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What do you think is next for Jean Charest?


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What do you think is next for Jean Charest?

  1. The last thing we need in this country is another political hack from Quebec, who was deeply involved in the rampant corruption that is Quebec, anywhere on the Federal Political scene.

    • Yeah, but the con hacks go straight to the Senate.

  2. He left the federal Conservative party to be a Quebec Liberal. I think he’s done in politics.

  3. I dont buy that Jean Charest had anything to do with corruption in Quebec, something that was there long before Jean arrived and will probably still be there, as it is in other provinces to some degree, decades from now.
    Indeed, I think Mr. Charest is a real statesman who left N.B. to help the federal cause in Quebec and due to his leadership for 10 years we haven’t had to deal with separation referenda (YAY). IMHO, Jean would make a good candidate for Prime Minister regardless of which party he headed. He is articulate, intelligent and perfectly bilingual. I’m very grateful to Mr. Charest for serving Canadian unity’s interests in Quebec and I sincerely thank him and I wish him well on whatever path he chooses.