Tories urged to use riding mail privileges to attack Trudeau


OTTAWA – The Conservatives are orchestrating a mass-mail campaign against Justin Trudeau — at taxpayers’ expense.

The campaign urges Tory MPs to use their mailing privileges to blanket their ridings with flyers bashing the new Liberal leader.

Templates for the flyers — obtained by the Liberals — have been prepared by the Conservative Resource Group, which is the research bureau for the Tory caucus.

Like the negative TV ads launched by the Tories last week, the flyers argue that Trudeau has neither the judgment nor the experience to govern the country and use partial or out-of-context quotes to make the case.

But whereas the Conservative party paid for the television ads, printing and postal costs for the flyers come out of each MP’s office budget — which is supplied by taxpayers.

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Tories urged to use riding mail privileges to attack Trudeau

  1. This is utterly and completely wrong; an utter abuse of the system. If it isn’t against the law to use government resources for party, partisan purposes, then it ought to be.
    Pure corruption.

    • pathetic eh!

      • Yeah. I wonder why Francien and Rick aren’t on this thread defending the faith? Could it be too much even for them?

  2. If it is allowed to occur then the other parties should be able to use the Con. MP’s to deliver their pamphlets as well. If not then it is illegal and they should be prosecuted.

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