Sun News Network to make its case for mandatory carriage to the CRTC


GATINEAU, Que. – Sun News Network is set to make its case later today to the federal broadcast regulator that it should be included in every basic cable and satellite package across Canada.

The Quebecor-owned news channel is seeking what is known as mandatory carriage from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Mandatory carriage would generate significant revenue for the network, which is proposing that it would earn 18 cents a month from every household that subscribes to a basic cable or satellite package.

That would help offset the network’s losses, which were $17 million in 2012 — a situation that Quebecor (TSX:QBR.B) calls “clearly unsustainable.”

Sun News Network says the current distribution agreements are inadequate to support the channel, which is only offered in 40 per cent of households.

It says these distribution challenges also hurt advertising revenues.

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Sun News Network to make its case for mandatory carriage to the CRTC

  1. That 18 cents/month may just be the push I need to cancel my cable subscription, if they succeed. Thanks, Messers. Levant, Lilley, Coren, and Akin!

  2. So a media organization that preaches the free-market gospel wants “gubment” to force Canadians to pay for its tabloid channel even though this is the antithesis of everything they stand for… This is actually not at all surprising. If one’s core values are unfettered greed and self-interest, corruption and hypocrisy naturally follow.

    What’s really surprising is that so many people have been conned by this ridiculous nonsense over the past 30 years. Free-market ideologues may be morally bankrupt; they may be sociopathic; they may be nasty misanthropic nihilists; but they sure a great salesmen!

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