do you think about Lance Armstrong now?

  1. I was more than disappointed in Lance Armstrong. I believed him when he said he was innocent . He is a huge disappointment . Why have the Olympics ? It is full of doping . It was meant to show athletic excellence but it is really about doping and trying hard not to get caught. A huge waste of money and a farce . Pity the poor athletes who try to do it the honorable way …..drug free. They don’t stand a chance .

  2. My option isn’t in the poll. Armstrong is a good man who doesn’t burden himself with your silly moral arguments.

  3. He is no worse than our cheating politicians who steal and line their pocket with our money

    • I assume you’re talking about Tony Clement…

  4. Lance, though a deeply flawed, narscisistic human being, like all of us, still has the ability to change and turn his life around. Interestingly, having to own up to his children and closest family members, has had the most profound affect on him. He has a long uphill climb to win back trust, or even acceptance by people in many circles of his life. I’m not writing him off – it’s all up to him…..

  5. This isn’t just about Armstrong.He was a member of a team that included many people.Doctors,lawyers,agents,fellow riders and a whole lot of U.S. tax money.Heads should roll.(figuratively speaking)

  6. He’s an awesome media distraction from gross deficits, derivatives, gun control and bankers. Look over HERE.

  7. Tell the other side off the trades story as well. You are called “a repeat offender”, would you want your precious child called that, when you make a EI claim, because whatever you say most trades are somewhat seasonal. They used to reduce EI claim by 1% per yr. as well, Now new EI policy is you have to get a lower paying job out of trade, and a greater distance zone from home base. Not all is well in tradeland, Foreign workers might not mind this for a while, until the learn trade ropes so to speak. Just another political ploy to reduce working peoples pay, middle class, buying a house, just pipe dreams as you say. it will be food for work soon, serfdom again, yes histoy does repeat itself. (I have been in the trades for 48 yrs) and been through all the ups and downs of it.

  8. Poll seems quite skewed to me. Whoever wrote this is looking to clearly identify him as nothing but a cheater. The majority of his competitors were also doping and he was still better so that should hold some merit; however, it amazes me how society loves to see successful people stumble. Armstrong is a great man, who has accomplished great things. I cannot tear down someone who has helped so many people.

  9. I think he should try the 100 meter dash, since he can not race bikes!