Sunshine list of highest paid public sector workers in Ontario out today -

Sunshine list of highest paid public sector workers in Ontario out today


TORONTO – Premier Kathleen Wynne says it’s time to talk about raising the $100,000 income threshold for Ontario’s so-called sunshine list of public sector workers, which will be released today.

The sunshine list provides the names and salaries of public sector workers — including politicians, civil servants, doctors, nurses and police — who are paid at least $100,000.

There were nearly 79,000 names on last year’s list, prompting talk of raising the income threshold which was first set almost 20 years ago.

Wynne knows not everyone would agree with raising the limit, admitting there would be resistance because many people still believe $100,000 is a lot of money.

She says what’s important is that the system is transparent so people know how much public sector workers are earning and what they’re doing for that money.

Tom Mitchell, president and CEO of Ontario Power Generation, is usually near the top of the sunshine list, collecting $1.8 million last year, followed by Clifford Nordal, CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, whose pay package topped $1.45 million.

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Sunshine list of highest paid public sector workers in Ontario out today

  1. Liberals will do anything to cover the fact that 79000 from last year will increase by around 10%

    • What that likely means is that ~8000 people who made close to $100K last year will cross the threshold this year. Since $100K is a completely arbitrary number, and a 10% increase sheds absolutely no light on the overall distribution of salaries amongst public sector employees, the stat is pretty much meaningless. Maybe there would have been a %20 increase but for some hard line fiscal management? No, I don’t think so either, but I’m sure the Liberals are not particularly desperate to hide a 10% increase. Increasing the cut off is a sensible idea – it’s pretty ridiculous that when the sunshine list was set up nobody thought to tie it to inflation, or some other index.

  2. Average Household income in Ontario is around $73,000? And these individuals are making $100,000? What a moron she is.

    • and minimum wagers earn about 12000

  3. I suspect the real reason for changing the list is to hide a lot of people’s income from public scrutiny. The whole point is that we can see who is being paid/overpaid depending on opinion. Average household income means half the people earn less than $73,000. Why are we creating a separate class of monied people who are receiving hundreds of times the wage of an ordinary worker?