What’s been your reaction to Michael Jackson’s death?


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What’s been your reaction to Michael Jackson’s death?

  1. Enough already – he was a pop singer, not God!!!!

    • personally i line up with Hitchens on the latter: God is not great.

      MJ, on the other, at least for a period, was remarkably so.

    • I agree with you, Marlene. The publicity is ludicrous. There are more important events happening in this world that should concern us and that we should find solutions for. I don't have time for sensationalism. My heart goes out to Farrah Fawcett and her family.

      • Even as a child of the 60s and a fan of most of the groups, at least into the 80s, I truly can't understand the public's 'claimed' infatuation with Jackson. Although a surprising and interesting talent as a youth, his evolution into a drug addicted, semi-transsexual 'Dianna Ross wannabe', pedophile hardly qualifies him as deserving more than a passing mention in the media.
        How far have we stooped to mention, much less to praise, the life of such an individual?

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    • either do a 'cut and paste' or use the icons at the top of the page (for twitter, facebook, etc.).

    • I gather you're looking at the article online, as opposed to the email newsletter (which of course you could simply forward by email).
      One option is simply to copy the URL (the web address of the online article — in the Address bar of your browser) and send that to your friend in an email message.

  3. One less freak

  4. He died as did many others this day. He is NEWS for a day. Now get over it and tell us what is happening elsewhere.

  5. Michael Jackson's music spans several generations and with today's media being instant we are hearing and seeing much more than when Elvis died. No, he isn't a God, but creative genius. Freak no, Eccentric yes.

    • A lot of great artists are eccentric or seem odd to none creative people. What we need to stay focused on is the art created and not the personal life of these people. I truly enjoyed Michael Jackson's music. Did I always approve of his actions, not always but do I enjoy Vincent Van Gogh's art any less because he cut off his ear?

  6. He was discusting, with all of his sex dancing and sex moves. Now he is dealing with a Mighty Power

    • RELAX…

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  8. Michael Jackson is at peace, and those who made money at his emotional expensive will be counted for future reference! We all will account for the judgements we make. Micheal has been misunderstood and misjudged, in this world. His music talents and his child-like look at the world, are a loss.

  9. Perhaps If he wasn't child molester I might care, as it is one less pitiful cool. Hopefully he meets Satan as a young Michael and see how he likes it.

  10. who cares about F.F look at her jobs!!!!!!!!!! and nobody said anything about everyone making a big deal about elvis so respect M.J and stop "Hattin'"

  11. Man, how low we have sunk!

    Making this caterwualing fuss about a squeaky voiced prancing mannikin…..!

    Have we not got bigger things to occupy us?

    This is truly the Age of the Moron.

  12. there is too much in the entertainment business for the water cooler; first david c in a closet then jon and kate then ed m then farrah f now michael j; i hope there is not anything really important happening in the world right now

  13. At least now underage boys will be safe from that animal.

  14. 170,000 people died that same day. 17,000 of them were children suffering from poverty.

    • I couldn't agree more…Let's keep THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE!

  15. As I was watching the Canada Day celebrations on TV from Ottawa I'm sure I heard Peter Mansbridge say that our Canadian Flag had been lowered to half-mast in honor of Mike (Wacko) Jackson. God forbid if this is true. The guy was a molester.
    do we lower the flag for all the soldiers that are killed in the unwanted war in Afghanistan? And no, I don't want to get on that subject.

  16. there would be no other King of Pop like Michael Jackson. he would always be the King.