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What does the future hold for Research in Motion?


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What does the future hold for Research in Motion?

  1. There we go!! Now a decent non biased question!

  2. Does this even count as an opinion or is just a consumer preference?

  3. People need to take a step backwards and not make these gadgets their life!!!

  4. I agree with Bustin a Gut!! These are phones, who gives a rat's ass!!!

  5. At the moment they're only phones but my prediction is that Blackberry will remain a phone with enhancements while Apple will continue to evolve to the point where it will become a fully functional, wireless, fold up, breast pocket computer, covering projection TV etc. Probably voice controlled with more features and much 50 times more computing power than todays Desktop Professional level computer.
    Being 70 years of age I probably won't live to see it anywhere close to fully functional but mark my words it will happen.

    Restaurants and such are already posting "shut off your phone" notices and that will become a standard rule in all public places – its the only way to protect ourselves from the ignorant who will always be with us.

  6. While I think everyone who owns a blackberry or similar device should turn them off when at home, I do believe they are needed. In this technology driven era we unfortunately need to stay connected with work. But if you are ignoring your family/friends etc so that you can check your Berry, you have a problem. Your boss is not nearly as important as your family.

  7. I think some of you are missing the point of the question… it is not the value of smartphones themselves, it is how will RIM do in comparison to its competitors like Apple and Google. IMHO, RIM is too smart to fall by the wayside. Sure, they've traditionally focussed on business rather than consumer sectors, but even though you can't dispute their success. With the same execs at the wheel, I think they'll continue to innovate beyond today's imagination… albeit along a different path than competitors.

  8. You may not give a rat's ass about these devices, but it is a Canadian company that employs your fellow citizens and helps the economy. i'm pretty sure google and Apple will produce here or provide good paying jobs.