Week in Pictures: Feb. 27th – Mar. 4th, 2009

The best pics of the last seven days


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Week in Pictures: Feb. 27th – Mar. 4th, 2009

  1. Hey The first photo of the elephant really deserves comment and context.
    So here is an exert from a 2 year old blog of mine:

    Elephant Marches
    We are leaving Kerala …. and the Elephant Marches behind. The elephants are used extensively in the Hindu festivals and we see 4 of these large, beautiful and decorated beasts together – and there are posters with many more at a time marching. We did not stop to take photos …. a story in the news paper was headlined “13 killed in one month by angry elephants”. Stomped and/or gored. We are on the elephants side:
    It seems these poor animals are driven for days without food and water – so there will be no waste products coming from the elephants during the ceremonies. While there is awareness of the issue – hence the media stories – it has been allowed to continue like so many untoward things in the support of religion!

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