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Was the 30th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms worth celebrating?


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Was the 30th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms worth celebrating?

  1. The Charter of Rights was a good idea, in my opinion, but the final product is sadly lacking. One could drive a bus through its weasel words and bolt holes. The rights of individuals, or “natural rights” as some call them, should be absolute and immutable as John Locke made clear. The Canadian Charter fails in this crucial respect. The American Bill of Rights comes much closer to the mark and one we should have emulated. 

  2. Thank god for politicos  like Dief and Trudeau who were true Canadians and respected our Parliament and our country. Contrary to the present group who are there only for themselves ad the power they can amass and scr– the rest of Cadada and Canadians.

    • Trudeau respected our Parliament???  If so, why did he set up a system via the Charter where judges can strike down the will of parliament at will?

      • Why? So that there is a possibility of redress from the sad situation that we have today when an arrogant PM like Harpo can pretend that he represents the will of the people with his 40% “majority” and proceeds to dismantle practically everything that he can’t control. It’s our insanely archaic and non-democratic “first-past-the-post” electoral system along with Harpo’s unbelievable and anti-democratic of control of his party members which allow Harpo to proceed as he is. Our Courts will hopefully be able to save the fabric of our unique Canadian society until a more truly representative government with the MORAL authority which comes with a true majority of the Canadian population is elected. Until then we can only be ashamed of a PM who has twice been held in contempt of Parliament and yet hangs on with a shake of the head and further support to his Cabinet for their lying and bombast to Parliament and the Canadian people.

  3. Repatriation of the Constitution was a blatant political trick by our intellectually arrogant former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, which was all dressed up to appear as though the ‘colonists’ had finally matured enough to break its ties with Mother Britain. Meech Lake anyone? At least Canadians has the good sense to see through THAT Mulroney political boondoggle in his thwarted attempt to buy off Quebec with ‘Special Status’ which we successfully defeated – as was the only proper course. Our Constitution, as refashioned by Ottawa, has in fact reduced Canadians’ liberty in law and in practice in ways few take the trouble to really notice. When push comes to shove, however, our repatriated Constitution will disappoint. Hopefully, we’ll not see the day anytime soon when it will be put to the test. Nevertheless, in the here and now, Canadians’ rights are 
    quietly vanishing as our politicians and legal practitioners weave their devious schemes to serve THEIR interests and line THEIR pockets.

    • this was written when there wasn’t any Taliban or Al Quada , now those people say they have the right to their cruel and deadly religion to change Canada.  The government struck down Nazi and Neo Nazi beliefs and should  re write the Constitution . 

      • hi Rafcan you got it….. this is exactly why our constitution must be re-written.. Trudeau did incredible damage and much to the contrary thought’he loved Canada so much’..–   he actually endangered us in his foreign policy strategies..
        he was a true socialist —  and loved Castro – does this tell you anything..

  4. I have to agree with yahoo-YXJ4P. . .  below (above?) – The Charter was a good idea gone awry by ‘collective’ Trudeau thinking, basically extinguishing true individual rights.

  5. Should we adopt American gun laws and those people they destroy through their “freedom of speech” slant on their slander and defamation laws?And how about handing over the military to one man so that (s)he can invade any country (s)he pleases without consulting the peoples’ representatives in parliament.  I think not! If the Canadian Charter needs further refining then let’s get on it. Now, can any of you define what needs to be done, and If so, then let it be known to the most effective person in government so that he/she can do something about it. All this whining gets people nowhere without some kind of corrective action to make the necessary changes. 

  6. All of the above.  Yes it defines Canada, but as The Red Tape Nation, and it’s not a big deal, except for Trudeau fans and lawyers.  

  7. Unfortunately the charter is merely one side of the coin. We have forgotten what it means to live responsibly and unselfishly rather than striving to satisfy ourselves. Will we ever learn from the lessons of history?

    • And the vast majority of Canadians–60% if you take the last election’s turn-out as any indication of Canadian antipathy–would prefer to sit back, whine about the fact that “nobody else is doing anything to fix this…” while checking to make sure that their couch cushions are properly butt-creased and there’s spare batteries for the TV remote.

      If enough Canadians would simply get off the asses and DO SOMETHING THEMSELVES, or perhaps, VOTE IN AN IMPORTANT ELECTION, then perhaps the reign of Emperor Harperius Mandatorius Minimus could have been shortened, and the damage to Canada’s future might not be as severe as the vast majority of Canadians really have no idea about….YET.

      If there is ever any changes made to the Charter/Constitution Act, they’d better be made in ENGLISH, rather than “Legalese”, because if it’s just another Conserveral/Liberative/Etc. bait-and-switch game, the next time they change it will definitely be the last, and Canada will be no more.

      We’re already well on the path to that as it is…good thing nobody is paying attention, and the few that are paying attention are sitting back and trying ti figure out what to watch tonight…and tomorrow night…and the next night…and…

      • The one that really damaged this country was Pierre Trudeau.  He changed Canada forever, and not for the better by any means.

  8. It was a gift to the lawyers.

  9. I thank god that my subscription to this liberal crapmag is up at the end of this month and I don’t have to endure anymore garbage from the lib left, this was the worst waste of money I have ever spent and I assure you I will not be caught again so all you lib garbage don’t waste your time with your inane insanity by responding to this comment, it won’t change my view of you in any way.

    • You horse’s ass …

    • Hey Rice,,,, this “Liberal” crap that you are referring to isn’t just happening with Macleans and ending with your subscription, it is happening all around you, in Canada and ever so slowly in the United States, sorry but this is what progress looks like … next it will be the legalization of Marijuana; And by the way I am not suggesting that we have solved all of the problems but if all the decent, intelligent and reasonable peoples out there do their parts this will be a better world indeed, including being tolerant of each other views …. as long as it does not promote hatred and violence.

    • One year ago I did not renew my subscription for the same reason that you listed

  10. complete waste of paper

  11. It was the worse thing that ever happened to Canada.. Trudeau was sending a message to the english that he was determined to separate us forever from the BNA .. this was not about love for Canada…it was about love for his own ego– and his own power.  Under Trudeau the abortion and homosexual acts were made legal–   from there on Canada just went downhill.
    Canada if anyone is paying attention is at a stagnant 34 million — it should be – if babies hadnt been killed in the womb, abortified with all kinds of abortificants, etc. etc…   100 million people.
    There would be jobs for everyone — as having people creates jobs, creates community … makes a country grow.   Death leads to death.   Mr. Harper is an excellent Prime Minister sadly he inherited what Trudeau left behind him.   Fed Immigration brings in people to fill the ‘spaces’..  ..
    but what about all those people —   there are so few jobs.  Many are professionals and are selling hamburgers..   Do your math – it all adds up and yet so few want to face the truth. That is the tragedy of mankind – truth is hard but it’s truth.  

    • OMG, peoples like you really do exist …. in Canada and …. sadly multiplying, we are going straight to hell.

      • Yes there are still people in Canada that abhor the practice of abortion and the changing of the age old definition of marriage.  Anybody that knows anatomy knows that marriage is one man one woman and cannot be any other way.  Children need both a mother and a father.  Unfortunately western society as we know it is on the way out.

        • Hello May, are you sure that you have read all of Gaeliclass’s comments? And if you did, may I point out that there is a Country where you would both really feel at home for now, unfortunately for you that one is also progressing, very very slowly but changing for the better nevertheless …. one would hope anyway, who knows … maybe I am wrong and come November 2012 they might just revert back on the same destructive path.

      • your tone is typical of a hate filled agressive left wing group that have cropped up in this beautiful country..  You people are full of angst, hate, and aggressive tactics.. you are in fact bullies.. only’big bullies’ and you think with your posturing and disgusting disrespect for anything that is not ‘all things go anytime, anywhere on your dime ‘   is wrong..   I never used the word hell did I – you did..
        why would you use hell..
        Is it because you believe christian therefore you use to insult me– well yes I am a practising Catholic and proud of it and yes I do believe in the Magisterium of my Church and the authority of our Pope.. and yes I do believe in the Ten Commandments and that there is such a thing is sin.. and I did not say all homosexuals go to hell or anyone else – you brought that in– 
        I do believe God is a God of love and forgiveness —   much more that what you have in your imagination.  May God help you ..
        and yes I forgive you .. Christians do teach things like love of neighbor, help to neighbor.–     something I fail to often see on the aggressive left .. with the hate filled spewing messages which continue to come out of the mouths.. but we dont hate back.. we are actually the stronger as Christ taught us to forgive our enemies and pray for them..  You might get a lesson from that yourself G.M. – whoever you really are I will pray for you ..

        • Wow Mary, you are sure putting a lot of your own thoughts and imagination in what I had stated. Very creative, still I love you too and will also pray for you.  No hard feelings. Cheers. 

        • PS: I read your comments again for the fourth time and something struck me, for someone who preaches tolerance, love and forgiveness you sure fooled me. By the way which one are you ..? May, Gaeliclass or mary ..?

    •  I had no idea that Maclean’s had so many lunatic readers…   Wow!   This string could become as sad and useless (but somehow entertaining) as the US Repugnicants cheerleader and tea party bloggers and babblers. 

  12. The Charter was a pandora’s box foisted on Canadians by Trudeau.  No longer do the people we vote in make decisions about the law.  We now have unfettered judges making decisions they have no business making all in  the name of freedom.  I call it the Charter of Rights and License.

  13. Our Charter of Rights has put us into direct violation of our rights. Our Constitution says no Canadian is allowed to be Canada’s Head of State. Our Head of State must be chosen from a privileged class in Europe. Is there any public discussion of this? Can democracy change this so that we can have our own, in country Head of State and pass laws  in our own name?

  14. Thanks to Pierre Trudeau and HRM Queen Elizabeth II, Canada is now the safest and strongest  nation of the G8 and the G20. We have the world’s best banks, the best natural resources, and a great justice system. I believe that most of our MPs are decent, honest folks, but there are sadly some rotten apples in the Federal cabinet who have been corrupted by their greed and are abusing their positions of power. In 1984 Brian Mulroney won 211 seats for the PCs, the largest majority ever in our 144 years as a nation. Nine years later the PCs were gone from the Canadian political landscape. GOOD. 
    The problem with Mr. Harper and his Big Blue Conservative majority is that they’re greedy people, in love with big stinky oil, and they are bigots who really wish they did not have to respect First Nations, Inuit, Blacks (like Mr. Barack Obama) and Environmental NGOs and the NDP, the “ORANGE TSUNAMI” who are the official opposition. 
    Why is Vic “BOZO” Toews directing the RCMP to spy on his fellow citizens by making a list of who is against the Northern Gateway Pipeline? Hmmm … doesn’t Mr. Harper have to invoke the War Measures Act if he wants to spy on us and arrest us without regard to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
    YES is the answer and even up here in Nunavut, I’m sure we would have heard about it by now.
    I think it’s high time for a non-confidence vote in Parliament.

    FYI Nunavut is 1/5th of Canada’s area and therefore it’s mass, and 2/3rds of our coastlines. Fortunately for all Canadians and all the peoples of the world, it is protected for all by the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement and the Inuit. Who keeps the true north strong and free? DND and the Canadian Rangers. Have you ever been in -50 Celsius weather? Can you stay safe in Nanuk (polar bear) country? 
    And the immense mineral wealth up here is easy to get at. Come on up there’s gold (and iron ore, rare earths, diamonds, uranium, nickel, etc. ) in these hills up here.

  15. Under Section
    15 every citizen is guaranteed equality under the law this is not the case in Canada: Example if a citizen takes another
    Citizen to court he has the right to a decision by a judge for or against in
    his case. But because the Workmen Compensation Act is protected by a provincial
    privative clause the only thing the judge can do is send your case back to the
    WCB to look at again the judge cannot make a decision in your case.

    Which means
    that injured workers do not enjoy the same rights under the charter as the
    average citizen? Which means the Charter is not a legal document.