Tim Hortons faces backlash for blocking gay and lesbian news website on WiFi


TORONTO – Tim Hortons (TSX:THI) is facing a brewing backlash from Canada’s gay and lesbian community after blocking customers from accessing a news website on its WiFi networks.

Staff at Dailyxtra.com, the online home for the free newspaper Xtra that’s distributed in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, say they heard complaints from readers that the site was inaccessible at Tim Hortons.

The publication asked that the site be unblocked, assuming it might have been blacklisted in error.

But publisher and editor-in-chief Brandon Matheson says an email from Tim Hortons stated the site was “not appropriate for all ages viewing in a public environment.”

“We are writing to inform you that your request to unblock the requested website has been declined,” reads an email Matheson forwarded to The Canadian Press from the address timhortonswifi@timhortons.com.

“We have reviewed this site’s content and have found that it is not appropriate for all ages viewing in a public environment. We try to ensure that all of our guests can enjoy a safe and pleasant experience when visiting us. We look at all of these types of requests in detail in order to provide the most latitude we can while keeping our restaurants a friendly environment.

“While there is no way to change this decision, we can assure you that it was not an easy decision to make.”

A call to Tim Hortons requesting an interview was not immediately returned.

“It’s really up to Tim Hortons to explain the situation and what review they did of the site, the determination they made and why,” says Matheson.

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Tim Hortons faces backlash for blocking gay and lesbian news website on WiFi

  1. Again with the censorship and moral judgements…..enough already!

    • In fairness, I regularly pass judgement on anyone who would set foot in a Tim Horton’s. Support wage slavery and drink weak urine-favoured coffee, all in the name of false patroitism? Why on earth??

      • Well save your judgement for important things, not personal food preferences.

        If people don’t like working at Timmie’s then they should find a better job.

        And I doubt anyone goes there from ‘patriotism’…..Timmies are all over so it’s handy that’s all.

        In fact, in my area….that’s all there is.

        • You seem to be making a strong case for battling against wage slavery without even knowing it. If all the poor bastards Tim Horton’s is abusing took a morning off to form a picket line, a dialogue might begin.

          Politics isn’t about voting once a year, it’s about improving our communities. That includes removing cancerous filth like Tim Horton’s, and sending them back to the Ontario hellhole from whence they emerged. Food is sort of important in all our lives, I would venture.

          • Look this isn’t the Victorian age where if you were born in the servant class you died in the servant class….we have upward mobility now

            Working at Timmies, or MacDonalds or any other fast-food place is a part-time job for students anyway….not a lifelong profession.

            If you don’t like working at Timmies, get a better job!

  2. “There is no way to change this decision…” does Timmy’s not realize that people know how the intertubes work? Do they think their customers were born yesterday?

    As for “not age appropriate”, how many 12 year olds are spying the iPad screens of other customers in any given Tim’s on any given day?

  3. I USE to be a regular customer at TH but they have all but chased me away and now this.

  4. now if they’d only take the msg and nicotine out of their coffee