What do you think about the phase out of the penny?


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What do you think about the phase out of the penny?

  1. What a rigged poll, there is no supportive choice.

    • Both the “Just the Start” and “Couldn’t care less” are vaguely supportive, but I do agree. As usual though, Maclean’s runs into problems with their polls when they add the secondary clauses.

      As it’s a completely open online poll, however, it’s completely worthless in any event, so I wouldn’t waste any time worrying about it.

  2. How bout we actually worry and change something serious like ending subsidies and tax breaks for companies who send jobs overseas?

  3. we should phase out the harper goverment in 2015.

  4. Terrible poll. I can’t simply agree it is a good idea. I have to support phasing out the nickle as well, or support some crabby choice.

  5. The penny exists to pay sales taxes. Liberal Ontario for one, will now raise the provincial portion of the HST to grab the extra 2 cents. Then they will waste it as usual.

    • I’d be impressed if the Liberals in Ontario raised their portion of the HST, as it’s arguably both the right thing and the smart thing for the province to do given the state of government finances and the economy.

      That said, has anyone in the Liberal party in Ontario even suggested that they have any such intentions? I don’t think anyone’s even floated it as a trial balloon, but I could be wrong.

  6. Har! Makes no sense…..

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