Trump family adds celebrity status to Vancouver hotel and condo development


VANCOUVER – Vancouver has become the next stop for real estate tycoon and reality television icon Donald Trump’s international hotel chain.

Surrounded by his two sons and daughter, as well as the CEO of Vancouver-based developer Holborn Group, Trump says the $360-million Trump International Hotel and Tower in Vancouver will be an architectural wonder and worth the hefty price.

The 63-storey twisting tower will be built by Holborn Group on city property that was once slated to become a Ritz-Carlton Hotel with residential condos above.

The Trump Tower will have luxury residences and guest rooms, as well as a night club, a champagne lounge, and a boutique spa.

The Trump family will be lending its brand, and will be operating the hotel, but the family will not be investing in the project’s development.

This will be the second Trump International Hotel and Tower to be built in Canada, following the one in Toronto, which opened last April.

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Trump family adds celebrity status to Vancouver hotel and condo development

  1. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD! The Trump tower in Chicago is NOT selling. Can’t speak to the Toronto situation. This tower is TOO close to the Shangri-La which will block views and impact the desirability and prices there. As well, the ‘big whoop’ of the TWIST in the design of this new Trump dump has already been done in Dubai to a much better standard. By that I mean, the Dubai tower twists completely from one axis to the other, giving it some elegance. This addition to the Vancouver skyline will fall far short of that. And yes, it will all be hailed as exciting and fabulous! Standard hype from developers who want to sell their product. This ceiling heights and small size will make this a VERY second rate ‘also ran’ next to the brilliance of the Shangri-La tower! Sorry folks, the ‘Trump brand’ won’t save it…! Good luck though!

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