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What issue do you expect to dominate 2013?


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What issue do you expect to dominate 2013?

  1. ALL of them….it’s a complex world.

  2. If it wasn’t for the fact of our governments having been taken over by left wing fringe lunatics, NONE of those things would be a problem.

    a) The Indians have become a problem because the left wing socialists pander to them. That big brute sitting starving on the lawn in Ottawa should be up on the reserve helping her neighbours nail plywood and two by fours together. We’ve sent them $90 million to look after it.

    b) Health Care is a problem because for every 50 thousand a year nurse in a hospital looking after people, we have 15 leftoid hospital administrators making 200 thousand a year doing nothing but flying around in Orange helicopters..

    c) Collapse of the environment is left wing clap trap. The natural rock cycle takes care of everything in the course of time; sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, igneous rock, sedimentary rock, over and over and over again. Fifteen thousand years ago we were buried under 2 miles of ice and it’s happened time and time again. Plastic bags are meaningless.

    d) The economy was fine until the United States started electing left wing morons as dumb as the ones we’ve had since Pierre NumbNut Trudeau. The US in it’s glory bought 70% of our manufactured goods and kept everyone working in both countries. Now the only guy working is some cave man in China. It’s preposterous.

    • Sotsays,

      We can justify anything we want, including insults.

    • Wow, someone hasn’t been paying much attention during the past few years; I wouldn’t call Gordon Campbell, George W Bush and Brian Mulroney left wing socialist and look where it got us. At least it nice to know that someone has all the answers and that everything could be so easily solved.

      • Well when your points of reference are Ed Broadbent, Jack Layton and Leon Trotsky you’re going to have trouble seeing it.

        Come back when you’ve gained some perspective.

        WOW yourself.

        • @Sot: Your proctologist called — your head is ready.

          • Well Bob, I’ve had no call so he must have been looking for you personally.

        • Wow, all peoples who weren’t elected to govern. Come again when your perspective improves. Cheers.

          • Gibberish.

          • That’s your best come back reply Sot ? …. WOW

          • Have you ever smelled a fish broth f–t.

            Well, Pffffft, there’s one from the Chief. Let me know if there’s a little green tea in it. WOOF

          • ha ha, good one Sot, not what I expected though, I mean I was waiting for an intelligent response, a better comeback to my reply earlier instead of “Gibberish” in reference to the issues we were debating; This leads me to wonder if I am dealing with a teenager or someone older who is going through life blissfully unaware of what is really going on around him.
            PS 1: I will let you have the last word though, as it is obvious I would be wasting my time discussing serious issues with you any longer, go on.
            PS 2: I like tea, Tally Ho

        • lol

      • George W Bush oversaw more government spending than any of his predecessors. Just because you don’t like what the spending priorities were, doesn’t mean it’s not spending.

        Brian Mulroney brought in the GST, the single biggest tax-grab in Canadian history.

        Maybe it’s you hasn’t been paying attention.

        • Hello Rick, thanks for the more mature reply than we know who. However I beg to differ with your last statement; I have been paying attention which is why I had replied that way to Sotsays comments (you might want to read those again).

          First, I wouldn’t say I am a left wing socialist, more like a soft Conservative, but when someone blame all of the world’s problems on the left I have a problem with that.

          Second, I had never stated that George W. Bush didn’t oversee more government spending, just that he is as much if not more responsible than anyone on the left for the mess the United States is in at the moment (Financial deregulations and very generous tax breaks for the rich comes to mind).

          Third, you are quite right about Brian Mulroney GST‘s, yet the National Debt doubled under his Stewardship …,

          So I am not saying that everything George W Bush, Brian Mulroney and Gordon Campbell did were all bad, it’s just that “some peoples” will go to great lengths to excuse everything those guys did.

    • and so are you

  3. Health care better sit atop of the list for the up & coming new year.Our health care system needs more money.I am seeing common issues looking like the U.S health care system Lot more items we the tax-payer are being hit with.The money for the F-35 aircraft should be re-directed too our national/provincial health care programs.

    • *Sigh*

      National Defence is a federal responsibility.
      Healthcare is a provincial responsibility.

      If you have a problem with healthcare spending in your province, talk to your provincial Premier, not the Chief of Defence Staff.

      • Rick the Feds give “money” too the provinces in transfer payments,you are not up on these issues I see,but,ignorance is no excuse. I think Canada needs too cut back the deficit & take care of our people,the VOTERS! what better way than to support the important social programs ie: Health Care. Subject: [macleansca] Re: What issue do you expect to dominate 2013?

      • I think the more interesting question is: Should healthcare be a provincial responsibility?

        • I agree that’s probably where the debate should lead. None of the Premiers seem to have the will, nor the capacity to fix healthcare. The only “solutions” any of them ever propose is more money from the Feds. So if the Feds are going to be responsible for funding healthcare, it makes sense that they’d be responsible for the whole system.

          I just don’t get a sense that there is a single Premier in Canada who has any desire to give up that “responsibility” because the bureaucracies tend to be easy votes to buy at election time.

  4. None of these issues will be addressed.
    We keep electing idiots.

  5. Issue #1: the continuing inability of voters to make every vote count, so that Canada has a false-majority government elected by 39.6% of those who cast votes, and a low voter turnout when so many discouraged voters know they cannot elect a representative of their first choice.

  6. Unfortunately, aboriginal rights will not be addressed because of cynicism, perverse incentives and a lack of leadership. They need to be addressed for ethical reasons both by Ottawa and on the reserves. Moreover,they need to be addressed because the economy and environment also depend on resolving Treaty issues between Ottawa and the aboriginal communities and governance issues on certain Reserves. Postponing these issues will prove to be short-sighted.

  7. we are all internet warriors!

  8. All of these issues are interrelated–this needs to be recognized and they all need to be addressed.

  9. After you vote on this pole their should be another one that pops up that says what issue do you think SHOULD dominate 2013 with the same options. I woulda voted differently, just sayin’