Two brothers save five-year-old from underwater vehicle


KIMBERLEY, B.C. – Police say two Alberta brothers became heroes this weekend after rescuing a five-year-old boy from an vehicle that crashed into a B.C. lake.

Kimberley RCMP Cpl. Chris Newel says the child was submerged under about two metres of water in Whiteswan Lake in southeast B.C. for between five to 15 minutes.

The boy’s mother was reportedly driving the vehicle along a forest service road when she lost control and the vehicle plunged into the lake.

He says the mother and the boy’s 16-year-old sister were able to escape and swim to safety, but the five-year-old was trapped in his car seat.

Newel says that if the two brothers hadn’t seen the crash and swam to the boy’s aid, freeing him after several attempts, the outcome likely would have been tragic.

Police say the boy was rushed to hospital, where he is reportedly doing very well.

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Two brothers save five-year-old from underwater vehicle

  1. good job to those boys!!! However if the mother and 16 old sister were able to escape and swim to safety why the hell didn’t they go back to save their son/brother???? I know i would die trying to save my kids! There is no way i would swim to safety and leave one behind!!!

  2. Those two brothers are heroes in every sense of the word. They saved a child’s life. Their actions speak volumes about their respect for humanity. With men like them around; Canada is in good hands. Guys, you are the best; bar none.

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