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Were you satisfied with the substance of the PM’s throne speech?


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Were you satisfied with the substance of the PM’s throne speech?

  1. Same old “RHETORIC”. See how great we are !

  2. Canadians citizens didn’t like their hard earn dollars (as the taxpayer ) to be cheated by the trio Scandal Senator over their alleged set up elaborate scheme to claim their improper housing and travel etc. it was the fundamental affront to the Canadian- Citizens ‘ democracy , to express their concern and support the motion over the next Tuesday to remove those trio scandal senators out of that Red Chambers unit.. This Morning shown Scandal Pamela Wallin speaks with Prime Minister Steven Harper during an election -campaign rally in 2011 in Winnipeg Free Press with Senator Wallin’s intimate- eyes’ obsession to greet PM. . Then February of 2013 that PM Steven Harper been support Wallin ‘s travel claim was accordingly within the area which she spent .( which been imagine by the opponents as the outrage reply ) Culprit Senator Mike Duffy//Nigel -Wright ( former chief staff for PM office ) been lately under the RCMP’s investigation and seiged the pair ‘s last 4 years E-mail as the connection of how to cheat the public purse to foot the bill for that Tory’ election- campaign purpose. The critics always had their ” never forget memories that trio Scandal Senator been contributed. .

    • Enough already about the 4 senators (you forgot Mac Harb). They’ve been suspended or about to be suspended without pay. Charges should be laid and they should be dealt with severely.
      You dwell on the few $100 thousand that they may have misspent but like so much of the media you hardly cover the $$billions the likes of McGuinty in Ontario misappropriated. Please a little perspective and look at the bigger picture; don’t be so small minded!!

      • McGuinty is gone, and where still stuck with looking at harper bake every day. maybe harper should take a walk in the snow as well, and we wouldn’t be commenting about him all the time. And bother way, Harb done the honorable thing, whether you like it or not, resigned and payed back his bill, and not looking for another tax dollar, while your buddies(duffy, wallin, and brazman) are still sucking the taxpayers dry. That renders your comment redundant(useless).

        • Haha, McGuinty’s gone but so are the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars he defrauded Ontarians of. And conveniently the Liberal’s are still in power in Ontario continuing to do exactly what McGuinty did all those years: misspending tax dollars in a brazen effort to stay elected.

          There’s one thing that Liberals all across this country have proven time and time again to stand for. They love to spend our money to stay in power. That’s always been the Liberal goal, and it has nothing to do with what’s best for the country.

          • And the exact same thing would have happened if Hudak has taken the reins – he too promised to cancel them (in fact, if memory serves me correctly, he first suggested it & the Liberals followed when they saw how much traction that stance was earning the PCs).
            So, Rick – are you suggesting ON should have swung NDP?

        • “bother way”??? Do you perhaps mean “by the way”?

  3. The idea of forcing the cable companies to unbundle TV channels and allow consumers to pick and choose the channels they want will be popular amongst the electorate. But I don’t see this becoming law any day soon. Rogers and Bell and their compatriot companies will fight this tooth and nail. They have shown their resolve to face down the government before and will surely do so again.

    • The important thing is that the people BELIEVE that they have a choice, and that distracts them from anything of real importance.

      Anyone who has a brain would have said “Hey! WHAT A RIPOFF!” years ago, and spent a couple hundred bucks on an antenna and a channel-master, and that would have ended the cable TV scam a long, long time ago.

      In the meantime, while we praise ourselves and pat ourselves on the back for doing what we should have done 30 years ago “but didn’t think it was important enough to worry about”, we ignore the steady devaluation of the Canadian dollar, the steady erosion of ALL of the world’s fiat currencies as ALL governments are wildly inflating their currencies–DROPPING THEIR VALUE–to make sure that in the race to the bottom, we all hit bottom “at roughly the same time” so that the global financial fraud can continue unseen by the masses.

      We can keep ignoring the failed “global war on drugs” while the US military controls 80% of the entire planet’s heroin production and distribution.

      We can keep ignoring the erosion of the educational and health systems.


      We managed to cut our cable costs a tiny fraction. Whoo-Hoo!!! We’ve done something incredibly significant!


    • I think the unbundling was going to come from the industry anyway, with or without “encouragement” from the government. The TV business has changed dramatically since the 80’s, and I think the cable companies have finally come to realize that they’d actually make more money by allowing single channel subscriptions. The average consumer is far more likely to pay an extra $2/month for AMC, as an example, than to pay $10/mo for AMC and a bunch of other channels they don’t watch.

      I use AMC as an example because their subscriptions went WAY up, just for Breaking Bad. People likely wouldn’t watch anything else on that channel, but would be very likely to subscribe just for the 1 hour per week that Breaking Bad was on.

  4. Did any of your readers notice a little thing called the ‘Free Trade Deal’ with the EU?
    This will only add $$billions and huge job creation with a significant and positive effect on both Canada and the EU.
    Please people don’t be blinded by the small mindedness and the ‘mom & pop’ issues that a majority of Canadians and the CBC by the way report every night.
    The cable companies will unbundle and the senators will have their day in court as they should.
    Look at the huge picture…don’t be so petty!!

    • The huge picture is that the ‘Free Trade Deal’ will do for Canada exactly what NAFTA did, which is to cost us many thousands of jobs, and bankrupt many businesses in Canada. Talk to the dairy industry, and the Beef industry, and many other businesses about how they view this debacle. The only way we can now be competitive, is if Canada subsidizes all these industries as the Europeans do, which of course means raising taxes, which in turn negates any possible gains we may see through increased trade. I speak from experience, as my family used to be rose growers. Today I don’t think you can find a Canadian rose grower anymore, as they have been eliminated by the free importation of South American roses, which sell for a small fraction of what Canadian grown roses used to sell for, due to basically slave labour in South America. The same situation will play out with this agreement, and provide a huge and wealthy market to Europeans, while destroying Canadian business. The only business that may benefit for a while is retail, but after a while that too will suffer as unemployed people don’t spend very much at retail other than basic needs. Way to go Stevie! Biggest Canadian “MISTAKE” in history!!

      • Actually, the biggest Canadian mistake ever was when Joseph Harris Harper didn’t have sense enough to wear one of those little rubber things…

        EDIT: 7 votes up…and 3 Catholics. d;o)

      • You are utterly delusional if you believe that free trade has damaged the Canadian economy. I can’t speak to the specifics of the Rose Growing industry, because like 99.99999999999% of Canadians, I just want to be able to buy a damn rose if I care to, and if “slave labour” (what they call a “job” down there) in South America is what provides me a rose, I’m happy.

        Frankly, the reason your family is out of business because you couldn’t compete with South Americans in the same industry. Do you really expect all of Canada to over-pay Roses for eternity just to subsidize your family? That’s a shockingly selfish outlook on the world, frankly.

    • The “huge picture” (that most people don’t ever even think about) is that Canada never used gold for currency. We stopped using silver in 1967. We stopped using copper in 1996, and we made that official in 2012 when we stopped making pennies and began “quietly recalling” them all.

      At the moment, we’re all well aware that we can no longer afford to use paper–WHICH ACTUALLY DOES GROW ON TREES!!!–as our currency, which the vast majority of people “believes” is “money.”

      Add to this the fact that our “wonderfully forethoughtful government employees” made absolutely certain that it was “in our best interests” to completely sell off ALL of the Canadian gold reserves, so that we would NEVER be able to have a soundly backed currency ever again…and that deal was done in the 80’s.

      Prices on EVERYTHING have at least tripled since then, and yet, the vast majority of us DON’T EVEN CARE about WHY everything is getting so much more expensive, even as they’re complaining that they’re too busy trying to find a way to make ends meet than to look up “unimportant little things like that.”

      But keep blaming foreign trade partners for the fact that we ALLOW OUR EMPLOYEES to sign these trade pacts without our consent. The longer we continue to completely ignore the METHODS EMPLOYED TO DEFRAUD US, the longer we’ll keep being stolen from…and not far away, we’ll all have all of the nothing we could possibly want in our accounts.

      They even put that into the 2013/14 budget on page 144/145!

      • I hear about gold backed economies all the time. Can you explain to me what attribute that one particular metal has that other’s don’t that gives it intrinsic value? The entire premise behind ditching gold as a standard was the fact that humanity realized that things, other than gold, have value too.

        • If you’ll pardon me being blunt….BULLSHIT!

          The “entire premise behind ditching gold” was that since the bankers kept creating more and more fiat paper that people “believe is money”, they no longer had any chance to repay their debts which the bills represented. When the US dollar was backed by gold, the notes were “promissory notes”, specifically intended as “claim checks on stored gold.”

          If you don’t understand the difference between currency and money, and you don’t understand the FRAUD which inflation actually is, you need to do a hell of a lot of research, and there’s not much more time for you to learn the difference.

          Canada has NEVER used gold as a circulating currency. We no longer use silver, copper, and we’re even trying to ditch PAPER.

          Ask yourself an honest question: How much does a digital zero or one benefit you? Can you melt it down and form it into an engine block? Can you cook it up and eat it? Can you even prove that a digital zero or one even exists the real world? Of course not…but people WILL accept something of no value, which doesn’t even exist, because it’ll be “more convenient than using something exists to buy something that exists.”

          If you REALLY want a single “attribute”, is that’s gold, silver, copper…THEY ACTUALLY EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD!

          Want more? Find out how much of a given metal exists on the planet, and you can rank them in “value” based on their rarity, or their utility.

          • Heh. I do find that kind of funny.

            I can’t make gold into an engine block, and I certainly can’t eat it. I can prove it exists, of course, but as promissory note doesn’t point to any particular bit of it in existence, I can’t use it to say that it entitles me to any specific thing that I *can* point to.

            Of course, part of the problem with that form of hard currency is that value is not constrained by the physical nature of the universe.

            Give me a pencil and paper (or electronic forum) and I can create something of some very little value.

            Hand the same physical objects to someone like Alan Turing, say, and the value he could create with them is astounding.

          • Another thing that very few people know, understand, or even CARE ABOUT AT ALL is how “paper currency” was created in the first place. Until they understand that, they’ll never understand the FRAUD that they base their futures on.

            At one point, gold was used as money. It got heavy after a while, so the goldsmiths said “Hey! We’ll store your gold for you in our vaults. That way, you can just come get it when you need it, and it’ll be safe and secure…in OUR vaults.”

            Eventually, people began using the “claim checks” as they used to use gold. It was a LOT easier to carry, and their gold was still secured in someone else’s vault, so they knew it was safe.

            Now, at some point, the goldsmiths did a little math, and they found that only 10% of people’s gold was actually moving in and out of the vault, and 90% of the gold simply sat there, collecting dust. THIS is when “bank fraud” was born!

            The goldsmiths started issuing more “claim checks” than they actually had gold in their vaults. This is currently called “fractional reserve banking”, and in reality, is nothing more than “counterfeiting.”

            The more “claim checks”, or in our case, “fiat bank notes”, are created, the less “real value” they represent, as the vault can still only hold so much “real value”…but their computers? Those things can hold ANYTHING! There is no limit!

            This is what is REALLY happening across the planet these days. ALL “central banks” are printing their fiat currencies like they’re running out of ink…but there’s nothing in their vaults to back it up.

            Eventually, people are going to wake up, realize that there’s something “not quite right going on”, and they’re going to run back to the banks to “get their money”, just as the villagers did long, long ago, when they ran back to the goldsmiths to get their gold.

            THAT is when people will finally understand what “banking fraud” really is.

            But not a second before.

          • Oh please. Sure, it was fraud then, because people generally expected that those notes granted them a certain amount of gold or some other commodity. Call me when you’ve caught up with 21st century, because nobody with half a brain and a smidgen of education believes that any more.

            People are well aware that currency is simply a representation of trust. A roofer wants bacon, but the butcher doesn’t need his roof done. The butcher does need his fridge fixed, however, so he’ll give the roofer bacon in exchange for money. That money he can give to the repairman who doesn’t happen to need bacon, but does need a new TV. The repairman gives the money to the store.. that gives it to their employees.. who give it to various other people, and somewhere along the way, somebody needs a roofer. Currency is simply a measure of trust: You can trust that I’ve provided a service worth a value of this much to someone in exchange for the service you’re providing me now. That service doesn’t have to go to the original provider, rather just to someone who needs it, and who can prove — through their acquisition of money, that they’ve given service to someone else.

            It’s not that there’s something “not quite right” going on, it’s that you simply don’t understand modern notions of value.

            I mean, hell, those “non-existant” bits and bytes you talk about are also used in computer programs, and have done things that have *vastly* improved the human condition and hold the potential to do the same many times over. I’m speaking of the data collected and analyzed in the genome project.

            But with your overly simplistic view of the world, those things have no actual value because they’re not physical at all. It’s hogwash. Value comes from human use and benefit. There needn’t be a physical component of something to create that. So it makes no sense that we constrain the amount of value present in the world to an arbitrary amount dictated by the supply of a commodity.

            Maybe it made sense when it was so difficult to create anything of value without there being a physical component. But we’re a long way from those times. Try to keep up.

  5. Typical politics. All talk and no action. Or watered down to a point where no progress is made.

    Lips a moving do not make tangible results.

  6. substance?

    • Yeah, substance: “The stuff he drank, smoked, swallowed, injected or otherwise ingested before he stood up there flapping his gums thinking that anyone who’s got a set of three or more firable synapses would BELIEVE what he was saying.”

    • So rather than just voting “no”, you decided to post a “comment” that consisted of a single word followed by a question mark? It’s quite ironic that your “comment” on “substance” was so bloody lacking in substance.