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What would you do with a $13,000 monthly travel budget?


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What would you do with a $13,000 monthly travel budget?

  1. Unless there were official rules on its use, I’d be like “whateva, I do what I want.”

  2. I’d stump for whoever appointed me.

    • You and Senator DiNino: Peas in a rotten pod. :-P

  3. To you who say “who has a 13000 dollar travel budget,” the answer is Pamela Wallin.

    • Oh we know who. We just have no idea why.

  4. May a good dose of common sense replace the foolishness of such extravagance.

  5. that is more than I make all YEAR to live on!

  6. fly first class Air Canada with a lot of baggage, not carry on. Remember that is where the money goes to this essential service that was not allowed to have bargaining action after 10 years – no strike action allowed. We have such a great democracy in Parliament now, who can dispute the necessity of this fund raising home base right of passage? After all travel expenses alone would only support 57 pensioners, all who live on income far less than the poverty demographic by thousands and can’t afford dental and medical user fees and prescriptions in provinces like BC. – or for that matter allow these charities to operate after drastic cuts to funding. YES, stacking the senate is a very admirable pass time and pay off for the parties who once said they would like to abolish it (1988 Reform – Harper) – after all how else can you dictate a controversial vote than to demand these well paid senators
    who don’t even have to show up much at the senate continue…as long as they vote for the majority dictator who is non accountable and teaching his appointees well, apparently.

    • I think that you have this figured out. The average flight cost was only a thousand dollars or so; but the checked luggage fees were probably several times as much.
      (I wonder do the travelling senators get to fly their limos, drivers and security details along with them to PEI, Moos Jaw and Nunavut).

  7. I’d give it to the homeless and conduct all my business via conference calls.

    • Ideally they’d skype everything.
      Unfortunately most places want a real live politician to visit so that they get to show first hand what the issues on the ground are.

      • Pfft. MOre like they want a “real live politician” so they have someone’s hand to shake in the photo op. That’s all it is.

    • Conference calls, yes, homeless, no.

  8. I think it would be prudent if Mr Harper and/or the Auditor General have a long look at these type of excessive looking budgets for Senators and government officials.
    Misuse of government money whether it is Senators or Indian Chiefs like Theresa Spence should be held accountable!!

  9. Air Canada, executive class, one-way, Saskatoon to Ottawa is $2600+.

    Four or five trips around the country a month, plus nice hotels, limo, meals, etcetera, and $13K seems plausible, maybe low… for a Minister.
    For Senators not so much.

  10. The Federal Con’s
    ran on abolishing the Senate did they not? “Con’s” their party’s new name. Much more fitting.

  11. Travel to a tropical island with half of the budget and pay off student loans with the other half