Video: Tory buttons a hit at Manning Conference

Rob Ford and Justin Trudeau didn’t have to show up to make the rounds


Small- and big-C conservatives milled about the Ottawa Convention Centre between talks at the 2014 Manning Networking Conference. Some were decked out in obvious partisan fashion choices that ranged from blue dresses with white heels to navy suits and cyan ties, but one item cropped up again and again—buttons from a do-it-yourself station run by M Printhouse, which runs printing services for a strictly right-leaning clientele. One Toronto-themed button was so wildly popular, that the company added a new design on Saturday, the last day of the conference.


Video: Tory buttons a hit at Manning Conference

  1. Can you get a clearer demonstration of how our political culture has degraded?

    • That Trudeau would be elected leader of anything?

      • That Rob Ford would be mayor of Toronto.

  2. Typical conservative hypocrites. Wearing buttons supporting a crack head who associates with criminal gangs while at the same time ranting about being tough on crime.

    • It’s ok if a conservative does it – laws are for the plebs not the chosen Harper elite.

  3. ‘E moyt be crack’ead, bu’ ‘e’s OUR crack’ead.

  4. The argument that these button promote drug use is at least as strong as the argument that Trudeau acted improperly when talking about Russia and the Ukraine on Tout le Monde en Parle.

  5. Trudeau freely admits he’s done some pot.

    Rob Ford is an alcoholic who under some scrutiny (like a video) has had to admit to using crack cocaine as well as pot.

    Only something as stupid as a today’s conservative would prefer a crack smoking alcoholic.

    • And only something as stupid as a wacked out leftoid would let the Liberal party of Canada foist a thing like “Son of Margaret” on us.

      I hear the newest member of the Trudeau Dynasty has been given the name “Hadrian” after the Roman Emperor. Justinian and Hadrian, get it?

      Over on our side of the street we’ve nicknamed the kid “Wally” out of respect for his historical antecedent.

      • pft!

        • Wally, is that you?

          Did Daddy put a piece of prime rib in with your Gerber’s Peach and Beans? I hope he didn’t charge it up to his MP expense account.

  6. Preston Manning, keepin’ it classy. Way to attract centrist voters to the conservative cause!

  7. A lot of white folks.

  8. Rob Ford.. hero of drug dealers, gang members, and the Conservatives.

  9. Canada’s conservative movement has truly lost its way when it thinks that smoking marijuana is worse than smoking crack.

    I thought conservatism was supposed to be about values and responsibility. Guess it’s more about cheap jokes and having a laugh at an addict.

  10. Canada’s “conservative movement” seems to have fractured into at least three different factions.
    -You have the traditional Conservative, people like Joe Clark.
    -Then the christian fundamentalist conservative nutter, like Stephen Harper.
    -Now we have this thing that calls itself a conservative, Rob Ford.

    I really wouldn’t mind seeing another traditional Conservative stand up again, I might not vote for him/her at least we’d inject a bit of sanity into Canada’s parliament.

    • The “thing” I liked best was the one that called itself Leader of the Opposition but got itself picked up by the vice squad while it was taking a treatment over at “the clinic.”

      • Are you making a point, or just working up to some fanatic rant?

        • Rant ??????

          What a laugh that your silly remark displays one of the principal character defects of troubled little trolling tinkers everywhere.

          You leftoids all foster the false belief that everyone on earth behaves as deviantly as you do.

          I guess it’s OK though. You’ve all been dealt a pretty sad hand in life, generally.