The Layover of the Century — In Pictures -

The Layover of the Century — In Pictures

President Obama’s trip to Ottawa



The Layover of the Century — In Pictures

  1. These are terrific! I especially like the third-from-the-left, top row (Obama & Mme Jean smiling as they walk).

  2. Great pictures…..he creates an atmosphere of excitement wherever he goes. And it’s so refreshing to see a president who seems human… instead of robotic!

  3. This is amazing.. I just love looking at these and the smile on President Obama and Harper’s face.

  4. Thank you very much for the terrific pictures. All of them capture especial moments.

    • These pics are absolutely beautiful. Canada shows great formality and class. We should be very proud to be Canadians.

  5. It is such a joy to see the delighted, genuine smile of President Obama as compared to the last president’s continual smirk. And the photos of our Governor General and the US President – both of black heritage – reminded me of how far our countries have come in just a few decades.

  6. I enjoyed watching the coverage, and these are great photos. The GG was beautiful and exuded warmth. Prime Minister Harper was magnificent yesterday., the two men seemed to genuinly like and respect each other. A proud day for Canadians.

  7. I still say and will say it again we have the hottest GG and she does us proud! speaking of GG I agree with your post a most completely very proud day definitely one for the books!

  8. Great pictures – gives me a good feeling about the imminent future of our countries and I hope the honeymoon doesn’t wear off. Comment on comments, the Gman in the bakery looks like a “cross” between Emmanuel R and Robert Downey Jr! Goes to show some women do fancy the guy! I am thrilled with the rapport established between Obama and GG Jean; even Ignatieff’s meeting was solid. I have to wonder if this will help establish an ending to our decades of partisan politics – wishful thinking on my behalf. Also have to wonder how long it will be before the Obamas buy a cottage on Lake Rosseau and join the other beautiful people????!!!! :)

  9. Waste of his time and our (whats left of it) money

    • What a refreshing view of two leaders of two amazing countries. Thank-you for the amazing pictures.

  10. Very nice photos expressing the true image of Canada abroad.Proud to be an exiled Canadian in the USA.

  11. It was great to have President Obama choose Ottawa as his first International visit. He is very charismatic and I think he will do great things. I think his visit was a great success. The only negative comment I have is I was a little put off by the fact that Prime Minister Harper began his address in French! This bilingual issue is really getting out of hand. When did French become the First official language and who decided that he should start his address in French?

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  13. I am one of those lucky elderly Canadians who manage to escape the ice and snow annually – nearly 30 years in Ottawa made me like that! But I have just come out of a Mexican hospital after a near-brush with death, and I can honestly tell you that your pictures and bylines of President Obama’s reception and experiences in his visit to Canada were the greatest “Feel-Good” gift that anyone could have given me! Thank you Madame Jean, thank you PM. Harper, thank you RCMP, thank you Byward Market, and thank you, the crowds who turned out to greet the new President. You have all made me feel so proud.
    Kenneth Irons, C.D.
    Chief Warrant Officer (ret’d.)
    Band of the Ceremonial Guard.