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What do you suppose NASA’s Curiosity rover will discover on Mars?


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What do you suppose NASA’s Curiosity rover will discover on Mars?

  1. What do you suppose NASA’s Curiosity rover will uncover on Earth? That Science works and team-work is better than rugged individualism.

    • I’m fascinated by the number of people who believe ‘absolutely nothing’ will be discovered.

      Probably the same percentage of people who scoffed at Columbus. And Vanini. And Galileo.

      • Yes, that Columbus was a real genius. The way he sailed straight to India with all its riches was amazing! And Vanini! With his astonishing discovery of ???? Of all the giants in the history of philosophy and science it would be difficult to come up with lamer examples than those two.

        • Since you don’t know anything about any of them, it hardly matters.

          • What a clever person you are! Your ad hominem reply shows a complete lack of ability to form a cogent argument. Thanks for revealing more about yourself by attacking me. Sofa king funny.

          • Um….yer the one attacking ME, dude.

            I just return fire.

          • I attacked your statement, not you. Google or look up ad hominem for further enlightenment.

          • No dude, you’re attacking me….on this and the other thread.

            And it isn’t the first time.

            The topic here is Mars and Curiosity….not me. Focus.

  2. Like Emily above, I’m shocked by how many people think that Curiosity will discover “nothing”. It’s a WHOLE OTHER PLANET people. How much do people think we know about Mars exactly??? NASA could probably send up a rover designed by eighth graders and discover SOMETHING new about the red planet. Hell, they’ve probably already made a discovery or two just from the pictures it’s already sent back.

    • True. But, as with anything, you don’t know how other people are interpreting “absolutely nothing.” Given that two of the four choices had “life” in the response, one could be forgiven for assuming that people who responded “nothing” were thinking along those lines. When it comes to Maclean’s online quizes, its usually better to blame the questions than the respondents.

  3. I’d love to see a photograph of tiny little picketing Martians holding banners which read;
    “Go Home! Mars for martians!”

  4. If NASA’s budget were increased one thousand fold, do you believe that it might eventually be possible, given sufficient time and resources, that intelligent life MIGHT eventually be found on Earth?

    Looking around…I say it’s 50/50 at best…

    • There is intelligent life on earth. Somebody started all the trouble were in.

  5. Let
    the Americans burn their billions in war and space ventures and its people to
    end up with nothing. It can’t even afford health security for all its citizens.