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What do you think of the government’s handling of Tamil asylum-seekers in B.C.?


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What do you think of the government’s handling of Tamil asylum-seekers in B.C.?

  1. Fake 'refugees' like these migrants are here to take advantage of us, they must be sent back immediately. Fake refugees undermine our compassion for real refugees.

    • How do you know that they are fake?

      • How would you know that they are not fake and why Canada, why not Chili?

    • Quick, someone appoint this guy/gal to the refugee board. He can spot a faker over the interwebs!

    • ok there…. thatz y they wasted 3 months of their lives on a cramped up boat. with risking th lives of the little children and adults. y do u think they came? because of the war in sri lanka.every day the Tamils have to live their lives wondering when it will be their last. they just want a safe place to live, to call their home. wat threat r they? they are just Tamil minorities wanting a safe life for their families. so u tell me… how they r fake.

      • Why didn't they come through our welcoming 'front' door then?
        Did it for the 'sympathy' factor and they risked their kids and their own lives – not our responsibility.

      • It seems to me that the Tamils were the first organisation to use their children as suicide bombers. And as far as a threat we have already seen Tamil extortion and violence in Canada. Some of these people use Canada as a safe haven to carry out their terrorism in Sri Lanka.

  2. I think they are doing a decent job of handing it. It could be much worse.

    • They let the ship dock in Canada. How much worse can it get?

      • They had to let it dock.
        Cripes the CDN-LSM would be having kittens called victims by the hour otherwise, we'd never hear the end of their glee at a bleeding-heart headlines that would attack the sitting minority government like coalition of fools on crack with rocket launchers. AND that's just not good for our country, since the LSM is the sitting gov.s avowed enemy anyway.
        Much better this way. Take good care of them – then send them back.

  3. Seriously, am I reading these vote results correctly? More people think they should show more compassion???????I do not believe it, on every comment section on several different news agencies it is at least 95% who think they should never of landed or absolutely should be sent back immediately. Where on earth did this figure come from?
    Is it a Liberal convention I don't know about?

    • Welcome to another blog of bleeding heart socialists who hate the conservatives.

    • Most of the people who write against the Tamil refugees are well organized team of hired people in fake names, paid by Srilankan govt. The general Canadians are compassionate people, who likes to wait for the Canadian govt.'s decision to investigate the refugees as to what happened to them in Srilanka and why they are fleeing by taking so much risks. The Canadian people are not like people from third world countries. They respect human values and are decent people.

      • Proof or just another wild accusation to shut down debate on the illegal immigration and attack on Sri Lanka?

        • Bingo!

      • Wake up dreamer, what you are saying in fact is that people from third world countries do not respect human values and are not decent people. Based on your opinions, tell us why should we decent Canadians allow these people from third world countries to enter our country free of charge and at our costs.

      • Yes Aron it's the TRUTH. China helps Sri Lanka to do that.

        • Tamil tiger plant!

      • Are you a paid shill for the Tamil Tigers? Most Canadians would prefer that our tax dollars are spent making life better for Canadian citizens, not terrorists from another country.

      • Let me see if I understand this correctly. If Canadians continue to permit the free flow of people from third world countries (your words), do we not risk becoming more like these very people, and therefore a third world country?
        After all, for some unfathomable reason, some in Canada are encouraging these people to bring their culture and traditions along and nourish these philosophies at great public expense.
        Consider that in many instances we are encouraging the growth of the very existence from which these people are escaping.
        We should instead ask, why do they want to come here? Could it be that they admire our existing culture (if indeed Canadians even have a culture), or that they admire our open spaces (because so far, Canadians have not indulged in massive over population), or maybe because we still have some clean air and clean water (again because we've so far been sensible enough to restrict our population growth)?
        Canada is still one of the few places which can claim some degree of open space and wilderness, some areas of smog-free skies and clean air, areas of clean and abundant water, areas suitable for agriculture, and so forth.
        Where do we go when we've wasted all this; when we've ceded to those who have chosen not to care for their own countries; who through rampant and unrestricted population explosion have destroyed everything in their wake; and whose irresponsibility has ruined everything they've encountered? What will we do then? Who will help us? Where will we go?
        We do not need a single additional non-productive person added to the Canadian soil or someone who so far has contributed absolutely nothing to our social system. If we can't afford to look after those who are already paying the bill, then we surely can't afford to take on more who have not, are not, and likely will not be able to fully pay their own way in the future.
        If none of this sinks in then ask yourself a single question: Can our children afford to pay for our myopic vision?

        • Excellent and well thought out post…Well said .!

        • Bravo Spock2009, you've captured what many of us think, but can't put into words. Thank you!

      • Then I guess the Srilankan government doesn't have my address to send me my cheque – because I haven't got anything from them!!!!

    • I think that the political affiliation of respondents to this type of poll should be indicated as it is obvious from this one that most of the responses come from the left. I agree with "in myopinion" as most of the comments I've read think that these boat people should never have been allowed to land. Perhaps Macleans should consider asking for political leanings before running this type of poll . The left always responds with the political correct answer while the right respond with reality.

      • Dence or what?
        The poll is a joke, AND then you lefties GINNED it up!
        LOL ever time you hit refresh it allows you to vote again…I know I tried it and it allowed a second vote by me on the same session.
        Lame asses take it seriously…when in two seconds and F5, you should know which side the bread is buttered!

    • You are right, most of the country thinks they should not be accepted as refugies. This vote pertains to the people who most read this magazine, dare I say Liberal!!

  4. Inmyopinion…..it shows that the majority of people who follow MacLeans are left leaning ideologues.

    • No kidding, just take a look at the "stories" The happy fluff of Ignatieff's bus tour, Then we have the other side of the coin – Harper's "musical", Why Harper thinks he smarter….., Harper's summer according to non of your business, etc., etc., – well go for it Macleans, at least I don't have to pay my Tax money towards your agenda, like I do with CBC!

    • Not only are they left leaning, they have become so indoctrinated into hating our PM they regularly exhibit cognitive dissonance.


      When will you right-wing shills realize that namecalling and putting words in the mouths of those you disagree with will never win anyone over? If anything, it will alienate some of your fellow tories. This is why Stephen Harper will never win a majority.

      • Oh dear, have you been to rabble lately?
        Oh wait they deleted and ban all opposing opinions and IP's while leaving the lefties vile name calling there!!
        Glad I don't have to pay for this media for the lefties either, sick of the Billions of dollars per a year I already support- CBC.

  5. Since there's no category for The government has engaged in appalling, fear-mongering, divisive, propaganda, I had to tick the first box.

    • Well if you're so confident, bring all these fine people over to your house

    • The shame! The shame, Canada won't allowe terrorist supporing families in anymore….boo hoo, snif snif…

  6. You don't have to be a left-leaning hippie to think that the government has been way out of line. Suggesting that these people are terrorists when you're not even within a mile of the boat is the height of irresponsible.

    All the Cons would have to do to "show more compassion" in this case would be to behave with basic grown-up common sense.

    • Then why can't they go through our welcoming and accommodating 'front door' and yes your sentiment makes you a left-leaning thinker. A Hippy ? thought they were extinct? – well anyway that's your call.
      They have to follow the rules they are not destitute – their homeland is thriving, it's because THEY want to rule and didn't win previous attempts to do so by terrorism…what's not to get here? So you'd let osama and his whole clan in if they arrrived in boats tomorrow?

      • was 9/11 not enough we should be bringing better people in this country that contribute not refugees that feed of us an d by the way i am a immigrant myself my father payed to come to canada for a better life not to feed of other peoples hard work

  7. Canada is ruled by law, not by a Monarch or dictator. And based on our law and international obligation, what we have done to the refugees this time is correct as every other time expect turning back of Jews and Indians.

    We have a choice, and yes we can change the law. The moment we do that, we are on par with China, Burma and Iran when comes to Human Rights. I do not want to see my country in that class of countries.

    • Thank you

    • Well said Mr. Singh. Canada is a No. 1 country in the World. It can't take decisions like a third world country. Canadian's values should reflect on the govt.'s decisions.

    • Exactly, Mr. Shngh.

    • well maybe we should have a dictator..or at least a PM who has some gonads and says enough is enough…get to the back of the line …mate…. and await your turn…any one pulling a stunt like these "refugees should be banned forever
      have nice day

    • then I suggest you find another country

  8. Canada is land of Migrants…. from 1000 years agon Nordic moigrated and 200 years agao europeans came.. then chinese, indians, and now sri lankan Tamils are coming here….. if they are really endangered for life in Sri Lanka.. it is right to take those…. if u dont want those people come from there. y not Canada talk about this issues with other nations in G8 and make a solution for those people in their country.. then they wont come here. lets see after that.. if they come here once their problem solved. then its right to send them back. because they are safe in back home…

    • Beautiful comment. You have wisely said. Very sharp mind. This is what the Tamils and other suffered people want. Where were you all sleeping, when the tyrants like Nazi Hitler and President Mahinda Rajapakse massacreing people. Now you wake up, the moment, the escapees running to-wards Canada for Asylem. Thanks for this comment. Canada can't repeat the same mistake, they did against the ship load of 900 Jewish people during the World War 2. We are in the 21 st Century and people are developed. The Communication technology is within minitues away from any part of the world.

    • The truth is, these Tamils are not some innocent refugees fleeing the war, which is no more. They are part of a well-orchestrated human smuggling operation carried out by well-organized LTTE international network, to keep their lucrative businesses alive. The rest of the world is already aware of this global human smuggling operation, masterminded by the LTTE. That is the reason why countries like Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia refuse to accept these LTTE boats full of bogus refugees. Canada should learn from Australia, which had turned this very same boat away from their territorial water, knowing exactly that this boat is part of the LTTE human smuggling operation. Kudos to Australia for their stand against human smuggling…

      • "lankaweb" is a Sinhalese owned website/newspaper, and ONLY publishes news given by Srilankan Govt. Read any other international newspapers you will understand what is happening in Srilanka. How the hell you know that it is an LTTE ship even before it arrived?

        • I have listed many sources that don't include Iankaweb. Have you included any sources to dispute the facts from the lawyers and the miracle ship?

          Are you suggesting all Sinahlese papers are biased and incapable of telling the truth?

          I have included a list of many countries including the European Union that do not accept the story about unsafe conditions.

          I don't have ANY agenda other than sharing my personal opinion to protect Canada against ALL illegal human trafficking operations. Mexico and Hungary has Visa enacted because of a serious pattern of fraudulent refugee claims.

          Do you agree we should treat everyone equally that applies for asylum?
          Do you think it is reasonable to brand those critical as racists or Sinhalese puppets?

          I don't live in Toronto or Ottawa but many fellow citizen were upset and no longer have compassion after the protests.

          A suspected LTTE vessel carrying over 200 illegal immigrants including hardcore LTTE leaders set sail from the Gulf of Thailand to Canada last week, Prof. Rohan Gunaratna told the Sunday Observer from his office in Singapore.

          He said several governments were monitoring the ship, MV Sun Sea, to determine its possible destination and prevent entry without detection since the ship was believed to be carrying a group of LTTE leaders. MV Sun Sea earlier known as Harin Panich 19, is captained by an LTTE Sea Tiger leader Vinod and manned by a 24-member crew. http://www.sundayobserver.lk/2001/pix/PrintPage.a

          Tamils' highway closure was 'wrong way to protest': Ont. premier

          Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2009/05/11

        • At present, 90% of the refugees resettled every year are accepted by the United States, Canada and Australia. All European countries together provide roughly six per cent of the world's resettlement opportunities.

    • IQBAL SELVAN (like you monkier btw) just one fact that I must address – Europeans arrived in Canada, (not by that name then) 400 years ago.
      That's why Quebec City had it's 400 year birthday celebration, remember?

      Oh and sorry one more little fact: They are NOT in danger in their homelands, not the kids, not the farmers, fishers land dwellers of anywhere there, that's all a lie, all they have to do is denounce LTTE and stop with trying to overthrow the sitting government that's making the country prosperous right now. They didn't win any elections, LTTE so they terrorized, we should not support their families and that's exactly who's on that boat. Who else whould it be from that country on this boat of pity?
      We were their second – and far away choice. Australia turned them away, as they know who they are.

    • Tamils are rebels and terrorists. Instead of running out on Sri Lanka why not stay and help build and support democracy, the same way most democracies on the world have had to do? My Scottish ancestors helped build this nation. Our first prime minister was a Scot. I hate to see the way Canada is going with its very liberal policies on allowing anyone from everywhere to claim refugee status. We have become a nation of wimps!! It is not our place to "arrange with G8 and other countries" to find solutions for Sri Lanka. That is why United Nations was formed is it not?

  9. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is acting in a very irresponsible manner. Even before the ship arrived he started to make statements claiming there are terrorists in the ship (like Srilankan government). The media copied it and exaggerated and started a negative campaign to feed the public anger. As a minister, he should have waited until RCMP conduct the investigations and come to any conclusions as to the validity of the statement made by Srilankan govt. It looks that he is working on Srilankan government's political agenda to cover up its war crimes by diverting the attention of the western nations, particularly US.

    • Yes. A very good comment. Govt. ministers should be careful in judging things.

    • And sucht a HUGE conspiricy with Government Ministers judging – the drama …

      And of course the staring role…ta dum, is the US…damn even when it's about us, turns out it's the EVIL Americans fault again..sigh.
      I'm crushed.

  10. Tamils are risking everything including their precious lives and their god given to reach relative safety and protection from more compassionate country like ours. It is time for us to show to the world every word we say we mean, and always ready lend whatever necessary to the most oppressed, in this case Tamils from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka adamantly on the defensive and work on the principle of burying the past as the best policy to avoid any surfacing of unhealed wounds even though as far as civilized world concerns such approach is not sustainable as for them it is absolutely necessary to deal with the past to serve justice to the victims so that real reconciliation between the communities in Sri Lanka as well as prevent other states of the world following the footsteps of ‘Sri Lankan Model'. Our country should do everything possible to address the root course which in the legitimate grievances of Tamils so that they do not need to flee searching protection from far away countries like ours tens of thousands kilometers away on most dangerous voyages in rusty near un sea worthy vessels like MV SUN SEA.

    • Because LTTE didn't win any elections so they terrorized the whole country causing much more damage that you'll ever bother to look into.
      What's going on is piracy- surprise surprise… and it can't foster here.
      Clean them up, take care of their needs, process them fast and send them back.
      Let them use the usual and right way to do this, through our front door like all the rest have to do.

    • Now lets see Jason. 1. UN High Commission for Refugees states Sri Lanka is no longer to be considered a source for refugees and has moved over 300,000 Tamils back to Sri Lanka. 2. This ship started from Thailand not Sri Lanka. 3. India has a state called Tamil Naidu where 60 million Tamils live, why not go there? 4. These Tamils paid between 20-50 thousand dollars to be taken to Canada and this money will be used to support the LTTE Tigers. 5. As we saw last summer Tamil Tigers are using Canada as a base for their civil war and Tamils disobeyed our laws by closing streets for weeks and finally the Gardiner Expressway, hardly law abiding good Canadians. 6. Tamil Tigers now in custody can not be deported as they have no papers. 7. All the "poor" refugees were well fed, clothed and in excellent shape. How did this happen after a 2 month voyage? 8. Over 71% of Tamil refugees return to Sri Lanka for vacations, business or to sponsor more Tamils.

      Starting to get the full picture yet. These are not refugees, they are queue jumpers, phonies, economic migrants and Canada is living up to its reputation as Hotel Canada, the sucker nation.

  11. Every body in Canada came from some where as a refugee at one point in time. people shoud not forget there past and blame the new comers. Do you know how they have suffered back in SriLanka to come here by risking their lives. please treat them as fellow human being. Don't put your harsh words or policy towards them.

    • Maybe the white Europeans but I am a North American Indian- my family is not from foreign soil- I have been persecuted for being native, my mother put in residential school- beat for speaking her native language- forced to bow down to a Catholic God- So don't paint all Canadians as immigrants or refugees- These people knowingly risked their lives – that shouldn't mean Canada opens her arms to them –

      • Bang on Alice, like the Indian grandmothers who's names were never recored in official books of the yesteryear, Indians of Canada today are never included in these issues. Still invisible.

    • Then let them apply for refugee status and the government can make a decision as to whether their application meets the legislated criteria or not. Seems like the 'cart is ahead of the horse' when you board a ship and land here and THEN have the process started. Just my thoughts.

  12. Don't you see your back ground. Are you a native indian? they only have the right to say what you said now. every body else came from some where around the word. If you are not a native indian you don't even have right to say what you have said

    • Are you a free speech censor? Who appointed you?

    • Re-read the comment – the issue is not immigrants, it's freebee seeking refugees!!

  13. These refugees are fleeing from persecution, abudtcion, rape and mass murder. If one in that situation only will understand the gravity of the situation and most of us may not understand.

    It is the failure of the International institutions and the International Community that create sufferings and pain for innocent people all over the world.

    Canada is a Great Land of immigrants and true Canadians must understand the sufferings of these people.

    • Can you link an article to back that up?
      Of all the Western countries, Canada has been the most favorable to the LTTE fund raising and illegal activities, thanks to its liberal and generous immigration and refugee policies – and scrupulous immigration lawyers/consultants who help them to exploit the system. This explains why Canada is the number one choice for the Tamil Tigers and for their bogus refugees, and why they avoid other countries like US, UK, Germany or Australia, where they would not allow LTTE-owned and operated boats, loaded with human cargo. Please watch the interview given by Mr. Martin Colacott, the former Canadian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, to the CTV news last night – which explains how LTTE is targeting Canada for its human smuggling operation. (http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Canada/20100812/refugee-system-tamils-canada-100812/ )

    • That's just a pure emotional opinion Thrama, there's a right way to do things and a wrong way.
      Do you lock your doors to your home when you leave or go to bed?
      Or leave your car unlocked full of your purchases, keys in the ignition?

      Read about LTTE please. They made war on their own soil – terrorized until the rest of the citizens finally put them all down and ELECTED a goverment that's now turning the country around and NOW (or is that again?) we should now house the terrorists's families? I don't think so…the last bunch is costing us millions and millions.
      We can't even get decent or accessable health care!

      • AMEN!!!!

    • be real
      we can't afford all these immigrants

    • For the record, I'm not an immigrant, I was born here. My parents and my grand parents were born here. Nothing in the most distorted imaginations can suggest that all Canadians are immigrants.
      It's quite likely that everyone on earth has ancestors which can be traced far enough to demonstrate that they originally came from somewhere else. It would be quite a stretch to simply call everyone an immigrant. So much so, that it would serve no purpose to even utter such nonsense.
      However, a simple review of history should provide enough information for even the most naive to learn of people who have lived in an area (a country) for a long period of time and whose influence has formed the basic structure on which the country functions. To discredit those people who, in terms of our founding Canadians, seem to have done a reasonable job in making our country a place when we can live with some degree of freedom, space, self-sufficiency, cleanliness, and health as simply one of the immigrants is short-sighted, naive, and insulting at best.
      We obviously don't need more people but we do need people who can contribute to our country in an unquestionably positive way. We definitely don't have the resources to encourage 'takers' or 'gimme' groups, resident or immigrant.
      Like society in general, there are no 'long term' benefits (to anyone) in encouraging irresponsible or destructive actions, which unfortunately, preoccupy the energies of far too many Canadians in an effort to be politically correct (an oxymoron).
      Unrestricted acceptance of immigrants is bad for our Country, regardless of your misguided reasoning or political stripe.

    • Many of these persons are not in those categories you mention. It is obvious to many of us who came as legal immigrants to Canada that it is 'Economic Refugeeism' more than anything else that brings them here.
      How is it that many 'boat people' or 'asylum-seeking' refugees fleeing all the conditions you list eventually go back to their home lands on vacation. If conditions were so traumatic why go back?

    • Not according to the UN.

      According to them it's safe there and they have been helping refugees return.
      These are economic refugees, and as such they should get in line and wait their turn.

  14. The unwarranted and vitriolic outbursts of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews are singularly unfortunate. Even though he had no first hand information about the 490 odd boat people, he was insinuating that the boat people are Tiger terrorists and human smugglers. No doubt these vituperative outbursts would have been sweet music to the ears of Rajapakse brothers who are running a Nazi style government under the cloak of democracy. For the information of the Minister let me tell him that LTTE was never in the business of human smuggling or drug trafficking. These are irresponsible accusations without a shred of hard evidence. There were no charges ever filed against any member of the LTTE in any courts in any part of the world, including Canada for human trafficking or drug smuggling. I challenge the Minister to come with the evidence and prove his statements. People don't realise that LTTE never wanted Thamils to migrate because that will deplete the Thamil population. Something the majority Sinhalese love to see. The LTTE lost the war because of paucity of new recruits among the numerically smaller Thamil Nation. At least now the Hon. Minister should guard his tongue and hold his peace and allow laws of Canada take its course.

    • “By 2000 the Toronto police Tamil Task Force estimated that Canada's largest city was home to as many as 8,000 members of Tamil terrorist factions, most notably the Tigers,” he stated.

      “Following the arrest of a number of Canadians of Sri Lankan Tamil origin on charges of trying to procure arms for the Tamil Tigers, it should come as no surprise that the FBI has identified Canada as a major source of illegal fundraising to the terrorist group.

      The Tigers have been able to achieve this for two reasons. Firstly, the federal Liberal government, in an effort to bolster support in the Tamil community, refused to classify the Tigers as a terrorist group despite several recommendations from CSIS to do so.

      This gave the Tigers the freedom to intimidate and extort money from the same Tamil community whose support the Liberals sought.

    • The captain of the ship DOES have a past as an arms procurer for the Tamil Tigers. Perhaps Toews jumped the gun, but it is not clear we are dealing with a bunch of boy-scouts here.

    • you must be from there also…or you wouldn't have that attitude

  15. Ship them somwhere else. We have enough problems with useless politicians. We don't need a boat load of more problems.

    • you got that right..don't even allow their bucket of bolts into our territorial waters

  16. These refugees came from the WAR Zone and I think we should use these refugees as witness to charge the Sri Lankan government for WAR CRIMES and genocide against Tamils.

    • In Kilinochchi, the former political and administrative nerve center of the Tamil Tigers, a toppled water tank once symbolized the wanton destruction caused by war. The tank is now obscured by a billboard for Highland milk; the ad is a vision of the future, the tank a vision of the past.

      Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,200

  17. Before the arival of the boat, Minister Vic Toews donated $50,000 from his ministry to 2 Srilankan Sinhala Buddhist temples in Toronto.
    How neutral is he regarding the Tamil migrants?

    • # A majority of Tamils ( over 1 million) live in Sinhala-majority areas, and all citizens, irrespective of their ethnicity have exactly the same political and civic rights, including parity of status for Sinhala and Tamil language. Here note that according to the CIA-fact book only about 5% of the population are Sri Lankan Tamils. Yet there are more than 10% Tamil-speaking MPs in the Sri Lankan parliament.
      # The US, UK and the European union have declared that Sri Lanka is now a safe destination free of conflict.

  18. Que jumping just doesn't seem to bother rabid lefties. Honour and integrity and honest are foreign concepts to them. This has nothing to do withl who they are but how they jumped the line. Fuzzification is a left wing loons best friend.

    • There is no ‘queue' for refugee claimants. Refugees are forced from their homes in emergency situations due to human rights abuses committed during wars, military occupations, or persecution against a minority group. We cannot expect refugees to wait for Canada to select them from overseas. We must understand that they undertake long and dangerous journeys to protect their lives and the lives of their families. According to the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees, to which Canada is a party, there are no penalties on refugees who arrive without pre-authorization and irregularly.

      • How do you know they are TRUE refugees?
        Australia didn't allow them in, you never questioned this.

  19. What was the GDP, infrastructure before the infux of those "fake people" from Europe?

    Will you gladly give up those fake people improvements including the internet and return to hunting?

  20. Those who are talking about or thinking about unwelcoming or send those migrants back, if they had an experience like these people had for not only few hours or days…months and years or what is the term of life and death then they won't say any word or won't react with their feelings. I think some of the questions need to be answered. Why? What? Who? When? You guys are living in developed country with freedom of speech, have easy access of everything you wish, you can have it. If any one of the nation did their part with proper way in positive and timly manner in last year, then it wouldn't be happen. We are living in 21st Century and still the genocide is happening everywhere. How or when it will end up? We are the slave for the technologies, but the lives of the human beings……….?????????

    • "You guys are living in developed country with freedom of speech, have easy access of everything you wish, you can have it…" Who exactly is "you guys" we canuks? You've set yourself apart from others, so who's the bigot here?

      And all the trapping that we enjoy and use, we work our asses off for it!! Think it's handed to us? Wake up! Our forefathers fought to ensure we have the freedoms that we do today; for many generations back we're worked hard for our families, selves and our country instead of warring with our OWN or our neighbours. Should try that sometime makes for a prosperous country.

      The rest of your comment is just lunacy for example: '…with genocid is happening everywhere…"

    • so Mavis I suppose you are speaking from experience?????

    • The Tamils fought a wrong war with their Government. They have been given more rights in their majority area of Srilanka still they needed separation from Sri Lanka which is inadmissible. Now they claim that they are refugees and paid $ 50000 for a trip which itself negate their claim as refugee. The Government should send them back to their own country so that they can start a good life their as the fighting has stopped there. If any one of them wan to come to Canada, they are most welcome and should come by completing all the necessary immigration formalities as all of us have done.

  21. "Ship them all back" is reactionary, nativist bull. Canada took this attitude in the 1930s when it turned away hundreds of Jewish refugees. The government painted them as frauds and economic opportunists, and warned that more Jews would follow if we let them in. Upon their return to Europe, many of them were subsequently murdered by their oppressors.

    Like the Jewish refugees aboard the St. Louis, these people claim to be fleeing persecution, kidnappings, brutal violence and mass murder. They deserve to have their claims heard on an individual basis. Those who are admitted will work and have kids and make a meaningful contribution to Canada. Those who do not work will suffer. And those who are not able to prove their refugee status will be sent home at great personal expense. This is the law, and if the Conservatives are not happy with the law they are in a perfect position to change it. Until then this is all pointless sensationalism.

    Impotent, racist siege mentality stirred up by cash-starved media outlets desperate for clicks.

    • You are a real dreamer…how long will we have to support these "refugees" look after our own first…or are you a bleeding heart

    • FYI
      The St. Louis never made it to Canada, it was destined for Havana, where the majority of refugees were denied entry by the Cuban and US government. Consequently, many nations refused landing to this vessel, including Canada.
      see: http://christianactionforisrael.org/antiholo/voya

      As far as I can tell from the available news coverage, the Tamil ship was directly targeting Canada as a destination, no other countries, including the US have been asked to receive these "refugees". So the situation is very different here. Nobody in retrospect would condone sending refugees to certain death in gas chambers, but we are not talking mass genocide here. Obviously yours was a nice attempt at creating heighten emotion to drive home an argument, the details however betray your argument.

  22. Are you a good human? Not willing to know the pain of others! Due to ignorant people the world has become an unsafe place.

    • Due to the callus disregard for Canadian taxpayers by do-gooders like you Canada has become a haven for criminals from around the world and the laughing stock of your human smuggler buddies world wide. All at the expense of those of us that work for a living and pay taxes.

    • the world is unsafe because you "good humans" have sensory deprivation blinders on. you don't see what is around you. you imagine and fantasize a world that does not exist anymore. and you try to make the rest of us feel guilty for your stupidity. i spent 5 years waiting to get my papers to come to Canada. FIVE YEARS of money thrown around to get documentation prepared, fees paid, waiting in uncertainity that my qualifications would not meet the requirements…you have any idea what that feels like!? Due to ignorant people like you, morons and idiots and underqualified "people" get into our system and cause problems for the rest of us. If they had nuff money to pay to to another country and get on a boat to come here, they could have stayed in that country. Question is,"Did that country want them there or not?" Probably not. So they deported them from there!! That should have been done here too!

  23. Canadian Sense is a fake name. You are a Sinhala person writing this to defend what the Sinhala Majority Srilanka govt. was doing to the Tamils. Rohan Gunaratne is lying. He is a Sinhala Srilankan may be in the paid list of Srilankan regime. If the Srilanka govt. is genuine they should allow foreign medias to the war torn wanni to see the first hand information and report to the world. What is there to hide? OK now keep the refugees, immediately allow the UN in, Medias in, NGO's in and allow the war crime advising committe in into Srilanka's vanni and wait for their report to decide on fleeing people.

    • Yes, but of course the Tamil Tigers were nothing but perfect angels. They were the leading users of suicide bombing in the world, and terrorized Tamil (their first moves involved attacking other Tamil organizations that supported their cause) and Sinhalese alike for decades. Even Canadian citizens in some parts of the country were subject to the LTTE extortion racket. Perhaps the Sri Lankan government broke a few heads in order to restore order, but that misses the big picture. In the long run, decisively ending the conflict and allowing ordinary life to go on in Sri Lanka will save far more lives.

      Some general advice for Tamil Tiger wannabes – if you don't want to end up like Prabhakaran, use peaceful political channels and don't terrorize Sri Lankan citizens. A country – every country – has the right to take harsh measures in order to protect its people from those that act outside the law.

  24. I don't see how it is compassionate in the least to take on this boatload of people. Thousands of refugees are currently living in refugee camps, and having their refugee status claims processed through the legitimate channels. This boat just jumped ahead in line. While Toews probably jumped the gun in his claims, we don't know anything about boat people before we allow them into Canadian territory. This can indeed be dangerous.

    We need to protect the legitimacy of the global refugee system, and of Canada's laws. The appropriate thing to do is not to send them back to the arms of the government that MAY be oppressing them (again, we don't know whether their claims are valid). Instead we should send them to a refugee camp, where they can go through the legitimate protocols. I think this approach does the best job of balancing our need to uphold the law and to be fair to immigrants, with the need to protect the safety of people that may be endangered by their governments.

    • yes, and we hope we are not setting another precedent as there was already one boat accepted, this is the second and two are on the way. It is difficult to understand 'immigration' when it comes to the expense of integration (and many do not integrate when they come here and stand by their culture and we change ours, and to be politically correct we accomodate).
      We suddenly appear to be too accomodating and easy! Yes we follow laws, but we can put a stop to unwanted boatloads of people who do not go through channels – so yes, wait for status.
      Yes we have a great country, and our forefathers escaped a society they could not abide by but they became true canadians in every sense of the word and dropped their culture to opt for a Cdn. way of life. This is not so anymore and I truly wonder if people that emotionally scarred will be able to support themselves and integrate into our so-called freedom. I feel we are losing our values and just accept anyone who can pay the buck to come and live here and change our way of life and culture.

  25. It is true that taking 490 people in a ship as refugees at once is a big problem for the government of canada.On the other hand we all should think why have they come to canada risking their lives by travelling in deep oceans for more than 100 days.These innocent people have fled away from their mother soil to safe their lives. Although the world say that the war is over in Sri Lanka, Tamils in the wartorn area are facing tremendous problems and untold hardships.
    They do not have shelter, food, cloth and minimum basic requirements . We should sympathise and avoid unwanted comments. Wartorn area is still occupied by army and people are fearing to go to these area and live there as they remember how their brethren were mutilated and buried with bulldozers.

    • How would you know the real conditions of the Tamils in their country at the present time if you have not been there.

    • David
      you also speaking from first hand information??
      or some humanterian group got you brainwashed??? be realistic

    • the "war torn" areas are in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankans have just won a war against violent separatist colonizers from mainland India (Tamil Nadu)

      Canada now has over 600,000 of these "innocent "Tamils. They have already started trying to force our government to do their bidding by closing of major transportation routes in Toronto

      The only problem we as a country may have with Sri Lanka is that they seem to have sloughed these potentialy violent people onto us. .

  26. Recently lot of Sinhalese young people have tried to enter European countries (Italy) by sailing from fisheries boats, since they are Sinhalese they couldn't use above words like ‘genocide', ‘killing', ‘rape' as done by these Tamils. So it is clear this problem has not oriented as ethnic issue. Therefore it is very clear these guys are economic refugees which have come here to enjoy better life.

    • Financially superior and owners rich and fertile land are the Tamils, now they were wiped out by mass produced Sinhalese. – tamil

    • If you go to Tamil areas which were occupied recently by Srilankan forces, you will see how innocent Tamil people are facing hardships under occupation.

    • how would you know that??
      you have a relative on board??

  27. I am Sri Lankan and writing this from Sri Lanka after rending some of the news about recent refugee- ship came to BC. I also was at Canada for few years.
    These peoples are economic refugees which came here to enjoy better life. Sri Lanka is now peaceful country after end of the war which created by Tamil Terrorist group.
    Question is if they are running for their life they could have gone to India which is few mils away from Sri Lanka.

  28. Sri Lanka is multi ethnic country with Sinhalese majority. In Colombo capital there are lots of Tamils which is doing business without any problem. The words ‘war', ‘genocide' are the some of words used by Tamils to claim refugee at country like Canada, Australia etc. Once they get on to those countries each person has to pay money (monthly) to LTTE and they used those to buy weapons etc.

  29. Fortunately the war was ended last year, Therefore near future they will not be able to use above reasons to claim refugee from develop countries. So they are in hurry and try to enter as mass crowd (loaded to ships) to developed countries like Australia, Canada etc.

    • According to a 2010 Amnesty International report, in the past 12 months the Sri Lankan government has continued to jail critics and clamped down on dissent. Some 80,000 Tamils remain in refugee camps, while 400,000 displaced Tamils survive in communities where homes and infrastructure were destroyed. The government continues to extend a state of emergency, restricting many basic human rights, and thousands of arbitrary detentions are justified under the guise of detainees being suspected Tamil Tigers. This past month, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appointed a panel to investigate war crimes and genocidal acts committed by the Sri Lankan government against Tamils.

      • When is the UN investigating the tamil tigers terrorists and what they did to their own country?

  30. These operations are handled by former LTTE international smuggling division which has many ships all over the world. Australia has understood this and implemented good procedure to accept refugees from Sri Lanka and cooperate with Sri Lankan Authorities to handle this, Canada should follow this, otherwise there are many ships waiting to start journey to Canada within next few months.

    • Dear Annoying Internet Shillbot:

      The Government of Canada will individually process and evaluate each refugee claimant, and send away those who do not qualify. That is the law of this country.

      • There with the name calling, so tolerant are the leftists …

        • Whereas I am pointing out something that should be patently obvious to any thinking person — SRILANKAN has not participated in the discussion except to repeatedly paste in the same posts they have made here and on other sites and is therefore a shill — you seem awfully enthusiastic to slap labels on people you don't agree with. So thoughtful is the reader.

  31. Recently lot of Sinhalese young people have tried to enter European countries (Italy) by sailing from fisheries boats, since they are Sinhalese they couldn't use above words like ‘genocide', ‘killing', ‘rape' as done by these Tamils. So it is clear this problem has not oriented as ethnic issue. Therefore it is very clear these guys are economic refugees which have come here to enjoy better life.

    • You are just copying and pasting this exact comment on every thread and sub thread…you are therefore a propagandist to me personally and spam to the thread IMHO.

  32. freetamils…Get a grip, I can not find anywhere on here that anyone has played the ''R'' card. I know myself that I do not see skin colour when writing my comments….are you bringing anything of value to this debate, or are you trying to create a problem where one does not exsist !!

  33. I don't like the poll choices.

    I think they should allow the refugees to arrive, but I also think that our refugee laws should be changed, so that the refugees are not essentially guaranteed free health care, welfare, and other expenses for years, just because they managed to step onto Canadian soil.

    • Please show me what part of the law guarantees welfare to refugees

      • Singh v. Minister of Employment and Immigration, [1985] 1 S.C.R. 177

        Any other questions?

    • The poll is a joke.
      F5 and one can vote all day long.
      No serious poll will allow multiple votes by one person, however it looks PC-perfect now, safe for the flakes to show off to their overlords, the international socialites of how 'nice' and accommodating we are.
      We need to make rules for all of our security and well being. If this boat of pity gets it way, they'll be many many more.

  34. Anyone who has followed the Tigers over the years has an idea of how ruthless these individuals are. Like many migrants Tamils settle in communites once in Canada. The Tamils 'fundraise' by going door to door threatening their countrymen and women. Extortion is not acceptable in this country; paying a militant group $55, 000 for a pass through our refugee system isn't either. An individual who can afford that amount of money is not a refugee. These individuals should have been turned away as a lesson to those who would abuse our system and causing delays for those who are actually fleeing genocide in their homeland.

    • Bingo for David he hit the nail right on the head. A person who pays 55,000 CAD to jump the line is not a refugee, he is a PARASITE who knows that the investement is worth many times the returns if he manages to step on Canadian land and put himself under the protection of the law.

  35. Refugees are supposed to take refuge in the closest democratic country to them. Canada is a heck of a distance away from Sri Lanka…

  36. I agree with Christopher Columbus

    • You're an idiot too.

  37. The boat should never have been allowed to land. These are neither refugees nor immigrants; they are migrants, here to take advantage of our good-heartedness and our once good economy. As Mark Steyn wrote in this magasine a few weeks ago, "We are too broke to be this stupid!" The Third World is going to haul us down to their level in short order and then the entire world will be the Third World with Third World economies, industrial ability, and standards of living. My suggestion is that the Third World begin to look after its own problems, beginning with controlling their populations, instead of simply using North America as a dumping ground for it's excess population, and an ATM for welfare cash.

    • Right on:
      it's sad to have to think this way as a Canadian but it is so true.
      If you read the reports from S-Lanka by people who know…it kind of turns the prospective on it – as in yeah – why not India. We are far away.
      I have felt for the last 20 years when we originally only made immigration possible to people with money as in BC for them to buy business or property……all it took was 280,000 per immigrant which was peanuts to them – and it caused a great inflation in Vancouver
      Suddenly groups like the Tirads formed, drug trade grew, crime grew…….always with large scale immigration for money
      the down side is the group that spoils it for potentially good immigrants. To me if they have $40,000 to give extortionists, something about refugee does not ring true

  38. It's a very difficult situation for the government and immigration department.

    They have to balance the need to help legitimate refugees and the 'safety' of our citizens and our credibility as a nation that's trying to control what we see as terrorism.

    I don't know how they'll do it and how well they'll succeed but I have to trust that they will do as well as they can.

  39. This is not about this particular group of people, but rather it is about queue jumping and the rewards reaped by the human traffickers who brought them here.Other traffickers all over the world are watching to see the results and will make Canada the destination of choice if this situation is not nipped in its early stages.

  40. I agree with you 100%, we the working people are sick and tired of payiing for the others…… The one's that do agree, i'm sure, are not of the working class… I am avery compassionate person, I believe in God and goodwill, but there is a limit, there has to be a limit. Everybody wants to come to Canada, the land of wealth and riches, to live on welfare and other government freebe programs. "Lest we forget", it is us, the middle class, are footing the bill.

  41. The fact that Canada is a country of immigrants is indisputable. But our forefathers didn't come here with their hands out.

  42. If Mr. Columbus knew anything about history he would know that our natives were also immigrants, but I suppose that would offend some bleeding hearts.

    • Living here before there was a written history, pyramids, or an English language, should probably qualify as indigenous, don't you think Cosmo? Unless you're also saying we shouldn't recognize the Italians claim on Italy or the English right to make immigration policy because they all migrated from somewhere too.

      • I would be curious as to when our indigenous people arrived here. Was it before the pyramids? I don't think there is any real record and since they had no written language it's very difficult to say. Perhaps you could enlighten us all.

        • What a twit you are flower top.
          WFT do pyramids have anything to do with Canadian Aboriginals?

          Duh, think way back dear, way back……last mini ice age was???
          Suvey says:.
          A P R O X – 12 thougsand years ago- try to keep up.
          How long ago EXACTLY were the pyramids built? No records there either.

          You're one of those loser who think the Europeans showed up 200 years ago and killed all the Indians…
          Go get better educated or shut up, you're an embarassment to Indians of Canada.

  43. We have enough Canadians who want jobs, clothing, shelter, health care- It may be cold hearted of me but I say enough is enough- these people are going to end up with a better life style than our elderly senior citizens- We need to take care of our own citizens instead of spending millions on refugees-

    • False dichotomy. There would be more than enough money money to care for the elderly if their spoiled boomer children hadn't spent the last 30 years demanding tax cuts.

      • Guess you don't have a lot of hard working men/women in your life. After 30-35 years you should have a nice tidy retirement nest egg, (nest paid for & egg about to hatch!) despite being overtaxed at 48-52%. Sucks to be you then eh?
        Or heh, get a job, build your own wealth and stop whinning like a little welfare bum.

  44. It's the job of our refugee board and the mounties to check these people out – get rid of the Bad and Approve the good and do it in a reasonable time frame. I just hope that after all their promises that Our Conservative government has gotten the system fixed in time……….

  45. these Sri Lankans each paid someone $50,000.00 to be sailed to canada!!!! So they knew they were going to be allowed here, they knew they did something illigal to begin with!!! and again, we, the tax payers, are going to pay for all their care and needs. What about us??? we can't even get proper care or have to wait months to get treatment and here we're giving these strangers free care and at once! docters and health care givers waiting to "serve" these people! I'm so sick of this! let them come into this country the proper way, like everyone else!!!! they seem to have enough money!!!! send them packing please!

    • Average income in Sri Lanka is $2000 so, no, I don't think they "paid" 50 grand

      They sold themselves into debt slavery so they could escape brutality, disappearances and mass murder

      • Perhaps they shouldn't have suppored the terrorist of their own country then…so why should we have to have them?
        Only going to bring their old hatreds here and start crap again like they already have.

        Piracy is what this is.

    • If you've found your healthcare to be inadequate you should complain about the gutting of social programs that has taken place over the last 3 decades

  46. "After all if I am accepted as a refugee,I could receive twice what I get on Can.Pension and Ontario Old Age Security."
    What? You just made that up didn't you

  47. Feed um Clean them up load them back on their boat and point them toward the good old US of A, I know Homeland Security will take good care of them and save our welfare system the expense

  48. What makes any of you pro people think this is okay…it is not okay to pay someone to help you come to Canada for whatever reason – you did not come from where you claim but from Thailand (and paid for this to someone making money) – all immigrants MUST come to Canada through the right process, not by the "back door" – this country
    does not need immigrants not able to speak English/French and put another strain on the welfare/health system. This country was populated by immigrants who came here through due process and did not depend on government, etc. to help them out. This is just another "ploy" to enter the country and then 'disappear' either to other parts of Canada or to the U.S. Our Conservative Government is correct in putting harder measures in place!!!

  49. CC
    I'm guessing you're either an idiot or just young and uneducated.
    Your rant otherwise is too ignorant to respond to.

  50. It is sad agreed, but do we take them all in?
    Canada can't save the world, millions upon millions can't even get to a boat…what about them?
    Do we go and get them all?
    No matter how many?
    You think this will be the only one if they are successful in their attempts to jump the que?
    Australia sent them packing as they know who's in that boat…no condemnation of them on this board what-so-ever…but WE'RE the racist ones…sigh.

  51. We should allow these people into Canada and verify their refugee claims on individual basis. It is true that government is spending the taxpayer's money. It is also spending the taxpayer's money on Afghan war and donating money to developing countries. If these people are true refugees, then they can work here and pay tax. In a way, they are going to pay back whatever Canadian government is spending money for them.

    We have to think about why these people are coming to Canada.
    They are coming here because of the racist Srilankan government killing innocent Tamil people in the name of Tamil tigers destroying their land and properties.

  52. The question for this government is why do they not put an effort into processing people that want to come to Canada quicker. If people have to wait 2-3yrs for the paperwork/review then others will see this and not get into this legitimate queue and will start to try other avenues to get to Canada. Also, what is this government's stance on how Tamils are treated in their own country? It appears this government turns a blind eye to how these people are treated and hence these [eople leave by whatever means they can to get away from persecution and human rtights violations. Instead of this government condemning the people on the boat why don't they make some noise about why Tamils are opressed and why they feel they must leave their country and seak refugee status somewhere else! This government is so myopic and spiteful and hell bent on keeping the yellow alert to terrorists and crime at the forefront so they can fan their misguided view that we need more prisons and that we should all be in fear of terrorists attacks. That is something Dub-Yah did in the US and is exactly what this government is doing here in Canada to scare the electorate into a sense that we need tighter crime and punishment legislation! Thjis is not a government that shows leadership, they are no better than common fear mongers!

  53. With 200 000 or so Tamils living in Toronto and many more in Vancouver, they could have legally sponsored their countrymen if the need to escape was so great. Unfortunately they would have been financially responsible for them. These shrewd people know how to play the system and get soft-headed Canadian saps to foot the bill instead. Our easy access system will eventually bankrupt us. Many other countries signed the 1968 refugee agreement but, unlike Canada, manage to escape being the destination of choice for traffickers.

  54. Why spend billions of dollars on new jet fighters, when simply saying the magic word "refugee" will allow anyone to enter at will? We've been singing "O Canada, we stand on guard for thee" forever. I suggest we change the words because they no longer have any meaning. Besides, some of these groups may find the words offensive and appeal to a Human Rights Commission or launch a Charter complaint, at taxpayers expense. The irony is we are spending billions sending troops to Afghanistan to secure their borders, when ours are as porous as a dollar store sieve.

    • I totally agree! We are standing on guard…yah right! We stand on guard at our waters and let em all in! I wonder if I can go visit Italy and claim I'm a refugee from Canada (lack of government support to its own Canadians-born n bred) when I get there…..Grazie Grazie!!

  55. The Tamils should be rerturned home. They have payed and bribed their way to Canada and it is wrong! It is tragic to be marked as victims for death but they should hop over to India and solve their own problems there.

    Foreign people are as nice as ther next but governments have systems in place as all other countries do when it comes to illegal immigrants. Our trouble here in Canada is that we are spineless. Same too with our neighbours but the truth is there are powers behind the scenes who intimidate our politicians. Illuminati, Zionism. Hebrews are very audacious who smile in front of us and turn the other cheek later.It is a realization that I have recently discovered.

  56. Tens of thousands of people go through the immigration process each year, doing it properly and awaiting their turn to reside here. Allowing a boat load of people to dictate their status in this country will only encourage more to follow. These boat rides are made on sub par vessels that are barely seaworthy and put each person on board's life at risk. The only people who will benefit from these people, are the smugglers taking their money.

  57. My association with "Tamil" is the Tamil Tigers, who recently lost a civil war. Are these those same guys? If so, it was Tamils who first (world debut) starting suicide bombings (strapping explosives to themselves and walking to the target). Hmmmm.

    Perhaps, Canadian correspondents need to go check out how the situation is in Sri Lanka before accepting anyone.

    Papuan people in Papua, Indonesia have had it REALLY bad since the Indonesian occupation started 40 odd years back (not allowed government jobs, rape, murder, loss of land), but few will ever make it over here because they can't afford to get on a boat (and they wouldn't be allowed to leave – the Indonesian government charges an exit tax far above they could afford – I know, I lived there).

    • if only the tamil tigers had chosen a less memorable name, you would not be generalizing an entire ethnic minority based on the actions of individuals

  58. As a Metis' person, I find this comment completely ignorant!! Only someone with no knowledge of what has gone on for the past century could say such a thing. Go back to school.
    Both of my ancesters are worth honoring.

  59. I think this could be a racist comment regarding whites! You obviously feel that we would take them if they were white! If this were true our country would appear predominantly white, which does not seem to be the case to me. If you watch CBC ads, they are filled with all colors, the least of which is white, if you walk down a city street, look around you, not so many whites! I do not favor any color as you will probably assume, I am just stating what I see, and that is "less whites", which is probably what you prefer.
    I personally think we should only allow those who qualify to come to this country by going through the proper channels. If not then they could stay if they are cleared, but not allow them citizanship for 7 years. They also should prove that they can support themselves and not live off our very taxed welfare system. They should be expected to pay back any money given to them for assistance, and most of all they should speak or learn the english language!!! If they want to be here they must be willing to intagrate into our culture, not expect us to cow tow to theirs!!

  60. What if a much, much larger ship carrying 2,000 supposed 'refugees' came over? Then what? How would our system cope?

    We line up at the bank, the grocery store and the gas station etc. It's how we all get along. Would-be newcomers to Canada can line up at the appropriate Canadian consulate in the home country.

  61. The UN says Sri lanka is safe now and is returning refugees there so why are we still accepting them?

  62. It seems that a lot of the comments supporting the queue-jumpers really don't understand the difference between immigrant, refugee, and asymlum. But don't let ignorance of the facts interfere with having an opinion!

    • What does asymlum mean? How can we know what the difference is if we don't know what all the words mean?

  63. Jumping Que !! Should be sent back and wait in line..

  64. The ship stopped in Taiwan on its way to Canada. The didn't ask for refugee status there. Fake refugees seeking a free Canadian lunch.
    The Tamils have their own country now. They spent the last few years trying to take over Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka fought back against these terrorists. Toronto won't.
    As usual, we are being played for suckers.
    Oh well, welcome another ship full of Liberal voters to Canada.

  65. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is at the heart of the problem. Everyone who gets into Canadian waters, automatically acquires the same rights as a Canadian.

    Canada cannot legally deal with boats outside of Canadian waters. We can watch ships come toward us but we do so with our hands tied behind our backs. The moment people enter our waters they hit pay dirt! Right to claim asylum, access the justice system, legal aid, free medical care, dental, housing, welfare, education, move around freely (no one is checking), etc.
    Many don't even show up for hearings. Only 10-11% are ever located and sent back.

    Canada is the only Western country that does not have some form of pre-screening procedure to sort out obviously fraudulent and unfounded refugee claims. Nor do we know whether they are criminals or have intentions to use Canada as a base from which to organize. Without adequate documentation, we depend on their word. As a result, the refugee route has become the preferred means for those migrants who don't want to face the hurdles, cost and paperwork associated with the normal immigration process to enter Canada. Also we have the most generous benefits.

    Germany also had the problem although their benefits weren't quite as generous as ours. In 1992 Germany had so many 'asylum seekers' that they were forced to change their Charter which they did the following year. Our Charter is in serious need of being amending too.

    Canadians like to be thought of as generous but those paying taxes are being stretched to the limit. Canada is far more generous per capita than any other country, so we shouldn't feel badly about wanting to look after our own first eg those on surgical waiting lists, degradation of services through cutbacks and the lowering of qualifications in many service areas.

  66. The first option is a silly question.
    What more can this country do to be more compassionate, hold their hand while they sit on a toilet?

    Can't believe that the people that went to school for a long time can't come up with sensible questions.

  67. There is many times more Tamils in India's Tamil Nadu state than Canadians in Canada.
    It is less than 300 km away from Sri Lanka. Only Canadians believe that they are persecuted in Sri Lanka.
    They take advantage of naivety of our ruling class.

  68. Send them back soon. Do not let anymore ships land on the coast. Put a used out of commission oil drilling platform out in the Pacific call it Getout Island – use this as a staging area and detention for all suspect boats.

  69. Well said, couln't agree more

  70. How soon before they start getting a nice monthly government cheque?
    I am sure they are getting prompt medical attention, likely better service than I or my family get and we have been paying taxes and lots of them for 30 years, the Canadian government needs to start looking after our own citizens who are down on their luck.

  71. First of all, someone who is able to put $50,000 on the table for such a trip hardly qualifies as an economic refugee. Secondly, I highly doubt that, in a rather poor country, there could be such a large number of people who are able to come up with that kind of money unless, of course, they have a wealthy “supporter”. This then leads to the question who such a supporter might be and what his intentions are? The idea, suggesting that just because someone puts himself through a very unpleasant boat trip shows that they are true refugees, is rather blue-eyed. Terrorists who go through the gruesome task of preparing to blow themselves up are an example of what people will go through in order to reach their objective. My heart goes out to the many people who suffer imprisonment and torture or who, because of political and religious (mainly Christian) views, are forced to live in hiding. These people would hardly be able to come up with $50,000 in order to escape. Bottom line: True refugees, if not imprisoned, have long lost their jobs and barely survive in hiding. They would never be able to make it to Canada.

  72. Ok. I dont think we need 'more' immigrants/migrants, whatever, coming to Canada…period. We continually give up our own rights so that these so called 'abused and mishandled' migrants jump to the front of our Legal system just so that they can collect a Welfare cheque and 100% Dental/Health Care. I did some Internet searching and not one inch of Sri Lanka is under war or oppression…not one! So it begs to ask the question: why are they here? Yeah, they had a war, so what, stay home and fight back their. And the only naysayers on here are the ones who can – and will – benefit from this!

  73. right on