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The Week in Pictures

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The Week in Pictures

  1. Man, why are they making her do that in heeled boots?

  2. Since the Great Britain ordered to chop a piece of land from India and gave to the Muslim and become Pakistan for over half of the century now, and the country is still in this shape!! Canada, USA and GB allowed Pakistan to grow opium and sell it for medical purpose 300 million tons/year so they can use it to ‘develop’ the country. Where is the money go? The first agreement for 30 years, after 9/11 the USA need Pakistan to cooperate to fight Al Quaida, then our Western countries agreed to extend another 30 years of opium growth for this country. 300 million tons per year = $$$$ millions, billions, what did the Pakistan government do with the money?

  3. pic # 7: OMG,. Religions are far out crazy, the inconsciable barbaric rituals that they brain wash the kids with, this is child abuse at its extreme, these people should be arrested immediately, and thrown in jail, and throw the key away.!!!!!!

    • so is pic # 15, to me being hidden that way is terrorism, you have no ideal who is under there, with a gun, perhaps….Ahhhh, religions: sick

      • Religion may be sick, but interpreting a modest face covering that has been a tradition for many years as a form of terrorism is just ignorant. To me, you are just as sick.

  4. Monkeys are evil.