What do you think of David Johnston’s nomination as Canada’s next governor general? - Macleans.ca

What do you think of David Johnston’s nomination as Canada’s next governor general?



What do you think of David Johnston’s nomination as Canada’s next governor general?

  1. Most certainly an unnecessary expense to this country. Like appointed Senators, they do not serve the Canadians well.

    • Agree 100%

    • Some of us are proud of our heritage and what is represented by the GG and the Queen, apparently others are not!

  2. I agree it is an expense we don't need in this day and age. If we need to have a Governor General then that person should be serving all the provinces instead of the added expense of each province having their own Lt. Governor.

    As for the choice – I think he will do a good job.

  3. I am also proud of our heritage, but after the insult presented to not only Canada but to the Queen by the past GG's spouse, I think it's time to get rid of the the embarrassing position. Then only the PM can be held in contempt by true Canadians.

    We could also get rid of the useless senate or find people who are voted in and can manage to stay awake to perform their duties.

  4. The Governor General does serve a useful if at the same time symbolic position. The Re-definition of her involvment as an official representative of The Canadian Government can be a very wonderful tool across the world without the partisanship inherent in political parties and their ephemeral terms in office. Yes The Queen is another symbolic part of Canada's history. But The Prime Minister, in day-to-day existence, is just as useless as The Queen, to the ordinary Canadian. Yet, he, like The Queen and GG., they all do have their own specific part of The Canadian Mosaic.

  5. A straight white guy for once!

    • What do you mean for once? Before the last two GGs, all the others were straight white guys!

      • Except for Jeanne Sauve

        • Sue's right. Don't forget Jeanne Sauve! Still, that means that 67/70 GGs were straight, white guys!

  6. My comments are made by first saying that I have the greatest respect for the current Governor General and I believe that she has done a great job.
    When the second Governor General in a row was a prominent media person, I was more than a little disappointed. I realize that the GG is generally little more than a figurehead, but I was expecting somebody with more of a connection to the country. I was hoping for somebody who had served the country well perhaps in foreign service or in the military.
    It appears that Mr. Johnston has served the country well as an academic, and has been called on in the past because of his knowledge and ability. I applaud the selection.

  7. Canadians like to be different from the U.S. This is something that really makes us different and yet people have a field day dumping on the monarchy. It's an easy target. Really though, I don't see what the big deal is.

  8. Canada is no longer a rich old white guy's country…I think first of all a women is a better choice. I can hardly imagine this new guy going to a rubble-strewn Haiti to hug little kids and tell them he cares….Am I happy about the new GG? No, what a horrible choice for a figure head that needs to relate Canada to the rest of the world…Am I surprised? No, old privileged white guys are generally friends with other old privileged white guys…..What a waste of money!!!


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  10. Mr. Johnston is an excellent choice and it is good to see someone with previous work in the community getting this role. He has no image aspirations and, he is also capable of understanding his role and performing responsibly and effectively. A few past GG's were partisan appointees who exploited the limelight and lived and travelled extensively at taxpayers expense providing little or no benefit to Canada.

  11. If he is like Carolina Johnstons, he will serve you all well. Our clan moto, never un prepaired