Where do you stand on Quebec student strikes?


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Where do you stand on Quebec student strikes?

  1. The students have a right to protest and I’m not going to Quebec and stopping them.

    • And their professors have every right to flunk them.

  2. Good for the students standing up for themselves,as no one else is! Just because they are young,don’t take advantage of them! They are all our children! Humanity!!!

    • they aren’t children. they are whining self-centred adults who have been spoiled all their lives and are demanding we pay for their lack of respect for the rest of their lives. Nobody even considered paying my tuition’ or lowering it’ and I was far worse off than they will ever be. its time to start locking the little bullies in prison.

      • Yes, why don’t we pay for them to be in prison, which is far, far more expensive and so beneficial to our society, in stead of school. How much was your tuition? Have you taken a look at the world economic situation lately? The reason for it, debt. Tuition is much, much higher than it was 10-20 years ago and far more people are getting university education now than 20-30 years ago which means many of them have to settle for low paying jobs when they graduate, even those who go on to get professional degrees. So graduates with insurmountable student debt are welcomed with low paying jobs in an economy where inflation is so high that we have to go into debt for just about everything. Starting out with lots of debt is not the answer. The government should be looking for ways to make it more affordable for everyone to be educated, which benefits society in every way.

        There is no excuse for any violent acts or harm to others that have been committed, and those who have committed those acts should be punished. But let’s think twice when we start wanting to take away people’s right to protest when they believe change is needed. What other power do we as a people have to change things?

        I am ashamed that so many people in Canada fail to realize there is an education crisis beginning to happen here. Healthcare and education are fundamental to our society and the two greatest ways to improve it. It is everyone’s right to have both, not just those who can afford it.

  3. Considering they have enjoyed the pretty much the lowest tuition costs in the country the protests look a little ridiculous. The violence is way out of proportion to the issue. Get back to class and earn your highly subsidized degree.

  4. The protests have for some time been instigated by non student Parti Quebecois ruffians. What we’re seeing is the beginning of the PQ election campaign! They will cause as much trouble as possible, so they can accuse the current government of their in-ability to satisfy student demands. There have been several good offers made by the Quebec government, and all have been rejected by the “so-called” student leaders. The majority of students want to return to class, and are being prevented by these PQ ruffians. This is no longer a legitimate democratic demonstration, but a carefully conceived and executed plan to dis-credit the government.

  5. The
    “protests” have been anything but respectful or orderly. Students in
    PQ already enjoy the lowest tuitions in the country so I can’t help but think
    that there is another agenda particularly since only about a third are in the

    disobedience and the destruction of private property is unacceptable and giving
    into such tactics will only encourage more outrageous behaviour.

  6. To quote Don Henley: I’d like to find their inner child and kick their little ass. What a bunch of inconsiderate, juvenile, selfish people. Luckily, Canadian society is made of better stuff.

    • I agree whole heartedly. Spoilt little brats. What are their parents doing??? Nothing, other than saying “oh no not my little darling”!!

  7. Fact is, the higher the tuition costs, the lower the enrollment of students, so the higher the tuition costs will rise.

    When looked at purely as a “what does this hold for the future” standpoint, the less educated people we have, the less skilled people we will have as a direct result, commensurate with the lower availability of education.

    Now I know that as far as the government and corporations are concerned, they’re really only interested in obedient workers and obedient taxpayers who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the increasingly shitter jobs that are available, and make sure that they hire someone smarter than them to take care of their tax payments…but what good is government if it doesn’t enhance the lives of the people who pay for it?

    I mean, The People created governments TO SERVE OUR NEEDS…it’s time that The People put the government back in it’s place, and started telling THEM how ot do what WE pay them to do, instead of having them consistently overreaching into every aspect of our lives.

    We need open, honest media that is NOT controlled by the government or any corporation. We need better schools, with lower tuition costs, if we’re going to increase the educated and informed population. If we don’t do both of those things at the very root, then Canada will continue to grow ever more ignorant, and ever less powerful to even understand the games that the government is designing against us all.

    Time to wake up and see what this is REALLY all about, folks…and to understand the long-term implications of the destruction of the educational system in Canada. Look to the incredible decreases in “health care” as a prime example of what is planned…if we don’t stop it.

    • This comment was deleted.

    • Thing is, though, this is a minority of students trying to dictate terms to the entire populace (you know, the folks they expect to foot the bill) – whereas those self-same taxpayers, who democratically elected the current government, are supporting the government on this issue.

      So whose needs is the government there to serve? The spoiled-brat students, or the already-overburdened taxpayer? And what would you cut in order to allow these students to maintain their artificially low tuition rates?

      • What would I cut? I’d eliminate cannabis prohibition for one, and stop wasting 2 billion a year incarcerating non-violent “plant growers.”

        I’d restructure “Health Canada” so that the focus wasn’t on profits for pharmaceutical corporations, but rather on preventative diagnostics, nutrition, and education to help KEEP people healthy, instead of running a symptom manipulation ponzi scheme.

        I’d stop pissing away money fighting natural foods and herbal medicines, as if we’ve got a better food supply and inexpensive, natural methods to stay healthy, it would further reduce the amount of “symptom manipulation” costs we’d need to pay.

        I’d stop allowing all of the known carcinogens from being addd into the food supply as “allowed additives.” If we’re not being pooisoned by our food, we’ll be healthier.

        I’d eliminate tax breaks to major multinational “phude” corporations, and give them to natural, organic farms instead. This would lower the REAL food costs, while also helping to avoid as much GMO contamination of the food supply as is still possible.

        I’d promote permaculture and natural farming practises that do not rely on toxic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and more, as this would reduce pollutants going into the land (and into future food crops), as well as from running off into the waterways, polluting the drinking water.

        I’d promote better, natural methods of healing, so that we can reduce our unnecessary reliance on liver-toxic pharmaceuticals for everything, making everyone healthier, while reducing the amount of pharmaceutical effluent discharged into the water supply.

        Most of all, I’d make sure that people were far, far better aducated in the future than they are today, so that they don’t get sidetracked by the media over diversionary stories, keeping their minds on the fringe events, while we pay no attention whatsoever to the REAL issues that are going on behind all those closed doors in Ottawa.

        As long as we fall into lock-step with whatever the media directs us to follow, without ever questioning what it is that they’re hiding from us, we should expect no positive changes to occur…or we can concentrate entirely on tiny facets, ignoring the greater issues, and wonder why things keep getting worse.

        As for these students “trying to dictate to the rest of us”, they’ve watched what the government does…why should they act any differently?

        This entire issue is a DIVERSION…look at what the media is NOT telling you…like, how much fallout is arriving on our shores from FUK-U-Shima…what about the drastic rise in genetic mutations in plants in Michigan over the last few months?

        There are larger, more costly, more dangerous, and more important issues out there that NOBODY seems to care about…and it’s time they did.

      • “So whose needs is the government there to serve?”

        This is the question…we KNOW that they’re not serving us.

        1967 was the last year silver was in our coinage, so that was also the last year we used “real money” in Canada. The justification at the time was that silver was “too expensive to be used for money.”

        Today, we see plastic sheets replacing our bills, and the main reason given is that the paper–WHICH GROWS ON TREES–is too expensive to be used for money.

        Most people don’t understand why all the counterfeit money creation done by EVERY BANK, EVERY day is causing this, nor do they understand that if Canadians understood the depth of this scam, they could end it tomorrow by simply demanding that the Bank of Canada go back to a sound, backed currency, issue our own money, stop borrowing money from foreign banks, and we would start seeing “inflation” reversing within a year.

        THEY work for themselves these days, folks…and as long as we allow it, they’ll keep doing just what they have been.

  8. anything to dis-credit the govt is fine by me. long past due for a revolution.

  9. It was never been made clear enough to the greater Québec population (who actually agreed +/- 70% with the government) that this noisy, intrusive “student movement” really only represented a very small sample; at last count, +/- 20% of radical students (mostly in sociology, philosophy, poly /sci and comparative literature) who actually finally voted to continue their “strike” ( which really should have been considerd just a boycott of classes?). These young idealistic students, who will probably eventually find work within the closed network of CEGEP (the Québec “free” college system) teachers, union-organisers and NGO community organisers, are presently being encouraged, incited, abetted and groomed to become the next generation (la relève) who will continue to promote the redundant/irrealistic/anti-capitalist/anti-government manifestations of the chronically unsatisfied leftists. The PQ (Parti-Québecois) also recently and recklessly jumped into the frenzy, hoping to make political points for a future election. Multiple surveys in the last 3 months confirmed again and again that more than 2/3 of the students and the general population had reluctantly accepted the inevitable but necessary rise in tuition fees even if they would obviously prefer to pay less (and who wouldn’t?) The media, hungry for sensational news, hung onto every word from the arrogant, yet eloquent, student leaders of the 20% protesters as they encouraged (with the help of the unions) the naive, over-agitated students towards civil disobedience, all in the name of what they claimed as “Democracy”. The Government, like many of us Québecers, had done little hoping that reason and common sense would eventually prevail. Think again, we are in Quebec. In the name of political correctness, individual rights, partisan politics etc. we have finally allowed anarchy to take over our streets to the point that we are now obliged to respond by become a repressive, police state. How did the Hell did we manage to get here?? I am ashamed to be a Quebecer.

    • How we got here? Well, we voted for feckless,fickle and corrupted politicians for long time now including in my opinion Quebec’s P.M.Charest and Montreal City mayor Mr.Gerald Tremblay.
      The “protest” in my opinion is simply a conspiracy to force present governement out of office.
      Various Marxist groups including academia and unions control these “students” who are nothing more than common herd manipulated by professional agitators.
      I think things will get worst in Quebec and in U.S.A. are also coming soon. Bolshevics are getting impatient.

  10. you know, i’m the first to disagree when something i feel is unfair, incorrect etc, but this is absolutely over the top. These “students” don’t show their faces and so in my book they are cowards, they terrorize transit users in the metro, they prevent others to attend classes, they totally disrupted small business owners income…. really????? seriously????? and we as decent adult tax payers have to cough up for repairs on buildings, metro, university???? i so wish they would have to do their year all over again and PAY again, plus the increase!!! spoiled, entitled, rotten young adults, that’s what they are and i sincerely hope the government will deal with them as they should!!!! Make them pay for all the damage and teach them a lesson!!!!!

  11. Hmmm. The student “protestors” are, in effect, demanding that I, the taxpayer, continue to subsidize their education at an unsustainable level. I’m happy to do so to a degree (no pun intended), but if the dog is biting the hand that feeds it with violent action, any sane citizen would put the dog down. How would these monkeys react if I showed up at their door and asked for a handout? Do you think they’d respond generously? Hardly. Shut them down. Expel them from the schools they attend, or, if they’re masked, arrest them. This is anarchy in a democracy, and we law-abiding citizens should not be expected to accept this.

  12. What you people don’t get is that the people protesting are not the one affected by the hike. people that are studying right now will never be paying those fee. Stop saying that we are selfish when we do this for the future of Quebec, for our children. We are the most taxes province in canada, plus, once out of university we have to pay more than any other province in canada. Before saying anything about the subject please be intelligent and do your research properly.

  13. 100 years ago the leaders of these destructive riots would be dangling at the end of a rope with a noose around their neck.

  14. The Students who participated in the original protest are out of touch. Why should the transfer payments to Quebec funded by the rest of Canada support cheap tuition for them, ,.. user pay Quebec students. Those that continue to protest are nothing but bums on the dole.

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