Suzanne Legault says federal budget cuts undermine access-to-information system


OTTAWA – Canada’s information watchdog is warning that federal budget-cutting may also be chopping away at citizens’ right to information.

Information commissioner Suzanne Legault says that in the last six months, she’s seen a sharp rise in the number of complaints about departments that improperly delay responses to access-to-information requests.

Legault says in a report to Parliament that the growing delay problem is likely the result of budget cuts that are reducing staff levels in most departments.

And she plans to ask a House of Commons committee this month for more staff in her own office to help cope with the rise in complaints.

The information commissioner has herself seen a five per cent cut in her office resources because of the deficit-cutting budgets of the Conservative government.

A spokeswoman for the Treasury Board, however, says government has coped well with a huge increase in the number of access-to-information requests in the last five years, up by 50 per cent since 2006.

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Suzanne Legault says federal budget cuts undermine access-to-information system

  1. There should be at least a 20% cut in staff federally, across all ministries and departments starting with bloated administrations, no more banking of sick days, no more indexed pensions and a pay freeze for at least ten years.

    • Well that’s not happening. The cuts are primarily to front-line services, not bureacracy and certainly not to the political staffers who, in my opinion should not be on the public payroll at all.

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